Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Gossamer Gliss Holiday Bliss

Glitter glitter everywhere seems to be the theme for so many of the crafty ladies out there at this time of year! I have been waiting to have the time to get back into the Studio and create these Tea Cup Art pieces that have been inside my head for weeks~just waiting to burst out!!! I guess that I figured it was good to make the mess yesterday, since the woman that I could not function without (my sweet housekeeper Cecelia:-) comes every week to clean up behind me, Mr Shabbyfufu and Doggie Fufu. She never says a word about the glitter and the grunge that I create around here, bless her heart! In any event.....I think that these are much prettier in person. Playing around with the new camera and still trying to figure out the best settings to use on this high tech treasure.

Speaking of Doggie Fufu (Murphy, actually) husband captured a DARLING picture of him the other day that I want to share. Looks like he is hinting for me to feed him his dinner, which I need to go do now!

Lots of love to all, Janet

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ice Queen & Mademoiselle La Foof

I have locked myself in the Studio this weekend.....just working away blissfully on my favorite thing that we offer on Shabbyfufu, my Dress Forms. I sort of get comatose working on these.....or as my girls might say "in the zone". I don't know what it is....but I just love to develop the personality of these gals from start to finish. They are time consuming and costly to create, so I have to limit myself to maybe 2 a month at most, or I would never get anything else accomplished. The Ice Queen is appropriately named I she really shimmers with her pale pastel tones~just like crisp ice. Mademoiselle La Foof of course is a play on whimsy.....and she is truly elegant and Fufu at the same time. I really need to figure out the new camera a bit more and take some better shots of these gals for my portfolio before they leave here!
Enjoy your week ladies~ XO~ Janet
Shabbyfufu Designs

Just as I was getting ready to post this, Ms. Ice Queen sold to a SwEeT customer in California. Thank you darlin' !

Friday, October 19, 2007

Camera Bliss

Camera Bliss! I am in love, and hope that this is the start of a wonderful new relationship! I have been wanting (and actually needing) a new camera for a long after saving my pennies it's finally here. This is what I will be doing over the weekend.....experimenting with my "new baby" before we go on our road trip (aka~ big Website Buying Trip!!) in about a week. Actually, I have not had a chance yet to play with it, as Mr. Shabbyfufu was here when the UPS man delivered it today.....and boys with toys~I can't get it out of his hands just yet.

Will also be in the Studio working on a new fresh batch of our NIGHTEAS, and I have two Dress Forms in progress, so will see what I can get accomplished on those. Too little time on the weekends.....don't you agree?

Have a wonderful weekend~XO, Janet

Thursday, October 18, 2007

IKEA Insanity

I love shopping as much as the next gal.....but truthfully I cannot imagine for the life of me why all the buzz with the first Florida IKEA celebrating their Grand Opening yesterday in Sunrise (about 45 minutes from my home). I think that their products and concept are quite unique in this country, with being able to outfit your entire home with everything from furniture and accessories to literally the kitchen sink~but COME ON......camping out for 3 days in our blistering heat and humidity to be amongst the first in line for some free chairs????? INSANITY in my book! I had been in IKEA a few years back when I was visiting my brother in Portland....although it may have been in Seattle that we stopped in to shop IKEA (can't recall). Maybe it's just me, but I would MUCH rather buy Antiques and One Of A Kind artistan made pieces....not put together from a box Swedish concept pieces that are made in China. What about you??
On to some SHOP TALK.....we have had a GREAT response to our framed Gail McCormack artwork being added yesterday. Thank you ladies!

We just restocked our PURSE CHARMS from Elizabeth Willhite's Poshsauce line that had previously Sold Out, and have four FABU new Limited Edition styles available in our Bejeweled Bijoux Boutique at Shabbyfufu.

Off to the land of packing and shipping, have a great day everyone!
XO, Janet

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shop Talk ~ NEW Tea Cup Rose Framed Canvas Prints

We are just thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be the sole U.S. distributor of the wonderfully talented Australian artist Gail McCormack. Her work fits in so beautifully with the Softly Feminine Romantic Cottage lifestyle that we all Love! She paints beautifully rendered Teacups that are filled with Pink Roses and we just adore these in a grouping on a dining room wall, breakfast nook or in a romantically themed kitchen or home office or the studio. The juxtaposition of the Antique Molding frames that we are using, set against the Soft Tea Cups and Roses is ever so lovely! Our frames are of the Best Quality, with no glass to cover the Beautiful Canvas Art done on a high quality paper Archival Paper using Archival Inks. These are affordable and will ship from our studio in the now it's possible to have Gail's lovely pieces without the high cost of International shipping. Take a peek and please.....enjoy!

Warmest regards, Janet

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pucker Up

My Blogging has definitely gone by the wayside this past week, as I had various bits of personal biz to attend to.....and actually have taken a bit of time for myself for a change! I have found that in my life I really need to take care of myself first, and every now and then need to remind myself of that so it doesn't catch up with me and get me sick. So I have been trying to be more diligent with my exercise routine, take my omega and calcium and do some deep breathing sessions......ahhhhhh! This week I even managed to drag myself to the Mall in search of some new jeans and tees for our upcoming vacation, which I will Blog about later.

