Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pucker Up

My Blogging has definitely gone by the wayside this past week, as I had various bits of personal biz to attend to.....and actually have taken a bit of time for myself for a change! I have found that in my life I really need to take care of myself first, and every now and then need to remind myself of that so it doesn't catch up with me and get me sick. So I have been trying to be more diligent with my exercise routine, take my omega and calcium and do some deep breathing sessions......ahhhhhh! This week I even managed to drag myself to the Mall in search of some new jeans and tees for our upcoming vacation, which I will Blog about later.

Back in the Studio here at Shabbyfufu Designs these last couple of days, and this weekend I convinced Mr Shabbyfufu to help me out with a Fresh Batch of our Nighteas (coming later today!).

With the Holidays coming soon, all of our artisans on the website have been busy creating as well. Farnaz has some absolutely GORGEOUS Hand Painted and decorated PORCELAIN ornaments.....which were a Huge HIT last year~and more designs to be offered in this year's stash.

Elizabeth is up to her ears in findings for her PoshSauce Jewelry, and her Purse Charms are all the rage these days. More goodies coming this week from her collection and other pieces.....great treats for yourself or gift giving:-).

More cards and tags have been added and more Christmas designs are on the way as well in our Pastelle Paperie Boutique.

Finally, PUCKER UP for some Victorian Kissing Balls and more of our GOSSAMER GLISS Vintage Ornament Wreaths coming......including a wonderful Beach Cottage Chic themed Aqua and Silver piece. Our fondest wishes for a wonderful week from the girls at


  1. Those teacup lights are so pretty!

    I'm so happy that creative people have figured out ways to bring these lovely treasures out of the cupboard!

    Kimberly :)

  2. Janet...
    Wow, all is fabulous as usual!

  3. Janet Fufu~You have been busy as usual stocking your shelves with fabulous things!! I'm so glad that you are taking good care of yourself. Old ladies like us have to or we start to look & FEEL old-yes?! LOL! I'm jealous you get to go on vacation! :)xo tutti