Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Gossamer Gliss Holiday Bliss

Glitter glitter everywhere seems to be the theme for so many of the crafty ladies out there at this time of year! I have been waiting to have the time to get back into the Studio and create these Tea Cup Art pieces that have been inside my head for weeks~just waiting to burst out!!! I guess that I figured it was good to make the mess yesterday, since the woman that I could not function without (my sweet housekeeper Cecelia:-) comes every week to clean up behind me, Mr Shabbyfufu and Doggie Fufu. She never says a word about the glitter and the grunge that I create around here, bless her heart! In any event.....I think that these are much prettier in person. Playing around with the new camera and still trying to figure out the best settings to use on this high tech treasure.

Speaking of Doggie Fufu (Murphy, actually) husband captured a DARLING picture of him the other day that I want to share. Looks like he is hinting for me to feed him his dinner, which I need to go do now!

Lots of love to all, Janet


  1. Hi Janet, I found your blog through Gail McCormacks blog. You Tea Cup Art is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Love the cups and the pooch! So adorable!

  3. Janet ~
    Your puppy is adorable !!! I love the cups too~ gorgeous !

  4. Had to laugh at this post - I currently have glitter everywhere too! Must be the season... :)

    Love the teacups - divine!

  5. Hi Janet, you have a dog just like mine, well my Genevieve is a tri colour but a spaniels a spaniel!! Love your blog!

  6. Hi Janet, your Tea Cups are very cute and Murphy is adorable!!!

  7. I think you're doing very well with your new camera Janet, love your Tea cups and as for the adorable little dog!

  8. Hi Janet!
    I absolutely love the tea cups, they are adorable. Your baby is so very cute, great picture.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Hugs~ Michele

  9. Janet,

    Your creations are lovely, that's a given, but it is your furbaby that is making my heart pound faster!

    What an absolute sweetie! so very cute, as befitting for a shabbyfufu dog.

  10. YUM YUM!!! That's ALL I can think of!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN JANET FUFU!!!!xo