Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back From The Beach

Mr. Shabbyfufu and I have decided that the more three day weekends we can take, the better. We so thoroughly enjoyed our weekend at our beach home, did some informal entertaining in a beach cottage style, and some shopping for the website, with some real beauties coming as soon as my time permits. Doggie Shabbyfufu is right at home at the beach too, but this visit it was too hot for him to run around and chase the sand crabs back into their holes. I am very behind and have lots to catch up on for the website. New teacup lighting is coming, some stunning new mosaics by Elizabeth, and we have some surprises in store with fabulous new categories. Here are just a few pictures taken over the weekend, and then back to work. See you soon....

Have a wonderful week and your comments are always welcome and appreciated

XO~ Janet


  1. WELCOME back from the beach Janet!! You get to use yours year round because of your gorgeous Florida weather! Can you see my green jealous face from there??LOL! :) you summer place must be as gorgeous as the main shabbyfufu home! Blog is wonderful!!

  2. happy you had a good time...I always love to go but then am so happy to get home too...

    (( ))

  3. So happy to find your blog site!! I am new to the blogging world. Besides all of your beautiful photos, I loved your little doggie fufu! I have a little King Charles photos on my blog, as we are considering getting one. We lost our Russian Wolfhound a few monthes ago and it's time to add a new member now. I don't know anyone with one. Can you tell me they are as wonderful as they are cute?
    Thank you for being so inspiring!!

  4. Janet, I've enjoyed reading your blog tonight. It's always nice to get away to the beach. Hope you got some much needed relaxtion, looks like Mr. Shabbyfufu wants to just chill and call it a day.

  5. First timer here, and very much enjoying your blog! As another beach style lover (among other styles!), I feel right at home here! Our real beach house is in the process of a remodel so I missed using it all summer! Maybe by the holidays!

    Nice to meet you! Lovely blog!


  6. I may have to kidnap that cute little fufu dog! Maybe hold him for ransom for a tea cup chandelier? LOL! TOO CUTE! xo

  7. Janet, Thank you for your kinds words about my Pink Fairy Cottage. I hope you can get your hands on a copy and enjoy the whole issue. xoxo


  8. Beautiful Blog Janet! Gorgeous beach home....you are so fortunate! Love your dog Mr. shabbyfufu. Look forward to your website always!

  9. Janet, as I came into your blog today the color jumped right out at me and I said, "Ah refreshing". Loved your pictures and so happy you took the time to get away.

    Thanks for your sharing with us.