Monday, September 24, 2007

Grey Day Nesting

It's quite rainy with a low pressure system passing thru here in South Florida today, and one of those days that makes you just want to stay inside and nest. Luckily, I don't have to go out today, and after being away for the past several days must get caught up on paperwork and packing orders.

I wanted to share a wonderful Blog that my chic 24 year old daughter visits on a daily much to inspire on this one! Written by an interior design consultant, Holly Becker, her tag line is "Fresh finds for hip spaces". Here are a couple of rooms highlighted in their Blog.....GORGEOUS, INSPIRING!

New goodies will be posted later this week on Shabbyfufu. Everyone has been asking about our new line of Nighteas©, and we will have more of those coming, as well as some other lovlies.....have a wonderful week ladies!
XO~ Janet

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  1. I see your daughter has the same great taste as her Momma does! What a great site. I love white!