January 13, 2008

Photo Shoot

Okay ladies....the cat has been let out of the proverbial bag so I can now safely spill the beans about something that I have known about for sometime now and held quiet:-). The fabulous Fifi O'Neill (editor of Romantic Country Magazine) is coming into my home town of Miami today to spend a few days with me, and I am so looking forward to meeting the gal who is a muse to so many who embrace the romantic lifestyle! She had contacted me awhile back requesting photos with the possibility of doing a photo shoot of my home. Of course I feel honored and extremely flattered to have been selected for a shoot, since she has such a keen and amazing eye. I have had a number of projects in the press over the years, but not my home itself.....so this will be an adventure no doubt to relish and enjoy.

Although we have been organizing, arranging and prepping for a couple of weeks now~I am SURE that we aren't ready! Today will be for setting up any further details, with a Christmas shoot scheduled for Monday (for next year publication) and then house shoot on Tuesday.

My husband and I will be getting a double dose of French chic~as Fifi's talented (and I am sure equally as sweet:-) sister Sylvie just came in from France and will be joining her. Dan Mayers and his assistant will be flying in from New York tomorrow, and I truly can't wait to pick up whatever photography tips I can pull from a master. I am keeping my finger's crossed that the weather will cooperate, as tropical Miami is known for it's balmy ocean breezes and sunny days in the winter. Fifi penned that she is looking forward to some hot Cuban food, so a run to Calle Oche may be in the cards. Have a safe drive across Alligator Alley sweet girls~the coffee is on and we eagerly await meeting you both in person!

Stay tuned for more later on......and have a wonderful and sunny day and week ahead~whatever mother nature brings your way! XO~ Janet


  1. How fabulous and exciting!! Your scouting photos of your home are so lovely. The article will be great! xo, suzy

  2. LOL!! I know I have been bursting with this news, so since the cat has been let out...I can shout YAY JANET! Your beautiful home is so deserving, have fun, can't wait to hear all about it! Give Fifi a hug too~xo

  3. How exciting! I can't wait to see the photos. I'll stay tuned for certain! Congratulations!


  4. What wonderful news! Congrats Janet. A meeting of FiFi and FuFu -it is sure to be inspirational when that issue comes out! And to top it off, a vist with FiFi's sister. I am willing to bet that you are in for a really fun time!
    Best Wishes,
    a vintage whie - coming soon!

  5. How could you keep that quiet? LOL

    I'm excited for you ... I know you will have a lot of fun. Your home is beautiful so try to relax and enjoy the process.


  6. Janet,
    I knew it! :) I am soooooo thrilled for you! After all these years of knowing you through ebay and your website, I have never seen your home, so this will be such a treat! Congrats!

  7. Oh how wonderful for you.
    How much fun it will be to have Fifi and her sister coming to do the shoot.

  8. Oh Janet how exciting and fun! Congratulations, such wonderful news! You must be so excited AND nervous!

    Shannon :)

  9. Dear Janet, Congratulations! I cannot wait to see your home..I know it's going to be gorgeous!


  10. Hi Janet, I think you may be in the middle of things as I'm writting! I can't wait to see the article, you're teasing us with just those few photos. CONGRATULATIONS!!
    XO Gail

  11. I love your pictures! That china cabinet and your bed are just beautiful!

  12. My goodness! What exciting news! I can't wait to see what is in store! Yay for you!!
    Southern Lady's Vintage

  13. Oh, how exciting! Your home is so beautiful. I can't wait to see all the photos!
    Have fun and enjoy the day!

    Kimberly :)

  14. Hi Janet,

    A big congrats and I can not wait to see your home, im sure it is just perfect!

    Make sure you take lots of pics your self as well and keep us posted.

    Siobhan xo

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  16. I have been waiting for this post because I had read about it somewhere on someone's blog... might have been FiFi's ..... Congratulations to you!!! How exciting!!... I know you must be on pins and needles... now we have to wait a whole year to see the issue!!



  17. Janet that is sooo exciting! It couldn't happen to a nicer gal. :)

    Can't wait to see the finished project!


  18. Janet ~ That is so exciting !!! woohoo !!! I can't wait to see more !