Easy and Delicious Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna

The ease of dinner for two these days often entails a simple protein and a salad and sometimes a husband filling side dish. I love salads and can eat them all day long and stuff them with all sorts of leftovers! When time permits I do still enjoy cooking and mostly healthy food.


 I don't feel the pressure though to cook a nightly full meal as I generally did when the kids were growing up. Perks of the empty nester! 

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Photogenic

Do you consider your home to be photogenic? What if I were to knock on your door today and tell you that I've been sent on assignment to photograph it?

white kitchen with stainless steel

While I've been working on some projects in both of our homes I often stop and look around with a second set of eyes. As a freelance photographer I just can't help thinking about camera angles, lighting and all of that! One of my favorite tricks in room styling is to

Rooms You Don't Like To See And Why

Living in reality there are those rooms that we don't like to see sometimes when they are our own. I know...I have them, and in a Pinterest perfect world it might make you feel a little bit house poor.

bathroom with granite counters

The Girl's Bathroom

A Fascinating Find Inspiring My Beautiful Summer Palette

This past weekend we visited our sweet girl in Austin for Mother's Day, which happened to be just by coincidence as that was one of the few free weekends she had. Always on the agenda is antiquing, because HELLO...Texas has such great antiques and vintage for some crazy reason!


We stopped at an always favorite shop that you may know of already...

Focus On Practical Table Setting Ideas For Sizable Results

It's not really as intimidating as it seems to set a quick and lovely table, and with the hot weather that has taken over I'm moving indoors today to the dining room to share a couple of fast ideas.


There were some simple flowers available last week at the market and with Mother's Day and our anniversary I had a full house. Did I ever tell you that since we were married on a Mother's Day the flowers that my sweet mother-in-law had arranged for were few and far between? My wedding bouquet was...

Love Of Simple Table Setting And The Week In Review

Just popping in really quickly with a preview of one of next week's posts that will have some ideas for simple table setting that you can enjoy daily.

Love Of Simple Table Setting

In case you missed any of this week's posts, here is what they were and where to find them!
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