Beach Guest Room Reveal And A $500 Giveaway For You

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Today I'm sharing a guest room makeover at the beach house and I am inviting you in to stay awhile! Stay and be inspired and who knows, maybe I'll offer up the room for a blog retreat or a reader get together some day!

You can see just a hint in the mirror, and if you've seen our beach home in previous posts you'll know that I've had it for awhile. In design and remodeling I always feel that there are some pieces worth keeping and some definitely NOT, so let's see what I've kept and what is new and how the room turned out just to our liking...
You are also going to have a chance to WIN a $500 GIFT CARD to HOMEGOODS (click) and I'll explain more at the bottom of this post. Woo hoo for that!

Blissful Weather and Outdoor Dining In The Garden

With the beautiful weather winding down for us in South Florida, we are taking full advantage of eating out here in our garden. Our pea gravel patio way out in the back that we actually named because I am a romantic through and through.

outdoor dining table with floral garland

The evenings are still cool enough to tolerate and perhaps it will be this way until Easter, that is only a couple of weeks away now. I'm hoping so and today I'm excited to be sharing spring entertaining ideas with a talented group of bloggers.

10 Ways To Add Romantic Style To Your Home

ranunculus in mason jars

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic in nature? You, candle lit dinners, chocolates and a nice glass of wine? What about your decorating style? Today I'll be sharing 10 tips taken from my own signature style that is casual, soft and has subtle touches of romance without being over the top...

Beach Home Demo Day and Home Style Saturdays

Happy weekend friends! Today I'm sharing Home Style Saturdays with a sneak peek at a guest room makeover that I just finished up at our beach home. We have been renovating here and...

guest room beach home shabbyfufublog

I'll be sharing more soon, but right now I'm deep in the dust of DEMO DAY and having to tend to that. For now I'm turning it over to my friends, so let's find out what they've been up to...

How To Make Blueberry Muffins With Easy Crumb Topping

Life seems so rushed lately, but I do make time to create healthy meals and snacks as often as possible. With just the two of us to cook for now and my husband not being a super picky eater, it gives me the freedom to make breakfast for dinner.

Sometimes...dinner for breakfast is served and he's good with that too.

blueberry muffins crumb topping

Blueberry muffins are often on the menu here and I always bake them myself. I'm an instinctual cook, but of course when it comes to baking you need to follow recipes or your baked goods can flop. Today I'm sharing a recipe for delicious blueberry muffins that I created, based on a recipe that I have had in my recipe box for years!

Paris In Bloom - A Book by Floral Photographer Georgianna Lane

Ahhh Paris. Especially in the spring and most definitely when everything is in a glorious state of bloom and rebirth! Whether you've been able to experience this in person as I have on numerous occasions or not, today I'm talking about a book that is such a visual treat.

I have "known" photographer and author of this book for some years now through the world of blogging and social media and have always been enamored with her style and work through the lens.
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