Monday, November 12, 2007

Awards And Other Things

Happy Monday to all! Many of you with "real" jobs (lol!) are enjoying a day off from work today, as our nation celebrates Veteran's Day. Please join us in taking a moment to reflect and pay tribute to our veteran's both past and present, and in praying for the safe return of our men who are serving in Iraq.

This will be just a short update post, as we are STILL packing boxes here at Shabbyfufu Designs.....and leaving for the weekend with the family has put me more behind then I had anticipated. Oh yes....Epcot was tons'o'fun and the weather was absolutely perfect in Orlando! I do have some photos, but nothing too exciting so will forgo boring you with those. One more BIT OF BIZ, we have been receiving lots of emails looking for more of our NIGHTEAS

and we will HOPEFULLY have a FRESH PICKED BATCH available on TUESDAY (tomorrow). Sorry for the delay on those......I always seem to over~commit my time!

I am happy to have returned from my trip to 2 awards from some of my favorite Blogging friends that I have made, far away on the other side of the globe. Sweet Siobhan of Vintage Mosaic Boutique has given me a YOU MAKE ME SMILE award that I am supposed to pass along to ten Bloggers who make me smile:-). Will have to think on that a most of the Sweet gals that I regularly visit truly ALWAYS make me smile, and probably already have received this one~thank you Siobahn!

My dear friend Gail of Originals By Gail & Tony McCormack has given me the Genuine, Sincere and Sweet Award....that I am supposed to pass along to 2 deserving Bloggers. I am humbled and honored to have received this one....and would have to pass it right back to Gail, as these are qualities that she has and I find so important in life:-)

Back to jump in the packing peanut pile, have a wonderful week ahead!

~XO~ Janet


  1. I hope you had a beautiful time with your daughters! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!

    :<) XOXO Nancy

  2. Congratulations on your awards.
    Glad you had a fun weekend.