Paris In Bloom - A Book by Floral Photographer Georgianna Lane

Ahhh Paris. Especially in the spring and most definitely when everything is in a glorious state of bloom and rebirth! Whether you've been able to experience this in person as I have on numerous occasions or not, today I'm talking about a book that is such a visual treat.

I have "known" photographer and author of this book for some years now through the world of blogging and social media and have always been enamored with her style and work through the lens.

How To Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

I've talked a lot about shopping your own home and I believe that many of you do just that. You are busy moving this and arranging that until it suits your needs or the season.

french modern style living room

When it comes to furniture arrangement it might be a different story though, since much of your furniture might be on the heavy side and you don't want to break your back dragging things around. That's where help of a husband, a friend or neighbor may just come into play, but thinking ahead of how you use your room can save you time and backaches.

20 Ways To Try The Shibori Tie Dye Method

Right now I'm sitting on my sofa in the family room which I recently updated and talked about in this post. It's a bit chilly outside for our southern spot and I'm wrapped up in a blanket.

This blue blanket has become my favorite and a spot where I sit with the 3 dogs piled on the sofa while I work on my laptop or read a book. The rich indigo blue color is perfect for our family room

A Fast Track To Adding Blue Accents In Your Home

I like blue. That might be an understatement because actually I LOVE blue! Back when my husband and I built our first home I was on a fast track with the English floral train.


I was enamored with the style on prints of Laura Ashley (whom he gets confused with and calls Rachel Ashwell:-) and there was a shop conveniently located close to our home. Pre-internet and pre-child days when I had more time to actually go to physical stores and enjoy shopping adventures with my husband and/or my friends.

How To Customize A Flower Bucket With Pretty Fabric

I was that wild woman who was the first in line yesterday at Trader Joes when the doors opened up at 8:00 a.m. Knowing that this time of year my favorite elusive bloom takes a fast path from California, I've been patient.

Calling every day for the last few days. When I went to pick them up after the associate at TJs told me they were in this morning, I couldn't hop into that convertible of mine fast enough and expecting the blooms to be in the orange and yellow family like they generally are, I was pleasantly shocked to find pinks and whites. I have a quick 10 minute tutorial for you today if you are a flower lover like I am...

How to Achieve A Spring Look In A White Room

The season of spring often means color in the world of decorating and design. But it's a conundrum for me, as I decorate in mostly white on white in our Miami home!

In comes the flowers...beautiful flowers that maybe one doesn't see as much of in other seasons and are reserved by nature for the most glorious season of rebirth and bloom. 

table setting decorations for spring

Today I'm sharing my dining room all set for a spring brunch in the Styled For Spring Home Tour hosted by my sweet friends Randi from Randi Garrett Design and Jen from Decor Gold Designs. If you are coming here from either of their posts and are new to my blog, I welcome you in and hope that you'll sign up for the mailing list below if you like what you see! Let's get started with my tour!
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