Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romantic Country Photo Shoot

Mentally and physically exhausted would be an understatement, as the
double duty photo shoot of my home (2008 Spring issue and 2008
Christmas issue) has come to what we think is a successful completion.

I can't remember the last time that I took a 2 hour nap unless I was sick
or had a migraine, but I could not stop myself from indulging in such a
luxury today!

The Fufu and Fifi shoot went pretty much as scheduled, and has been
an incredible learning experience and utter joy for me in so many ways.

First, the fabulous Fifi O'Neill is every bit what you might imagine h
er to
be! She is a petite darling, a wisp of a free spirit that has boundless
energy and a style unlike anyone that I have known in my years on the
planet. I thoroughly enjoyed our time chatting about decorating,
business, people, upcoming projects to work on, and our respective life
experiences. Fifi's sister Sylvie is equally as petite, with her personal
style reflecting the tailored elegance that you often see in the cafe's in
Paris~although Sylvie resides in Provence. She is a charming woman
who quietly spent the days creating her lovely needlework pieces while
sitting by my pool, relaxing and trying to stay out of the way of the hustle
bustle. It was a pleasure to meet photographer Dan Mayers and his
quirky assistant, who were the consumate professionals and whose
work I have long admired. He was gracious enough to teach me a few
photo tips when time permitted, for which I am extremely grateful.

Although our visit was brief, Claudia Strasser of the chic website, blog
and book The Paris Apartment met us for coffee this morning. Another
petite doll with apparent over the top boundless energy that is awe
inspiring! Claudia is what we Floridian's would affectionately call "a
snowbird"~wintering in Miami, and hopefully we can get together again

Other than stating that my colors are white, pink and aqua....I am somewhat sworn to
secrecy about the shoot as far as photos go,
so hang on and see what Fifi has in store for Romantic Country
magazine with the upcoming issue and those ahead. Enjoy the
photos......I will post more photos soon as time permits........until later~

~ XO~ Janet

Fifi and Dan going over countless and endless details. They are both perfectionists to the max and work together like a finely tuned auto! Mr. Shabbyfufu is trying to garner a few pointers in the background:-)

Moi, and sweet Fifi......
The tiny waif makes me (at 5'6") look Amazonian in comparison, but I forgive her:-)

The elegant Sylvie having a smoke outside.....(aka"making a phone call":-)

The camera equipment takes up an entire room!

My tired self, Claudia and Fifi.......three chatty divas (excuse the poor lighting)


  1. Oh Janet it sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. Wow that cigarette of Sylvies is a long one.
    So wonderful that you all got to enjoy each others company as well as work, work, work.
    I must try and find out where I can get copies of the Romantic Country magazine in Australia.

  2. Looks and sounds like a fabulous time! How wonderful to meet Claudia too. Sylvie seems like a doll and is just as beautiful as our Fifi! Dan is the best photographer, what a great combination of perfection. This shoot is going to look so beautiful in print (both issues!) can't wait to hear more about...take a hot bath and we'll chat soon!~xo

  3. Janet,
    LOVE THE PHOTOS!! Thanks for sharing. It will be so great to see the SPRING issue, as that would be fairly soon! I just cannot imagine the excitement!

  4. What a wonderful experience!! Your home is lovely, and it would have been so exciting to have them in your home!I buy the magazine all the time, cant wait to see it!!

  5. How Exiting!I love Claudia she is the sweetest! I hope they got some great pics of your "fufuilicious" dress forms, they are so amazing! Cant wait to see the upcoming issue! Kimberly:)

  6. It must have been an incredible learning experience.

    I can't wait to see the magazine issues!! I'm sure everything will be stunning.

    Hugs! Nancy

  7. I am so happy to hear that all went well with the shoot, but then, how could it not with such talent involved! I am anxious to see it all in print! You deserve a rest, abut then hurry back to creating fabulous things for your site!

  8. Janet ~ What a great time it looks like you had ! I would love to meet Fifi sometime ~ I can't wait to see the photos !

  9. OH, wow! How exciting for you to be featured in Romantic Country! I can't wait to see it! Thanks so much for the compliment on my work, I really appreciate it!


  10. Oh Janet, you've managed to pass the wonderful atmosphere in your home all the way down here to me in Australia! I'm so excited for you, it was wonderful to put faces to names. No wonder you are exhausted, I know how long and hard you've been working on this, I can't wait to see it all in print, Romantic Homes mag is available here, only thing is it gets to us a few weeks later...makes sure you have a few more of those well deserved naps.

  11. I can't wait to see it all! Congratulations!

  12. Hello! This is the first time I am visiting your site...yet I had already read the buzz about your photo shoot! And now I get to see your impressive.

    What a great day you must have had. I will definitely be looking for those issues!

    ~ Jillian

  13. WOW how fabulous for you to spend time with Fifi! I can't wait to see the issue!

  14. Oh Janet, what fun! Thanks for sharing the behind-the-scenes-photos - my fav. :) Can't wait to see these two issues....


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  16. Oh Janet, what an exciting time for you. I adore the pics of your home that are here on your blog and am waiting anxiously to see the feature article. You and Fifi look amazing in that picture too!

    I am thrilled to pieces for you and I'm sure everyone is going to be drooling of the photographs of your beautiful abode.

    It must have been absolutely exhausting to shoot for two seasons, but if anyone can do it, it's you!

    I admire you and from the bottom of my heart congratulate you on what is going to be two outstanding features. I can't wait to see them.


  17. Hi Janet,
    Great photos, can hardly wait to see the finished products, but it's great to have something we all know will be so lovely to look forward to times two!

    Fifi's a small bundle of energy & ideas, so nice you were able to visit with her sister as well (well visit and work...)

    I'm new to your blog, love it.

  18. Hi Janet,
    Congratulations on the upcoming magazine articles on your beautiful home! Can't wait to see all the pictures. Its fun when you see someone you know being featured in the magazine you are reading. Two great talents together FuFu & Fifi & I know the end results will be worth the wait!

  19. What a fun experience! I'm glad you had a good time.
    Those pictures of sunny Florida are making me itch for a vacation!

    Can't wait to see the article when it comes out.
    Kimberly :)

  20. Your home looks so beautiful. I can't wait to see it in the magazine!

  21. Congratulations! What an honor! I luv, luv, luv the Eiffel Tower tags posted on FiFi's blog. Where did you get them (or did you make them?). My 13-year old daughter & I are going to London & Paris for the first time this spring and I would love some tags like that for her. Again, congratulations!

  22. Janet! I have missed so much being on vacation! It's about time your shabby fabulous home was in a fav magazine! Looks like it was fun & believe me I know how exhausting a photo shoot is!! Dan did my backyard & I thought I was going to collapse afterwards!! He is SO professional & so very nice-his photos will do your pretty house proud! Congrats to you & I absolutely can NOT wait for you to be featured!!! REST now my friend!! Just back from vacation-have I told you how much I adore southern FLorida??? lucky you living there full time! xo tutti

  23. How do I get a subscription????

  24. I love this web page! I found it just by chance.... I'd like to know how can I get Romantic Country mags issues from here ( Uruguay) South America. If anyone can help me , I'd really apprecciate that. I just got a couple of them on my last trip overseas. Thanks, Liggia

  25. I love "Romantic Country" magazine.
    I mean I love it! I receive other magazines and look at them once or twice, but "Romantic Country" I go over and over again. Each time I see something I missed. Please don't ever stop publishing this magazine!

    GP, Harrison, AR