How To Create A Tropical Garden Look Anywhere

I've been posting a lot of outdoor settings in our yard and gardens lately and I hope that you've been enjoying them and finding inspiration for your garden. Since I live in a very tropical climate, my garden is quite green and lush year round.

pink ginger flowers in a pot

I love how I can go out and clip something from my garden year round like these Pink Ginger flowers. You can often find these in the floral department of some grocery stores and not just down here in Miami. Roses...ours are so different and nothing like yours.

Why Patriotic Decor Doesn't Have To Be Bold

Dislike bold color? Pastels can be a bit of a gutsy move when it comes to decorating for a patriotic holiday, but I feel that subtle statements are always best.

I'm a flag waving patriot as much as the next guy and with both Memorial Day and the 4th Of July coming up I will be hanging that American flag proudly on our front porch. When it comes to the inside of my home, I prefer pastels and I wanted to share what I've put together to inspire you.

5 Easy Outdoor Entertaining Tips To Impress Your Guests

When I'm a guest in someone's home, I'm easily impressed if they are genuine and try and make me feel as if they've put just a little bit of effort into having me there. Do you know what I mean? Honestly I don't need a marching band full of monkeys, but even paper plates can be brought to a higher level with some thought and planning.


No surprise that I was inspired for this tablescape by flowers and right now the garden roses from my local florist are killing it with immense beauty! Today I'm joining with a few friends to bring you some summer ideas, sponsored by Amara. Be sure to visit the other posts linked at the bottom of this post. But first...let me share some of my entertaining tips for summer with you today, outdoors on my covered porch.

How To Get An Amazing Night's Sleep

Do you have issues getting a good night's sleep like many of us do? The party seems to be over once we start having kids when we have to keep an ear open for that crying baby at night. Then as women age and menopause comes along, sleep deprivation turns into a steam room that gets us out of bed to cool off!

white bedroom shabbyfufu

It seems to be a one sided deal and men aren't as affected which is totally unfair! Right?

Easy and Delicious Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna

The ease of dinner for two these days often entails a simple protein and a salad and sometimes a husband filling side dish. I love salads and can eat them all day long and stuff them with all sorts of leftovers! When time permits I do still enjoy cooking and mostly healthy food.


 I don't feel the pressure though to cook a nightly full meal as I generally did when the kids were growing up. Perks of the empty nester! 

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Photogenic

Do you consider your home to be photogenic? What if I were to knock on your door today and tell you that I've been sent on assignment to photograph it?

white kitchen with stainless steel

While I've been working on some projects in both of our homes I often stop and look around with a second set of eyes. As a freelance photographer I just can't help thinking about camera angles, lighting and all of that! One of my favorite tricks in room styling is to
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