Monday, November 19, 2007

32 Boxes Later

We are back from another very successful website Buying Trip and had a great time to boot! Now it's time to pay the piper, as we have been unpacking our finds, cleaning up some of the goodies, working on projects, and special orders. If you are reading this post and happen to be one of those waiting for a special order....we hope to have those orders finished and shipped out by week's end~thanks for your patience:-). Today was a full day of packing.....and I do believe that a record was beaten here at Shabbyfufu....with 32 boxes picked up by our Mail~Lady (and 2 by FedEx!) at the end of her shift! Will definitely have to give that gal a special present for Christmas!! Here are just some of them, as the day progressed.

We have had a few emails about when I will post our Buying Trip treasures, and what's coming up. All that I can say is some FAB FINDS are coming~I know that you will be very pleased! Will be posting as time permits this week with the Holiday~please take a peek in at the website when you can:-).

Warmest Blessings for Thanksgiving to all,
Janet and crew at~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pimp My Ride

It was payback night last evening, as my dear sweet husband of 26 years is a big time car nut, and has yet to miss attending the Miami Auto Show that breezes thru town every year in November. Although cars are not my thing at all, I tag along and enjoy seeing how he is like a kid in a candy shop checking out all the new models for the year ahead and tons of BLING! He is such a great guy, and since he drags me around on many of the website Buying Trips (really not what he would like to be doing:-), how can I turn this night down? Besides......I do love driving out to Miami Beach at night, which we don't often do~and passing by the Port Of Miami to see all the amazing cruise ships that are docked and lit up in port. I had fun playing with my new will post a few highlights of what we saw.

Mr. Shabbyfufu's Dream Truck ( your dreams!)

Sticker Shock!~!~
It's Sooooo Expensive to buy a new car these days!

It's good to see that cars are at least making an attempt to go GREEN. We saw more of it this year than last year, and hopefully this will be a trend that continues.

This is my ride, although the one I drive is a few years old. Since Mr Shabbyfufu lived in Europe as a child, he has a passion for the European cars~especially Beemers. Of course he would LOVE to have one of the more exotic cars below......maybe in his next life~lol!!

That's it for now........I don't know if I will get to post anything again until next week, as we are off on another website Buying Trip bright and early tomorrow for the weekend. Take care and will see you soon!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Awards And Other Things

Happy Monday to all! Many of you with "real" jobs (lol!) are enjoying a day off from work today, as our nation celebrates Veteran's Day. Please join us in taking a moment to reflect and pay tribute to our veteran's both past and present, and in praying for the safe return of our men who are serving in Iraq.

This will be just a short update post, as we are STILL packing boxes here at Shabbyfufu Designs.....and leaving for the weekend with the family has put me more behind then I had anticipated. Oh yes....Epcot was tons'o'fun and the weather was absolutely perfect in Orlando! I do have some photos, but nothing too exciting so will forgo boring you with those. One more BIT OF BIZ, we have been receiving lots of emails looking for more of our NIGHTEAS

and we will HOPEFULLY have a FRESH PICKED BATCH available on TUESDAY (tomorrow). Sorry for the delay on those......I always seem to over~commit my time!

I am happy to have returned from my trip to 2 awards from some of my favorite Blogging friends that I have made, far away on the other side of the globe. Sweet Siobhan of Vintage Mosaic Boutique has given me a YOU MAKE ME SMILE award that I am supposed to pass along to ten Bloggers who make me smile:-). Will have to think on that a most of the Sweet gals that I regularly visit truly ALWAYS make me smile, and probably already have received this one~thank you Siobahn!

My dear friend Gail of Originals By Gail & Tony McCormack has given me the Genuine, Sincere and Sweet Award....that I am supposed to pass along to 2 deserving Bloggers. I am humbled and honored to have received this one....and would have to pass it right back to Gail, as these are qualities that she has and I find so important in life:-)

Back to jump in the packing peanut pile, have a wonderful week ahead!

~XO~ Janet

Friday, November 9, 2007

Up To Our Ears

We are up to our ears in boxes around here.....getting ready to ship out next week. The poor Mail Lady and FedEx Guy are not too fond of us at this time of year, even though it's because of all of the retail establishments that they have their jobs! We are so pleased and grateful for our customers, and so glad that you love our Buying Trip finds and our Artisan offerings that we continue to bring to you. We are about to head into our 9th year selling on the internet....and have so much planned to come in 2008!

