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Monday, March 3, 2008

Escape Artist

Every now and again we feel the need to escape, so Mr. Fuffs and I took a nice relaxing three day weekend up at our beach island retreat. It's so quiet there, that we feel like we have some sort of strange relaxing bug...which is something that I could get used to big time! We had company for lunch on Friday with some family in town, and our eldest drove down from college to spend the weekend with us chillin. We did manage to get a nice hike in on Saturday, which was in a nature preserve across the road called Jack Island. It's basically a swampy mangrove with a man made path around the island....not much to see but native birds. I was hoping to maybe run into (not literally!) a gator, but not this time.

Will blog more about awards, biz, and such mid week.....but need to play catch~up today!

What did you do this weekend? I love to read about everyone else's adventures:-)

Talk soon~


  1. So interesting and beautiful. We just did the necessary sports events and other usual planned activities. It's so fun to see others having fun in the sun. Our turn will come. xoRachel

  2. Wow that looks lovely Janet..peaceful... quiet is definitely the key...

    No adventures here.. would love to read about some others though



  3. What a wonderful getaway... sigh Just wanted to say hi, read my fav blog and let you know that I loved the sweet little tags you sent me. Thanks so much. Sunday we took the girls to the park to run around. My oldest played tennis with her dad while her sister ran around the playgroud. Me, I found a nice quiet picnic bench in the sun and read my new issues of Victoria and Romantic Homes. Talk to you soon. Lisa XO

  4. It's great you have your little haven to escape to Janet, very hard to relax at home when home is also your work base. We went out for an enjoyable family Sunday lunch, something we should make time to do more often!

  5. Janet,
    heavy sigh....I wish I had a getaway, but I don't unfortunately! I slaved away all weekend cleaning house - UGGGGHHH, and tagging merchandise for my space. Went to storage and started getting out garden items which customers will soon be asking for. Nothing nearly as exciting as your weekend. It will be nice to get my next box of goodies from you!!! Pretty Easter goodies!!

  6. Well, Here I am....not even too sure how I got here but I'm glad I did! This web stuff is like finding the Emerald city. Your work is just beautiful. I really appreciate the work you have done with the dress forms. Just beautiful.

  7. Oh how lovely to have a sweet retreat to go to.

  8. Glad you had a great time! We went away to the beach too (are we leading parralell lives??)

    It's so nice to be able to spend some relaxing time away, isn't it?

    Xo Lidy

  9. Wow Janet, so glad you didnt run into any gators! Not sure it would have been so relaxing if you did lol. I just had a weekend of early morning treasure hunting, could be worse!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  10. Hi Janet!
    Sounds like a lot of fun, but please don't run into a gator~ no, no!
    So nice you got to visit with your daughter too ~ Nothing like that.

    We did a long weekend too! Sat - Mon in Petaluma so I guess water was the way this weekend for long get-a-ways.

    Watch those gators girl!

  11. I hope to come see your beach house in person one day soon! Sounds like a lovely weekend getaway!~xo

  12. Janet.. Thank you for commenting on my blog about what I know is a rather sensitive subject... the response has been fabulous and I must say greatly appreciated



  13. I enjoyed a day of Spring-like weather and took a hike with my fiance! It was nice until the snow hit today, lol! Love your blog!

  14. Janet, you've been tagged! See my latest post on my blog for details!


  15. Aaaahhhh...sounds like a perfect retreat.

    Nothing too fun around here. I spent the weekend trying to wrap my feeble brain around the concept of HTML. Ugh.
    How I manage to have an online business when I hate computers so much, I'll never know. LOL

    Its still cold here in Ohio, but dreaming of a beach vacation.

    Kimberly :)