Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ice Queen & Mademoiselle La Foof

I have locked myself in the Studio this weekend.....just working away blissfully on my favorite thing that we offer on Shabbyfufu, my Dress Forms. I sort of get comatose working on these.....or as my girls might say "in the zone". I don't know what it is....but I just love to develop the personality of these gals from start to finish. They are time consuming and costly to create, so I have to limit myself to maybe 2 a month at most, or I would never get anything else accomplished. The Ice Queen is appropriately named I she really shimmers with her pale pastel tones~just like crisp ice. Mademoiselle La Foof of course is a play on whimsy.....and she is truly elegant and Fufu at the same time. I really need to figure out the new camera a bit more and take some better shots of these gals for my portfolio before they leave here!
Enjoy your week ladies~ XO~ Janet
Shabbyfufu Designs

Just as I was getting ready to post this, Ms. Ice Queen sold to a SwEeT customer in California. Thank you darlin' !


  1. What an adorable pair you've created, I bet you feel a certain bond with them, must be hard to part with when it's time for them to leave home. Have fun playing with the new toy!

  2. Hi Janet,

    I love these!!! You are so good!!!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. yes, me and Gail had the best time yesterday especially with all those roses!!! Beautiful!!! I am so glad you have Gails prints on your lovely website...she is a real gem isn't she? I have often looked at your website and I think you have done a wonderful job...keep up the good work! I am off to add your blog to my favourites so I can pop in often. All the best and I hope to talk to you again soon xo


  3. Oh Janet...I'm not suprised one sold already! They are so fantastically beautiful, I have loved everyone you've made!

  4. Those are just gorgeous !!! You do a wonderful job creating your dress forms !

  5. They are simply wonderful! I can completely understand why they sell so fast, beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing,

    Hugs~ Michele

  6. Janet,

    These two are stunning, all your dressforms are so beautiful, and have their own "personalities",

    They are the perfect thing for anyone's home or boudoir!

  7. I love the two madames Janet!! You definately make them with personalities attached! Every dress form that comes out of the fufu studio is to-die-for gorgeous!! stay in there & keep working!!:)xo tutti p.s. I always love to see what you are up to-murphy fufu is adorable!!