Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Bit Of This And A Bit Little Of That

This post truly is a bit of this and that, lots of bases to cover and release from my overtaxed brain!

First I want to thank everyone who left a comment or emailed about t
he Romantic Country photo shoot. I am truly humbled by the opportunity, and it was a wonderful experience.....so THANKS:-). More news hopefully to come from me on that issue when I can. It promises to be a FABULOUS read, as we all know that Fifi will be outdoing her first issue as editor with beautiful pages to behold.

I hope that everyone had a great LONG weekend with an extra day to do whatever. We decided to head up to our beach home on Saturday morning to meet up with our girls, while they had an extra day off from their college classes. Little did we know when we were fortunate to nab that place a few years back that our girls would be attending college on the north side of our "meeting place", and we would be able to rendevous~works out just great. It was cocooning weather even down here in the sunshine state with a storm passing through, and the only ones that were brave enough to be out on the beach were the surfers. I hope that you guys were watching out for the sharks!!

We came back early Monday as Mr. Shabbyfufu had to work, and I spent most of the day organizing and putting away (finally!) the Christmas decor that we had out for the Romantic Country shoot. I definitely DO NOT want to see those items until next year!

Remember the antique French bed that I purchased (for a song!) that is blogged about in a previous post? I finished that project, or at least part of it....and wanted to share. Mr S. was kind enough to indulge my vision, as he is often known to do....and cut the headboard to size to fit in front of our bedroom fireplace mantel (hope that I spelled that correctly Barbara!). Then I went to work with lots of layers of paint, and here is the end result.

I really LOVE the way that it came out~what do you think? Notice the little CROWN on the top~fit for a queen's boudoir~lol! I still have the footboard and have another vision for Mr. S......and if it comes out the way that I feel it will, on to the website at Shabbyfufu it will go.

Our customers and friends have been asking for more items....we have posted a few, including some gorgeous hand painted china from Farnaz (need a spot for your reading glasses?), Valentine cards and tags from our talented Pastelle Paperie artisan Julie, Mosaic pieces from Elizabeth, lighting from Kristen... and check out the old concrete cherub from Laura. We have some exciting news on the horizon about new pieces.....will let you know soon! By popular request, more of our Shabbyfufu Nighteas will be on the website sometime this weekend.

Last bit before I head out the door.......how brave are you? Do you have any children at home that are between the ages of 6~18? Do you love to pamper yourself and perhaps want to make a kook $20k and be on a major TV show? I was contacted by a producer at the wildly successful show WIFESWAP asking me if I knew of anyone~customer/friend who might be interested. A bit of the email:

I am a Casting Producer for ABC's Wife Swap. For our 4th season, we are looking for girly-girl moms that love to pamper themselves and their children! I am emailing you because we often find some of our best families by emailing businesses that cater to the demographic we are looking for.

Let me know if you want to be considered~with your name and a phone number (cell # is fine) and I will post the info along to her. You can contact me through the website CONTACT US page......rest assured that your info will NOT be shared with anyone else.

Have a great day.......
~XO~ Janet


  1. Hi Janet
    Sounds like you're getting organised, the break away must have done you the world of good. Loved what you've done with the bed end, it's absolutely perfect, looks like it was made to order. Your new goodies on the website look delicious I must go over for a visit. The show sounds like fun, pity my kids are to old!!

  2. Janet I love the bed!! You always do such an amazing job with painted furniture!

    I'm off to peek in the store. ;o)

  3. Janet the headboard is stunning. Your store is always stocked full of unique and beautiful finds. What a week? One shoot is tiring enough, but a double shoot?! complete with Christmas decor to take down and Spring decor to put up? I should have hopped on that plane to Miami to help out! Hilarious about wife swap, I would love to see one of our shabby friends on the show!~xo

  4. Janet just love the bedend.
    Oh a shabby chic Mom on wife swap. That would be so mmm.. let me think interesting.

  5. I love your headboard. Wishing I had a beach house, :)


  6. Janet,

    What a fabulous job you did with the headboard... how clever and creative you are.. Love all the goodies you acquired for the website... wonderful treasures that I am sure someone will be most happy to own



  7. The headboard is to die for!

  8. Janet,
    Ooh, that headboard is so lovely, as is everything you do. I will be checking back for the night teas.

    Regarding the Wife Swap, they'll put that darling fufu woman who loves pampering her children/husband/home with the complete opposite kind of atmosphere! Eww, I'd rather shop at Shabbyfufu!

    I'm going to look at the shop for now!

  9. Love the french bed !
    Sandra Evertson

  10. that bed turned out great!
    And they would have to pay me ALOT more to be on wife swap.