May 25, 2016

Best Photography Tips For Bloggers and Website Owners

Best tips for improving photography for bloggers

I currently have a variety of flowers in the house and they range from those "borrowed" cuttings that I talked about in my previous post to some wilting but still lovely {in my eyes} flowers from last week...

But this post isn't about florals, it's about the best photography tips for bloggers...which is something that

May 23, 2016

Why I Love A White Bedroom

I had a couple of little photo bombers today, as these two follow me everywhere and love to watch me work. Just ignore any stray dog fur that you see in the photos because with three dogs there is always some on everything, but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Today I'm talking about why I love white bedding and those dogs

May 21, 2016

Share It One More Time Inspiration Party # 34

white ironstone collection beadboard shelf

It's becoming a little bit eery around my neck of the woods, with the neighborhood kiddos finishing up school and people starting to take off on vacation. We don't have any major plans for traveling coming up this summer, since some family commitments of caregiving are keeping us close by. That's just how it goes and I'm good with that and hope to get to some projects that need my attention and work on upping my blog game for the future...

Here are links to some posts that I shared this week if you'd like to check those out:

How To Style A Tiered Stand and More

May 20, 2016

Outdoor Entertaining With Flowers

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flowers in an outdoor setting in the shade in summer

Summer has unofficially arrived here in Florida as the skies have been letting loose and steam is a constant reminder on my glasses and camera lens of where I live. We know how to deal with it here in the south though, and that often means simply...

May 18, 2016

How To Style A Tiered Stand

multi tiered stand

I love to find new ways to display flowers and when the chance to work with Antique Farmhouse came up recently I kept that in mind when picking out a few things from their amazing collections...

May 16, 2016

Color and Light at Maison Objet Miami 2016

thibaut tropical mood board

I had the chance this past week to pop over to the Maison Objet show in Miami Beach, which is basically in my own back yard via Uber...about an hour away. It's kind of ironic because as someone who loves design I've really been meaning

May 14, 2016

Share It One More Time Inspiration Party #33

Hi's Saturday and that means the Share It One More Time Inspiration Party is back! 

I am being a total bum and hanging out at the beach house for a few days and have been taking a little much needed break from social media and blogging. Sometimes you just NEED those breaks to recharge the batteries:~}}

This past week I shared one post with a RECIPE for Easy Cauliflower Rice With Mango and you'll find it HERE. Delish...and easy. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I attended the Maison & Objet Design Show in Miami and will share that soon. Then on Tuesday I'll be interviewed for my first ever podcast about design and will let you know when you can tune in!!

Now I'm turning it over to our host Tammy for the party...

May 9, 2016

Easy Cauliflower Rice With A Secret Sweetness

cauliflower rice in a serving dish

Hi everyone and happy new week! Although I don't share many recipes here on the blog I do enjoy cooking. My lifestyle has changed over the last few years to prepare mostly meals for just the two of us, so I keep it simple...

Simple as in salads, protein and vegetables with not a whole lot of ingredients or prep involved. Today I'm sharing a favorite side dish, and speaking of dish I made the bowl way back in college when I was an art student and fell in love with throwing pottery:~}}. So read on and I promise that this dish is not what you think and can also be made into a main course!