Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pimp My Ride

It was payback night last evening, as my dear sweet husband of 26 years is a big time car nut, and has yet to miss attending the Miami Auto Show that breezes thru town every year in November. Although cars are not my thing at all, I tag along and enjoy seeing how he is like a kid in a candy shop checking out all the new models for the year ahead and tons of BLING! He is such a great guy, and since he drags me around on many of the website Buying Trips (really not what he would like to be doing:-), how can I turn this night down? Besides......I do love driving out to Miami Beach at night, which we don't often do~and passing by the Port Of Miami to see all the amazing cruise ships that are docked and lit up in port. I had fun playing with my new will post a few highlights of what we saw.

Mr. Shabbyfufu's Dream Truck ( your dreams!)

Sticker Shock!~!~
It's Sooooo Expensive to buy a new car these days!

It's good to see that cars are at least making an attempt to go GREEN. We saw more of it this year than last year, and hopefully this will be a trend that continues.

This is my ride, although the one I drive is a few years old. Since Mr Shabbyfufu lived in Europe as a child, he has a passion for the European cars~especially Beemers. Of course he would LOVE to have one of the more exotic cars below......maybe in his next life~lol!!

That's it for now........I don't know if I will get to post anything again until next week, as we are off on another website Buying Trip bright and early tomorrow for the weekend. Take care and will see you soon!


  1. We have more in common, Janet! Mr. Frenchgardenhouse LOVES cars. He just got the red car of his dreams, and now promises not only to cart my stuff on the buying trips, he will make dinner, too!

    (keep that in mind for future bargaining at the "expensive car" table)
    xo Lidy

  2. I think if I owned any one of those cars I'd be to frightened to drive it! Well done with the photos Janet, very professional indeed! Have a great weekend away...sorry you're probably already back by now.

  3. Janet,

    My hubby is no different...He is a motorhead big time! He has a car that sits in the garage and comes out 3 times a year if it is lucky! What a shame. Glad I am not the only one who gets dragged to these shows lol.