Saturday, January 5, 2008

Brocante Booty

I am still alive and promise to get a better handle on my blogging in the next couple of weeks when the air clears around here from various exciting events that will be revealed later on:-).

I just had to share the way my day started out today.....with an early morning treasure jaunt in the rain that resulted in a big time score of pirate's booty, brocante or junk. Whatever the moniker, I decide
d to go to a local garage sale this morning, which I hardly ever do anymore as they just don't result in the finds of years long past. However, I did check the paper this morning and noticed that this particular sale was being held at a friend's house who owns a fabulous antique shop, where I am a member of the frequent buyer's club~lol! She does these sales once a year or so and she really has a great eye and lots of French off I went in the pouring rain to check out her stash. Everything was wet and the sign out in front said "Sale canceled until noon or rain stops". Everyone was just about to leave (this was at 8 a.m.) and the rain let up for about 15 minutes, so she let the faithful bargain seekers have at it! Some of my finds are keepers, some projects and some will go on the website at Shabbyfufu once ready. Here are some of my tattered treasures:

A trio of vintage wicker hat stands. I LOVE these and happen to collect antique bonnets and vintage hats, so they may be hard to part with, but I will probably break down and put at least one or two for sale on the website.

Antique French plaque and print from the early 1900's. These are genuine old pieces, a bit tattered...just how I prefer things:-). These will be offered on the website, perhaps this week if time permits.

This fragment was part of a broken French lighting sconce. I have already removed the lighting and know just what I plan on using the fragment for. Will post pix later on of the project that I have in mind once completed!
This Antique wedding gown has oodles and oodles of the best net lace and ruffles galore! Dare I say that it will be cut and utilized for my Shabbyfufu dress form (mannequin) projects and perhaps a lampshade or two?

My older daughter is a fledgling photographer (quite good actually:-) and I just started her on a collection of antique and vintage cameras for display purposes only. These were great finds at $2 and $5 each!

I just couldn't resist this retro bit of vintage kitsch! Commonly referred to as a "T.V. Lamp" from around the 50's, and with the seashells and flamingos I just had to have it! If you have ever seen my website logo with the flamingos, I do collect them....this might be fun to put on the patio.

Saving what I think is the best for last....this old French bed that is gilded and ornate, yet tattered and shabby fabulous! I believe that it's a full size and is complete with the foot board and the rails. I am not sure what will become of this one.......tons of possibilities for projects. I might make it into a bench, fireplace screen or shelves~will need to ponder for a bit.

I hope that you have a great weekend, and will talk to you soon~
XO~ Janet


  1. Hi Janet, what great finds, sometimes it pays to stand in the rain! I went to an estate sale today too and found a few treasures so apparently the karma was good today for shopping! xo, suzy

  2. We all would agree that little trip paid off! I love the vintage hat stands, the colours are my favourites. The bed must be spectacular, can't wait to see what you do with it all. Good on you Janet, a few projects there for Mr. Shabyfufu I should imagine. Good luck with your coming events, look forward to finding out about them.

  3. Janet, lucky you with the sale!
    Lots of treasures.

  4. Oh Janet! Just look at ALL your goodies!! I am green with envy!LOL!
    Your stash is so sweet~I LOVE everything you bought! I'm sure after the fufu touch some of these things will be so hard fro you to part with!! xo tutti

  5. P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend!:)

  6. See I wasnt kidding when I said that I love your taste... fab finds indred... I LOVE that round picture frame ...and the bed... I too cant wait to see what you do with it... I am sure it will be exciting though


  7. You have some great finds Janet! I love the shape of the hat stands. Good thing the rain let up for just a bit :~) Happy New Year! Jen

  8. OMG..I love the goodies
    and when I saw that TV
    lamp..I remember the
    one my mom had when
    I was young..and I was born
    in 1955
    How nostalgic it made me..tis fun!!!!

    thanks..for sharing..deena

  9. Wow Janet, that is treasure box full of goodies, it's a good thing you decided to brave the weather. Don't you just love when that happens?
    I wanted to stop by and say hello this evening, I've been popping around blogs and having a blast.
    I love your cute lil flamingo and seashell piece, what a find!

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  11. You luck! Janet your finds are gorgeous!!

    Hugs! Nancy

  12. Yep...I always find the best stuff when it rains. (cuts down on the competition) :)

    Love the hat stands!

    Kimberly :)

  13. When it rains it pours...pours fabulous bargains!!! what lovely finds...and that bed-yummy!!!

    kari & kijsa

  14. SCORE!! What a great bunch of finds...I went out to the fleamarket, but all I got was W E T!

    (okay, one fabulous French lamp!) So I am living vicariously through your delicious finds til next time.
    xo Lidy

  15. Hi Janet,

    I hope the new year is treating you well!

    I just love all your new are one lucky girl! :)

    Siobhan xoxo

  16. Janet, you definitely got a Pirate Booty. Love it all. I am going to check out your site right now and see what new treasures await us faithful shoppers.


  17. Hi Janet!I havent said hi forever! Hope your doing well. Love all the treasures. Love your blog :) Talk soon, xoxo Kimberly