August 20, 2007

Finally Time

It's time, in fact time is overdue to work on this blog that many of you have been asking about. I hope to keep you posted on some of the things going on behind the scenes at Shabbyfufu designs, new items, personal stories and photos of my own decor and well as our artisans, customers and dear friends. Welcome and please drop me a line when you can. Please visit our website at


  1. Hi Janet,
    Let me be the first to say hello from a shabbyfufu addict! I look forward to learning more about the ladies of shabbyfufu and all the neat things. I will be a regular checking out your blog just like your wonderful website.

    Vicki Palmer (Pink Pearl Girl)

  2. Janet,
    We would love to see pictures of what looks to be one of the most gorgeous work rooms ever!

  3. Hi Janet,

    I love the look of your new blog. Welcome to the blog world and congrats. Can't wait to read your blog and be able to chat back and forth more often.

  4. Welcome to Blogdom. I've been a blissful blogger since June. The housework has suffered and there are days when my dog whines for attention but it's great fun. You never know who you will meet next. Happy Blogging!

  5. Welcome to your newest addiction, Janet!! At least it is fast becoming mine! Can't wait to get to know you better thru your blog.

    Hope on over & take a peek at mine when you get a chance!

    Angelic Accents