Friday, January 25, 2008

Marathon Man

Just a quick post to say HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, and to wish my sweetie (aka "Mr. Shabbyfufu"!) a great run in the Miami Marathon on Sunday. He will only be doing the half marathon this year, not that he is slowing down with the gray hair and all......but been there and done that a few times and he doesn't want to wear himself out too much. After all, this is Miami and it's often VERY hot and muggy down here. I couldn't possibly keep up with him and never have been able to, but I do try and get my exercise in too when time permits. GOOD LUCK ol' blue eyes!

I am going to try and post a Friday Shoppe Talk (obviously on Fridays) when I can, since I know that some of the Shabbyfufu customers do read this blog, as well as my other bloggy friends.

I have been working on something exciting this week, but I don't want to let out of the bag just yet:-). It's put me behind on the website once again, but a fun project.

We are going to be working on new NIGHTEAS this weekend, so look for a FRESH BATCH coming perhaps late on Sunday. Also will be posting some china and other finds either then, or early in the week....and hopefully some Shabbyfufu Studio creations that I have been just itching to get to. Only so many hours in a day!!

Lots of love to all......
~XO~ Janet


  1. Good Luck Mr Shabbyfufu!
    I'll be looking forward to Fridays Janet.
    Your night lights are wonderful, I'm loving mine. Trust you to come up with such an Original idea, I'd never seen them before I found them on your website, when did you first start making them? Have a lovely weekend, it's a long weekend here for us - "Australia Day" big celebrations in our area!

  2. Good luck to Marathon Man, that's quite an accomplishment, being in that kind of shape.

    Janet, I am such I fan, I got up at 6:30 a.m. my time to see if the Nighteas have been added yet! I certainly understand about time constraints - I really wish I didn't need to sleep. Aah, the things I could get done...

    Can't wait to see the new project, how exciting.

    I'll check back Sunday - don't work too hard.


  3. Good luck to Mr. Shabbyfufu
    Cant wait to see the new goodies ...will look forward to Fridays



  4. How neat Marathon Man! Do you run the mini in Indianapolis? That is a goal of mine.

  5. HEY Janet How did Mr.Fufu do??? I can't beleive I missed saying GOOD LUCK to you for him!! Even a 1/2 Marathon is quite an accomplishment-the only way I can run is on a treadmill!!LOL!!!xo chris