Sunday, September 9, 2007

Down By The Bay

Where do the weekends go? This weekend went by very quickly for me, and I did not get as much accomplished as planned....but did spend quite a bit of time in my studio working on a few projects and straightening up the mess. Unlike many of the fabulous studios that I see that are just so inspirational and have all sorts of jars of goodies out for display, Mr. Shabbyfufu does not like clutter.... so when we recently remodeled that room, I had to plan on putting everything away behind cabinet doors. Since my feminine style takes up so much of this house and he has to sleep in a pink bedroom, I guess that wasn't too much to ask! Our cabinet guy knew how much I love blush pink, so he added a slight tint to the cabinets to make me a happy camper:-). Projects worked on this weekend for the website included some more teacup lighting and a Parisian style dress form. Look for these early in the week on the website, as I don't have the pictures taken just yet (just this preview).

We went over to one of Mr. Shabbyfufu's clients homes today, who just came back from a summer spent at her "cottage" in Maine and she brought us some fresh crab. Here are a few photos of her incredible property here in Miami...which is an amazing place that occupies about 12 acres on Biscayne Bay in beautiful Coconut Grove. I didn't get any indoor photos today, the outdoors are the epitome of tropical beauty.....a little hard to capture on this gray day.

Just beyond the gates, all of these beautiful lush!

On the drive down to the bay, which leads into the ocean. Majestic Royal Palms

Down by the bay....(where the watermelons grow....just kidding, but I love that kiddie song). Really stormy, gray day here in Florida.

That's it for now, but check back in.....lots planned for the week ahead!

Have a great one......
XO ~ Janet


  1. Janet,
    Your dress forms get prettier and prettier! I love to see how you design each one as if they have their own personalities. I have never see lovelier ones than yours!And your pictures make me long for Florida. Someday, someday I will become a permanent resident there but am still trying to decide just where in Florida. Have any suggestions? I so belong by the water and the sun!


  2. Lovely dress form!
    And beautiful Florida property...Oh, to have a home in Florida (sigh)...someday. :)

    I browse your website often. So glad I found your blog.

    Kimberly :)

  3. Hi Janet!
    Your dress forms are just so beautiful; I just enjoy looking at them!!
    Please do stop by my blog today; I am having a tea party!

  4. What gorgeous property Janet!!! You know how much I LOVE Florida!
    Your dress forms are such a treat for the eye! Honestly, I have so many favorites of all you have created. Trisha is so right~they do seem to have their own personalities~:)xo p.s. Love reading your Blog!

  5. Hi Janet, please check out my latest blog, I have given kudos to you, for my fabulous girl!! xo, suzy

  6. hi janet, I just blogged about my awesome purchase from youa few years back, I am still in love! xo suzy