Decor Ideas: Table Setting for Your Mother's Day Table

When the weather turns great in your neck of the woods you probably will be heading outside to enjoy some meals outdoors. Dining al fresco is such a long standing tradition in the the bistros and cafes world wide and here are a few tips that can help you create a beautiful party of your own.

beautiful romantic table setting

Start with the furniture, which may be obvious but if you have a choice I'd suggest seeing what isn't too difficult to bring outdoors. We have been enjoying our pea gravel patio built under the shade of some trees and hope to be out here as much as possible this summer!

Creating A Space For Relaxing In The Garden - With Bealls Outlet

Give me a quiet spot out in the garden and I'm a happy camper. We love being out here in our back yard garden so much, and if you've been following along this is the year that we've decided to give our beloved patch of land some extra fix-up love!


In the morning I'll often bring my cup of coffee outside and clear my head before starting the day. In the afternoon it might be some iced tea (unsweet) and I'm happy to be partnering in this post with Bealls Outlet where I've found the perfect outside drinking glasses and more.

Luxury White Kitchen Remodeling You'll Want To See

I love this kitchen for several reasons and perhaps most importantly is that I don't get to share anything from the homes that my husband and his company work in. He has a high end residential remodeling company and has been at it since college days and I have a fun anecdote to share today.


When he first started out in construction he did much of the work himself and learned the trade and the ropes. Thankful to say that although he does what our daughter mentioned below, he still knows how to work a saw like nobody's business! But here's what you'll want to see and maybe grab some tips from...

How To Easily Beautify A Plain Blah Cake

I must confess...I sometimes (okay...oftentimes) just cannot do it all. Last weekend we had so much going on around our home and with Easter and some entertaining, I was truly feeling overwhelmed. I suppose that if I suffered from anxiety it would have hit me hard, but thankfully I don't and just accept the fact that I'm not perfect and do what I can to make things right. Like in baking and dessert time...

pink roses cake

And this Chantilly Cake that isn't perfect but it is pretty. It didn't start our particularly pretty and here's why (shocker!)...

Teaching Photography and Mentoring Bloggers

Today I have some exciting double news to share with you, so let's get right to it! In just a moment that is, because I'm going to fill this post with a few pretty photos for you too.

I'm sitting in my living room (above) as I type this out and if you are coming over here from my friends Kim Six's blog I welcome you in! I'm talking today about the Haven Conference

5 Things To Love About Outdoor Entertaining

This has been the year of outdoor dining and entertaining at our home, and we are enjoying it more than ever since making some changes and updates! I can't believe that it took so long to get going with these real estate revisions, but it's kind of like potato chips.

You get on a roll and can't stop at one chip! What's not to love about being out here, but you can take any small space and create a haven and here are my favorites.
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