Thursday, October 18, 2007

IKEA Insanity

I love shopping as much as the next gal.....but truthfully I cannot imagine for the life of me why all the buzz with the first Florida IKEA celebrating their Grand Opening yesterday in Sunrise (about 45 minutes from my home). I think that their products and concept are quite unique in this country, with being able to outfit your entire home with everything from furniture and accessories to literally the kitchen sink~but COME ON......camping out for 3 days in our blistering heat and humidity to be amongst the first in line for some free chairs????? INSANITY in my book! I had been in IKEA a few years back when I was visiting my brother in Portland....although it may have been in Seattle that we stopped in to shop IKEA (can't recall). Maybe it's just me, but I would MUCH rather buy Antiques and One Of A Kind artistan made pieces....not put together from a box Swedish concept pieces that are made in China. What about you??
On to some SHOP TALK.....we have had a GREAT response to our framed Gail McCormack artwork being added yesterday. Thank you ladies!

We just restocked our PURSE CHARMS from Elizabeth Willhite's Poshsauce line that had previously Sold Out, and have four FABU new Limited Edition styles available in our Bejeweled Bijoux Boutique at Shabbyfufu.

Off to the land of packing and shipping, have a great day everyone!
XO, Janet


  1. I wouldn't even stand in line for three days for antique chairs!- unless they came from Versailles and I could get them for free, or a really GREAT deal.:)

    Happy shipping, that's what I will be doing in the littlefrenchgardenhouse today!
    hugs, Lidy

  2. I like Ikea, or rather my sons like it! I would never, ever wait in line to get in though.
    I did get a fabulous storage cart & metal bins for my workspace there.
    Love Gail's art, she is so talented!

  3. Oh Janet~The land of packing & shipping! Does it ever end?? lol!
    I am with you on IKEA! My two friends begged me to go with them last year when the one near us opened & though I did grab a few odds & ends but came away NOT impressed with their stuff. It's really for young 20 somethings starting out in their first apartment or house I think. I'm with YOU-I'd much rather shop for vintage things or pretty well made furniture! Love the art by Gail-SO pretty, but so is everything you offer at shabbyfufu-no suprise that her art fits right in!xo tutti