Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tantalizing Tea Lighting

It's time for tea (or Hot Chocolate)! I was happy this weekend to have the much needed man assistance of my husband, who if I bug him often enough will take some time away from his own pursuits on an occasional weekend, to help me with some projects. He is my "assistant lighting designer" and power tool expert around here. We have been spending lots of time at our beach home this summer, so I am happy to nab his help when I can get it! We put together two of our teapot lamps over this weekend, actually these particular ones are chocolate pot lamps. Our customers seem to love our tea projects...they do really add some sweet whimsy to the home! We have another tea project that we sketched out this weekend that will be upcoming on the website in the Fall, so stayed tuned.

Have a Fabulous week everyone,
Warmest regards ~ Janet


  1. Those are so lovely...I make a lot of lamps too but, sigh, have to do it myself. I think it's wonderful that your sweetie can help.

    (( ))

  2. I'm in love with these lamps. But then again I'm sure you knew I would be!