Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tis The Season~For Gifting

Tis the season for gifting, and much of my time these last couple of weeks has been devoted to either shopping for, or making gifts.......for family and special friends. I have had a few sweet emails from customers asking why I haven't listed in awhile.........and just to let you know, that's one reason why! I will have some other exciting things to share later on:-). For now though......I want to thank a couple of lovely friends for posting on their own blogs about me this week. That would be the fabulous Tara of Bella Pink, and the wonderful rose painter in Australia, Gail McCormack.....thank you darlin' girls~enjoy your well deserved gifts!

Tara at Bella Pink

Gail McCormack Rose Paintings

Just a tad of SHOPPE TALK......we do have some Exquisite items coming, so if you are one of our sweet customers, please hang in there a bit longer. We have quite a few pieces of Antique French Lighting, beautiful china, new items for our bejeweled bijoux, mosaics from Elizabeth and more.

Be sure to check out TEA TIME magazine's new issue.......where our PASTELLE PAPERIE artisan Julie has some of her cards from our website featured (will post a picture later on).

Talk to you soon.............
XO~ Janet


  1. Ooooh- our eyes are just sparkling with all the wonderfulness! we will have to go check out tea-time!

    kari & kijsa

  2. Hey Janet, those sconces are BELLA!!!

    Siobhan xoxo

  3. My God Janet! Even MORE new pretties to add to your boutique! It can't be possible to come up with even more beautiful items! LOL!! such a pretty paperweight tara purchased! I think tutti needs one too! The artwork is exquisite~you feature the best artists my friend~xo chris