Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Buzzzzz

Is it really Friday again?? For those of you in the cold parts of the country, stay warm, do some nesting and SAFE this weekend~and hopefully you will be doing that last minute gift shopping on~line! I have hardly been out in the stores's just so much easier these days to click and have things arrive at the door! While you are doing your on~line shopping....I hope that you have a chance to pop into Shabbyfufu and see the new things that we have listed. Although much of the vintage that was listed yesterday has already been sold, we listed some gorgeous jewels in our Bejeweled Bijoux....mostly all of the pieces are crafted here in the U.S.

This weekend Mr. Shabbyfufu and I plan on working quite a bit in the garden (weather permitting) and sprucing things up around here with new flowering plants for our Florida winter. Like many parts of the country, we have been experiencing a severe watering is heavily restricted. That may really put a damper (no pun intented:-) on what kind of flowers we can plant........will have to stick to the native stuff that isn't necessarily as pretty as I would like~but less thirsty.

Both of our girly girls are going in on Monday for WISDOM TEETH EXTRACTION~horrors on that one! I will be nursemaid around here for the first part of the week, poor things......that is something I would NOT want to experience again!!! At least they have each~other, and misery loves company.

Have a wonderful weekend........XO~ Janet~


  1. I'm jealous about the gardening. It's in the 40s in my part of the world. Poor girls, at least they can whine at each other, instead of you hopefully.

  2. Hope you achieve lots in the garden Janet. Hope the girls will be fully recovered by Christmas Day, you'd better get your nurses uniform ready that's for sure!

  3. So glad I found your site! Delightful!

  4. You are going to be one busy Mrs Fufu with your girls...I hope all goes well and they have a speedy recovery!

    Siobhan xoxo

  5. Just stopped by to see what wonderful things you have,love the charms! So sorry to hear your daughters are going for the teeth pulling. My 20 year old daughter just went through it 2 weeks ago. How nice that your weather allows for gardening.
    Happy Holidays!
    Hugs~ Michele

  6. Hi Janet! Thanks for your visit this weekend. It's always such a blessing to hear from you.

    I hope your girls do well. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at once. OUCH!!

    Hugs! :<) Nancy

  7. We finally got some chilly weather in South GA....going back up in the next few days though.
    Hope your little chipmunks are all better...and wishing you a very blessed Christmas.


  8. Janet,
    Lovely blog. I found you through Fifi sharing the beautiful gifts you sent her.

    I feel for your daughters. My daughter just had her braces put on this afternoon. Sounds like it will be soft food all around!

    Happy gardening, glad I found your site!