Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blissful Birthday

Thank you my sweet friends for the emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you to the lovely ladies on MMP who posted birthday wishes as well. It's true that I am leaving MMP ...but I will miss the friends that I have made there, so don't be a stranger and blog with me!

The day was a quiet one, which was nice. I had to do some of this yesterday:

and will hopefully finish all of the website listings TODAY.

Mr Shabbyfufu came home early for a change, and we went out to a lovely dinner at a favorite restaurant called Papichi. If you can guess what Papichi stands for, I will seriously send you a prize....seriously! Hint....it's an acronym of sorts. In any event, the food is great and the serv
ice excellent. We took Fifi and crew there when she was in town and they all loved it as well.

UPDATE: I just wanted to update that someone indeed did guess what PAPICHI stands for, and will be the recipient of a lovely surprise that was mailed out today! I don't believe that LISA has a blog:
Blogger Lisa said...

Janet ~ Love your blog and read it all the time.

Is the acronym for the restaurant

pasta,pizza & chicken?


February 27, 2008 2:49 PM

I never expect much on my b'day, as my needs are simple and when I do need something I usually buy it for myself. I got lotsa cards, some $$$ from Mom and my F.I.L., phone calls from my darling daughters, and from Mr. Shabbyfufu, these simple pleasures:

I did get this sweet gift from my sister, who had us over on Sunday along with some family members:

And a friend just stopped by unexpectedly on her way to work and brought me this:

My dining room table looks like this today:

So I had better get back to my website listings, as I am in the middle of a bunch of projects and need to finish up!


P.S.........This AMAZING and ever so GENEROUS gift just arrived from my dear Aussie friend Gail McCormack. You are a naughty girl Gail sending me all of those goodies and I will treasure them always! For those who don't know Gail....she is such a talented painter as well as a kind soul.....so please pop in and pay her a visit. You Aussie girls are truly the sweetest, and you make my day when I hear from you.



  1. Such wonderful treasures you have received:-). Happy belated Birthday.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday

    Hope you had a good time

  3. eutyiWhat a fabulous day you had for your birthday. Such gorgeous gifts.
    How lovely of Gail to sened you some of her beautiful work.
    Oh I am loving that dining table. Looks a bit like mine when I am creating.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday... Love all your goodies and the ones from Gail... OMG I just adore her work.. she is such a sweet lady isnt she?

    Now dont work too hard...



  5. Good you had a lovely birthday Janet, I'm so glad you liked my humble little parcel as I did absolutely love yours....bonus for me it wasn't even my Birthday!!...you are such a wonderful unconditional giver I hope you enjoyed being a reciever on your special day

  6. Happy that you had a great birthday. I had hoped that I misinterpeted your MMP Statement on MMP, that you are leaving MMP. But I see I didn't. So sad, but I know you have your reasons. You are such a busy gal. I see you have alot on your plate!! Love your things you do and your artists that you have on your site.
    Have a great week,

  7. Janet ~ Love your blog and read it all the time.

    Is the acronym for the restaurant

    pasta,pizza & chicken?


  8. LISA....you hit it on the nose! Papichi does indeed stand for pasta, pizza and chicken. If you are ever in Miami it's a great place. I can't see your email address or blog profile here....so contact me thru the blog or website and I will send you a little somethin' ~XO~ Janet

  9. Hi Janet,
    So glad to hear your day was sweet. Such nice things you received you fufu princess!
    Now what about that restaurant, hmmm - what could it stand for?
    Gail's art is wonderful and yes, those ladies down under are fantastic!
    I am so glad to see that your table looks like that. My spare room is that and more (more messy!). To think those tidbits on the table turn into a beautiful swan - wonderful!

  10. Happy belated birthday Janet! Simple pleasures are the ones which touch us most deeply. Glad you had such a lovely celebration.

  11. Janet, so happy that you had a relaxing birthday. I was just at your site and was screaming over the fabulous new things you have posted! And then I was screaming even louder when I realized that all the things I wanted were sold out already! Ahhhhh! I guess I am not the only one who loves your things!


  12. Yay for Lisa! One smart cookie. It didn't even occur to me.

    How great she's getting a surprise too - that's very nice Janet. You stand alone girl!


  13. Happy Happy Be-lated birthday Janet fufu! Dinner sounded divine & what lovely gifts! Here's wishing you a 100 more healthy, happy birthdays my friend~xo tutti

  14. Aren't birthdays FUN? :)

    P.s. Saw the Blue Planet the other day at Costco and wondered what it's about....I have the first set and we all loved it here...

  15. What a fun birthday. Glad it was great. xo Rachel

  16. Hello Janet,

    I am so glad you had a wonderful Birthday!!!

    Just wanted to let you know I have handed you an award...drop by to pick it up.

    Lv Siobhan xo

    p.s. I have a few suprises going on over my blog so drop by. xo

  17. Happy belated Birthday Janet. It sounds like it was a wonderful one!


  18. Well, we have a birthday two days away from each other! (mine is Feb.24th!) Hope you had a great great day, Janet.
    xo Lidy