Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lobster SCORE & General News

Whew....I can't believe that it's been a week since I last Blogged, so will try and make this post as full of info as possible!
One of our daughters and her boyfriend were in town for the weekend, and I must say that the older the kids get, the more that we enjoy them as friends. I made a yummy dinner for them on Friday night, since they don't get much home cooking~and we were so lucky to have received four fresh Florida lobster tails from one of Mr. Shabbyfufu's buddies who caught so many that his freezer was overloaded~BIG TIME SCORE!

If you have never had fresh Florida lobster I find it to be every bit as good as Maine lobster, the difference being that the only edible part of the Florida lobster is the tail. I generally split them~using kitchen scissors and add some small pats of butter just under the shell. Then bake for about 10 minutes in the oven, until the meat turns pink. Since the kids are big eaters, I cooked some pasta, pulled the meat out of the lobster tails and added to the finished pasta with spicy goat cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh Parmesan cheese and a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. That with a side salad and a glass of Reisling....YUMMO!

Thank you to my fellow Blogging friends for their posts this week which kindly included a bit about me:-). You probably already know of Fabulous Fifi, fellow Floridian and one of the most creative women out there. Her blog Chez Fifi is a daily must visit!
My gorgeous friend Tara of Bella Pink blogs about decorating, shopping, trends and all sorts of great stories about her family life. She recently started a column in Romantic Homes magazine all about Blogging, so be sure to let her know if you have a Blog that you think worthy of a look~see! Another Southern gal who is a real PEACH is Suzy of Georgiapeachez, who was kind enough to Blog about one of the dress forms that she purchased on Shabbyfufu a couple of years back.

New things coming this week to the website, Mr Shabbyfufu and I have spent a good part of today in the Studio working on lighting......and some other pieces to post from my week spent there solo, listening to tunes and creating away. Here are a few photos......more coming on the website as time permits, and pieces from our FAB artisans studios too! Have a wonderful week everyone.......


Some of our Shabbyfufu DesignsTea Lighting

Gorgeous Window by our artisan Dianna Young

Shabbyfufu Studio Chic Glass Paperweights


  1. Gorgeous new things Janet!
    As I have said before, you are a merchandising genius! You have such a great eye for desirable things!

    And I am salivating over those lobsters! I have never heard of baking them. I always hesitated boiling shell fish when I first hear crabs screaming from the pot....but lobsters in the oven, well that might just muffle the screams enough for me to enjoy them. lol

  2. Janet...yummy, the lobster looks delish! I love your always have the BEST treasures!