Thursday, February 21, 2008

Easy Peasy Day's Night

I am here ya'll, and things were not so bad with the dreaded arse intervention, with all results just fine. Whew, old Fuff is good to go for the next five years! Seriously though, I have had quite a few emails from peeps who said that they need to go have a colonoscopy for one reason or another but are too scared. It's really not that bad, and they have come a long way since the last one that I had five years back. The meds that you take to flush you out are improved and it's down to a timed that you can have a great sleep the night before (easy peasy:-). The anesthesia that they use nowadays is much better, knocks you right out and you wake up feeling ready to hangover. This morning I went out as usual for my 4 worse for the wear. Sooooo....I sincerely hope that if you read this and are on the go have it done. Colon cancer is a bad wtg, and it's very preventable if you have early detection.

As I said...I really felt fine when I came home yesterday, but the doc said to take it I did lots of nothing and roolaxed. My sweet Mr Shabbyfufu brought me some bo
oks on France that he borrowed from a friend, and I was totally immersed and it's been hard to stop reading them, even today. He knows that I have the itch to go back, it's been a couple of years......but he is too busy working to slip away at this time. We do have a trip planned to Italy and Spain actually fairly soon....really looking forward to that:-).
I thought that you might enjoy a few shots taken from the here you go!

I want to thank my sweet friends who have emailed and/or posted comments~it really means so much to me......XOXOXOXO,

P.S. Will TRY and post a Friday Shoppe Talk tomorrow. Today is packing orders day for shipping, and writing checks to the Shabbyfufu artists day.......and there are some projects that I have to share, and new website offerings on the way.

Talk soon!


  1. Glad to hear everything is good! Phew... I was worried. Your tags will be winging there way to you on Saturday.

    Hugs! Nancy

  2. Happy to hear news was good!!!!! My hubby had one not long ago..& said it was easy peasy from years ago too! Now when I need one.. I am not afraid:)
    I cant wait till my goodies arrive!!!

  3. Glad you're ok. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. xo Rachel

  4. Janet...good to see you back and so glad to hear everything went well... nice to "sit on it" and read a book instead of having the dreaded done LOL...

    Isnt Cedar Key such a nice place? It has changed a little.. they lost the dock to a hurricane and that is being built back up... and a lot of property is up for sale... many folks moving away... sad

    By the way that acorn chandelier.. too die for!! I love all the new treasures... its so much fun to browse your site



  5. Hello Janet,

    I am so pleased to hear all went well and you are on your feet again.

    The books Mr Fufu lent for you look so wonderful.

    Siobhan xo

    p.s. I tried that email address and it bounced back so I used the other one. xo

  6. I somehow missed this post Janet, so glad the results were good, not many testings are comfortable and enjoyable, yet aren't we lucky these tests available to us, years ago there was no such thing....I thank my lucky stars they are now, and it is up to us to be responsible and get our tests done when need be....YUK I know easier said than done, but well worth it...OK, I'll get off my soap box
    once again so glad you are OK and you can breathe easy on that side for another five years...Happy Birthday Dear Janet!!!