Monday, February 11, 2008

Where The Wild Things Are

It's been wild beyond my absolute wildest imagination....that my OWOH has close to 200 entries today! In response to all of the wonderful posts and emails, and happy birthdays that I have received, and also in honor of my 50th post here.......I will be adding on a second prize. It's as yet to be determined, but I will try and make it wonderful in the spirit of giving....something that I have always been a huge believer in for as long as I can remember. Wonderful to see that so many of my fellow blogging friends feel the same way:-).

I need to keep this post brief, as I am working on editing photos for the website with LOTS to list from the recent Buying Trips. We have been stocking up on tons of treasures, and as time permits will adding to the website at Shabbyfufu. BTW....since we always have requests for more of our Nighteas (patent pending), look for a fresh batch tonight~in limited quantities. What
else is coming??? I dug into the supply of china that we have amassed and will be posting lots of odds and ends grouped together in nice lots. We also just finished an amazing new chandelier, and picked up a couple of killer vintage Italian Tole chandeliers.....and lots more. Something new coming from sweet Gail McCormack for our U.S. girls. She is fast becoming the favorite artist of so many. Take a peek at her Blogspot to learn more about this incredible Aussie artist and her EXQUISITE work!

Remember that old childhood classic by Maurice Sendak "Where The Wild Things Are"? With my new camera I was able to capture this WILD and SCARY creature the other evening behind our home. We live on the water, and he (she?) lives underneath the next door neighbor's dock. This is no small about 4 FEET LONG! Sorry for the blurry pic, it was getting dark out and I don't think that I had the right settings.

This WILD THING is our darling six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....not really very wild, but we think he's rather sweet.

If you haven't yet had a chance to look at all of the OWOH giveaways, please click on the link that I posted for it. might spend hours cruising around bloglandia!

Have a great week.....will try and update with my usual Mid Week Musings on Thurs this week to announce the winner (s).



  1. Aww I just want to give that little dog of yours a cuddle. Not the lizard so much though :0)
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  2. There you go again capturing the wild life with your trusty camera at hand Janet, must be wonderful to live on the water. Your website is looking fantastic, I bet your Night teas won't last long once listed, it's a shame you have to go to the trouble of patents.....although I can fully understand why it has to be done! Thanks for the link to my blog and glad the add ons arrived OK.

  3. Hi Janet,
    That looks like an iguana! I had a friend in school who had one - watch out for that tail, it whips! They like grapes & lettuce if you want to make it your new pet!

    I'm so happy I was able to get a nightea for my best-friend, she was on her way home from work and there was no way she could do that from her car - you so made her day and may I say my timing checking your site was impeccable! She saw mine and has been trying to get one ever since - happy girl now.

  4. Hi Janet,

    Your puppy is soooo cute!!!

    Cant wait to see what you have instore from Gail...she is so very tallented! ;)

    Siobhan xo

  5. Janet,
    You are quite the blogger! Your website is as lovely as ever! Count me in for another giveaway!

  6. Yikes! that wild thing. Oh, but the dog is a cutie.

    I'll pop over to your website and see what new goodies you found on the buying trip.

    Kimberly :)

  7. Oh Dear Janet! I'm scared that yucky lizard will eat your sweet pup!!!I'm off to buy a nighttea if I can scoop one up before everyone buys them all!!!:)xoxo congrats on your over 200 posts!YIKES!!!!!!

  8. Oh yes wild Cavvies, we have two of them, Rufus and Millie, so terribly wild! LOL
    Just found your blog, great things on here.


  9. Happy Valentine's Day Janet!
    I received my pillow today & it is BEAUTIFUL, well even better than that.

    My mailman brought it by early (he knows how I like parcels - said it looks like one you'd want early in the morning - he usually comes by at 2:00, so isn't that nice?). I guess he saw that Shabbyfufu sticker and knew it would make my day!


  10. Hey - I have the Wild Thing's little brother on my blog. Oh - and I love that book. It features inmy classroom - a lot.

  11. Omigosh! That is a big 'ol lizard! We used to live in Florida when I was a little girl...and we had the little lizards we called "skinks" and when you picked them up by the tail it came off! Anyway, this picture reminded me of them!

    Love your pretty! And Fu Fu!