Monday, October 8, 2007

First Tag

Although I have been in the biz since what seems like prehistoric times, I am pretty new to the blog world.....and have just been "tagged" by my sweet Pink friend Janet Bernasconi, of Janet's Creative Pillows. I had to ask Janet what exactly that means~lol~and apparently I have to tell seven things that you don't know about me, and then tag seven other bloggers. Will have to think of for now, here are my seven deadly sins!

1. I am older than I look, thanks to good genes, a fairly clean lifestyle and my wonderful hairdresser Tracy.

2. I was voted as "best female artist" in my High School. I used to do a fair amount of painting and drawing, but am quite rusty now. Perhaps someday when I slow down I will try and re~hone my faded skills.

3. I have been a Jack of all trades throughout my life, and held many jobs.....especially in my youth. I guess that the most quirky was while attending a summer semester at college in Gainesville, I worked at a long defunct drive~in restaurant as a roller skating server. My skating skills are not the best, so needless to say I spilled a few Cokes in my day!

4. I studied art in college, and fell in love with pottery. I got pretty good at it (or thought that I did:-), so for extra cash as a student I did quite a few art shows. We still have some of my things around, and these mugs are my husband's favorite for his morning coffee. Who knows.....another trade that maybe I will get back to someday?

5. I have family who hails from Paris (on my Mom's side), and was fortunate to spend a couple of summers living with them while growing up. We did alot of traveling all over Europe, and I have been back a few times as an adult with my husband and family. The last time that I visited Paris was two years ago with my younger daughter, and I really feel the pull to go back again soon!

6. I am a typical woman chocoholic, but am trying very hard (most of the time:-) to kick the habit! Not an easy thing to do, as I was raised being allowed to eat all of it that I wanted back in the day. I guess that is how they used to try and fatten up skinny kids. Now in middle age I definitely cannot do that any more!

7. My husband and I met in the parking lot of the apartment complex that we used to live in. We have been blissfully married for 26 years, and he is the greatest! Here is a glimpse of our lovely green eyed girls on a trip to Vegas a couple of years ago. They get their lush curly locks from their dad, NOT me unfortunately:-) I adore this photo!

Thank you Donna for letting me know that my vintage silver tray (SOLD) was used in ROMANTIC HOMES MAGAZINE this month as a prop in the Screensaver feature entitled " Out Of Africa"

I will be working on the website with new things coming later in the week.....please check back in soon. Have a great week~XOXO~ Janet


  1. Oh Dear Janet!! I was tagged by our other Janet also & completely forgot to do this!! I will be busy at it tomorrow!! YOU have beautiful girls & and have such an interesting life (oh what a suprise-an art background!!)NO WONDER you are so creative & talented!!!lol! I'm hiding in your luggage when you go back to PARIS! I know you get so much inspiration for your website & your creativity from your "french" side! LOVE your BLOG!! You are doing great with it!!!>)xo tutti p.s. the chocolate thing is doing your pal tutti in right now-I'm meeting with a trainer tomorrow to get on track!!lol! mo ,ore peanut M&M's for a while!

  2. Thanks for sharing those interesting things ! We find out things we wouldn't otherwise...


  3. Janet...
    Who knew?
    Of course I am not surprised you were voted most artistic in H.S., or that you lived in Europe, and chocolate...well, don't get me started!
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. New to the tagging too, but love reading the facts. PS: I stole back the tea cup light from sis..safely in my studio now, where it will stay~ xo

  5. LOL Janet!
    I had a ball reading all the 7 things about you! A rollerskating server??? LOL I wish I could have seen that! I was in Paris back in 89! Seems like moons ago,but it was fabulous and someday I hope to go back again. As for chocolate...I looove it too! Can't imagine my life without Thanks for joining in on the fun! You are too funny!

    Janet's Creative Pillows