Back in the Studio here at Shabbyfufu Designs these last couple of days, and this weekend I convinced Mr Shabbyfufu to help me out with a Fresh Batch of our Nighteas (coming later today!).

With the Holidays coming soon, all of our artisans on the website have been busy creating as well. Farnaz has some absolutely GORGEOUS Hand Painted and decorated PORCELAIN ornaments.....which were a Huge HIT last year~and more designs to be offered in this year's stash.

Elizabeth is up to her ears in findings for her PoshSauce Jewelry, and her Purse Charms are all the rage these days. More goodies coming this week from her collection and other pieces.....great treats for yourself or gift giving:-).

More cards and tags have been added and more Christmas designs are on the way as well in our Pastelle Paperie Boutique.

Finally, PUCKER UP for some Victorian Kissing Balls and more of our GOSSAMER GLISS Vintage Ornament Wreaths coming......including a wonderful Beach Cottage Chic themed Aqua and Silver piece. Our fondest wishes for a wonderful week from the girls at

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Tag

Although I have been in the biz since what seems like prehistoric times, I am pretty new to the blog world.....and have just been "tagged" by my sweet Pink friend Janet Bernasconi, of Janet's Creative Pillows. I had to ask Janet what exactly that means~lol~and apparently I have to tell seven things that you don't know about me, and then tag seven other bloggers. Will have to think of for now, here are my seven deadly sins!

1. I am older than I look, thanks to good genes, a fairly clean lifestyle and my wonderful hairdresser Tracy.

2. I was voted as "best female artist" in my High School. I used to do a fair amount of painting and drawing, but am quite rusty now. Perhaps someday when I slow down I will try and re~hone my faded skills.

3. I have been a Jack of all trades throughout my life, and held many jobs.....especially in my youth. I guess that the most quirky was while attending a summer semester at college in Gainesville, I worked at a long defunct drive~in restaurant as a roller skating server. My skating skills are not the best, so needless to say I spilled a few Cokes in my day!

4. I studied art in college, and fell in love with pottery. I got pretty good at it (or thought that I did:-), so for extra cash as a student I did quite a few art shows. We still have some of my things around, and these mugs are my husband's favorite for his morning coffee. Who knows.....another trade that maybe I will get back to someday?

5. I have family who hails from Paris (on my Mom's side), and was fortunate to spend a couple of summers living with them while growing up. We did alot of traveling all over Europe, and I have been back a few times as an adult with my husband and family. The last time that I visited Paris was two years ago with my younger daughter, and I really feel the pull to go back again soon!

6. I am a typical woman chocoholic, but am trying very hard (most of the time:-) to kick the habit! Not an easy thing to do, as I was raised being allowed to eat all of it that I wanted back in the day. I guess that is how they used to try and fatten up skinny kids. Now in middle age I definitely cannot do that any more!

7. My husband and I met in the parking lot of the apartment complex that we used to live in. We have been blissfully married for 26 years, and he is the greatest! Here is a glimpse of our lovely green eyed girls on a trip to Vegas a couple of years ago. They get their lush curly locks from their dad, NOT me unfortunately:-) I adore this photo!

Thank you Donna for letting me know that my vintage silver tray (SOLD) was used in ROMANTIC HOMES MAGAZINE this month as a prop in the Screensaver feature entitled " Out Of Africa"

I will be working on the website with new things coming later in the week.....please check back in soon. Have a great week~XOXO~ Janet

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where Have I Been

Where have I been? The week is rushing by, and I have to ask myself "what did you accomplish this week"? Not as much as I had planned, I was a tad under the weather for a couple of days and the NON STOP rain made it impossible to take photos of any of my projects! It's a bit clearer out today, although yet another tropical front is likely to roll in for the next several days soon. I am not least NO HURRICANES so far this year, although hurricane season is not officially over until sometime in November.

A sad note, I had posted recently about a dear friend whose husband just found out that he had terminal brain cancer. Unfortunately he unexpectedly passed away yesterday....his life was too short indeed.

Lots coming to the website over the next few days, and with the situation referenced above I will post as time permits. Our fabulous mosaic artisan Elizabeth crafts beautiful one of a kind jewelry, and has done a line that is Exclusive to Shabbyfufu! Her line is called Posh Sauce, and will be in our Bejeweled Bijoux shortly.

This makes for the NINTH YEAR that we will be offering our Vintage Ornament Wreaths on~line. WOW....hard for even me to believe that it's been so long!! Unfortunately our exact designs have been replicated for sale elsewhere on the internet, and since we have always been industry leaders, we constantly update and strive to bring fresh ideas forward for our customers:-). Wait until you see the GOSSAMER GLISS that we have to offer our ladies this year!

Lastly, for all who have been ordering our Hand Painted porcelain from our wonderfully talented china painter Farnaz~she is back from her trip to Germany, and is catching up on her orders. I have no idea what that big wheel is that she is standing next to, but isn't she CHIC!

Back to work~Enjoy your day!
XO~ Janet ~