Speaking of what's to come.....we have had lots of inquiries about the NIGHTEAS, and when we will posting more~hopefully sometime on Sunday. Next week look for some more of our fabu GOSSAMER GLISS Christmas creations~with some surprises that are pure EYE CANDY (if we do say so ourselves:-). Also....we have been rewiring and getting ready to post a few pieces of Old French Light

ing that we recently acquired, as well as more Exquisite Vintage Treasures.

It will be a family weekend, as we are outahere super early tomorrow to meet up at Epcot with the kiddies~with guard dog and sitter watching the homestead. Speaking of the girly's hard to believe how fast they have grown up, with our baby celebrating her 21st birthday on Monday (hence~Epcot trip). If your children are still at home, I do hope that you can spend oodles of time enjoying every minute~as the time truly does pass by so quickly!

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to our little Kay Kay! What a wonderful young woman you have grown to become~we are so proud of you (BOTH of you:-)!!

Wishing everyone who reads this post a Beautiful weekend~see you next week!
XO~ Janet

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mini Makeover~New Treasures On Shabbyfufu

Good day ladies! Just a quick post to thank you girls for all of the nice emails and several comments about my vacation/buying trip. It was so wonderful to get away....but you know how it is to take vacation and come back to reality and try and play catch~up!! We have been reworking a few categories on the website to allow for new treasures, and we pre~posted some of the goodies last night. I woke up to quite a few emails of enquiry about the new items......and hopefully those listings will be finished today~so head's up:-). While you are visiting....take a peek at SwEeT Laura Watt's Christmas creations! She and our Elizabeth Willhite (mosaic and jewelry artisan) have quite the following in the high end community of Sun Valley, Idaho (and Boise shoppes & shows as well) for their Gorgeous work.

A couple more BIZ notes: We are a little behind on shipping, so please hang in with us, as items will be shipped out asap this week. We have also received several emails and phone calls about custom wreaths, chandeliers and other items~and YES, we are happy to fulfill your dreams as our ARTISAN FAIRIES time permits! Last BIZ bit.....on the NIGHTEAS, we hope to have more out there for you late this weekend, so please check in dahhhlings if you have been awaiting their arrival.

Warmest blessings to all, from the girls at Shabbyfufu Designs~XOXOXO


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back In Town

We are back in town with a fresh set of recharged life batteries! Vacations are wonderful, even if it just means getting in the car (or SUV in our case) and taking a long road trip, as Mr. Shabbyfufu and I just had the pleasure of doing. Luckily for him, he was still able to conduct business pretty much as usual with his Blackberry and the laptop. I tried to get him off that "Crackberry" as much as possible, and we did take some nice hikes in the mountains~where cell reception was non~existent.
We left South Florida early last Friday and stoppe
d to lunch with our younger daughter Kaely, who is a junior at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Lots of Deja Vu moments whenever we are there, as that is our alma mater as well~although we did not know each~other in our college days. Kaely is so excited, as she just found out that she is going to be doing a short semester abroad in Spain and Greece after the Spring Semester! This coming weekend we will be meeting Kaely and our older daughter Kira (with her boyfriend Kenny) up in Orlando (where Kira is a senior at UCF) our Kaely is turning 21 and wants to do a family thing in Epcot before the wild ritual 21 partying with her friends ensues! November will be a busy month for us......not a single weekend at home, so I will have to cram alot in to the weekdays.

Back to our trip, we then headed up to North Carolina and drove through the beautiful mountains west to east.....where we have been many times. We have not had the opportunity to visit the Fall color though until this trip.....and it was gorgeous! I had so much fun taking photos with the new camera.....and so as not to bore, will post just a few on the Blog~since I received quite a few email requests (thanks:-). Our favorite part of N.C. is the Blowing Rock, Boone area, where Mr. Shabbyfufu's parents had gone for years in the summer, so we know it quite well. It was COLD in the least for us Floridians, with temps in the 20's, but then warming nicely with the sunshine during the day.

We then headed down the mountains and I did lots of website shopping at antique shows, with dealer friends that I have made over the years, and at some fave haunts. I found lots of lovely treasures.....and will be posting on the website at Shabbyfufu as time permits~all through the Holiday Season.

Off to do some unpacking of boxes now, it's going to be like Christmas around here today!
Lots of love to all~ Janet at Shabbyfufu

Pure Glee! (With three layers of warm clothing~lol!)

Mr. Hunky Hub