Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mid Week Musings ~Half In The Bag

New Teacup Chandelier On The Website Today

No, I am not hungover.....but while taking my daily morning walk today I decided that today needs to be the day for a new handbag. I have been using the same handbag all winter long, and although I have enjoyed carrying it, the zipper became stuck once again....and seems to be too stubborn to let it's tough bite onto the lining go.

Needless to say I don't want my cell phone, keys or (heaven forbid) my wallet falling out while they are "half in the bag", so out it goes with the trash today!
Probably a sign that I should take advantage of the fact that my fashionista daughters are still in town, and will be glad to go shopping with me and my credit card at the drop of a hat (or purse in this case)! We affectionately call the girls the fashion police around here, as they definitely are way more hip than the parents~and often dictate how we are going to look when spending time cruising around with them. Does anyone else out there have a fashion cop in their brood~geeez?!

Here is what makes my bag heavy enough to require a forklift to raise it up to the hook in my

Too fat and also outdated wallet. Now it's not fat with money or credit cards....frankly I can't figure out for the life of me what makes it weighs 2 tons~but out it will go too.

The ubiquitous cell phone~we all have them, and luckily this one doesn't weigh much. Looky who has the place of prominence as my wallpaper:-)

Keys, necessity of modern life....and my Wriskey from Tara, which makes finding them easier.

Humongous sunglass case with my prescription Coach sunglasses that I need for driving (and looking like a Miami girl:-).

Sweet pink Kleenex holder......what can I say~I have allergies!

Large bottle of hand cleaning germicide, I HATE to get sick.

Little vintage beaded " pill purse"depending on the day~perhaps an entire pharmacy is in here.

Three checkbooks.....doesn't everyone have three of these~lol!? One carries my biz checks and my tax resale certificate for when I am website shopping, one is my personal checkbook and then the other our household checkbook.....although in my book~credit card is

Papers, pens, lip glosses, hairbrush and other assorted junkola.

My favorite gum, Orbit Cinnamint for that "Just Brushed Clean Feeling".

So.........if you ever see this girl trotting around Miami with that bag ag
ain, please stop and report her to the police (fashion police that is)!!! Now..........fess up~ WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?

I am honored to have received a You Make My Day Award from the darling Lisa at palepinkandroses
Please stop by and say hi to her when you have a chance!

Will hopefully blog at'cha more on Friday.......lots to say!

XOXO to all of my sweet friends~


  1. Hmmmm - I carry most the same as you Janet - although no checkbooks.  I am a plastic girl all the way - credit or debit!  I have a pen hand sanitizer which is awesome because it takes up almost no space.  I also have a purse-shaped pill box...gotta be ready for those headaches.  My wallet is my favorite as hubby picked it up in Italy and it is gorgeous.  I also have monster trucks and Mentos for the little guy in my life :~)  Have fun shopping!  I have the hardest time finding the perfect purse - hopefully your luck is better :~) 

  2. Hope you and the 'Fashion Police' have fun shopping for that new bag.

  3. I have two fashion police in my life - my step-daughters Katie and Tarah - they're so hip! ;)

    I always carry alot in my purse too - therefore a big hobo bag is always in order. The bigger the better. :)

    p.s. your daughters are adorable!

  4. Yes Janet we have a Fashion Cop living here! My bag is also full of all sorts of "goodies", my purse is bulging with supermarket receipts...why I don't get into the habit of throwing them away I don't know.
    A lovely photo of the fashion police. The new teacup chandelier is just gorgeous...Americian Beauty!

  5. Janet,
    Funny...I just bought myself a new handbag...I finally splurged and bought a wowza bling bling Kathy Van Zealand bag...very hip and pretty! It's very organized, but heavy, and I carry the same stuff as you, but NO cell phone...yep, I am the last person on this earth with NO cell phone...we both refuse to have cell phones and never will! Love my new handbag and be sure to show us your new one! Glad, I don't have any fashion police in our home! LOL, oh by the way, hubby refers to my handbag as a SUITCASE!!

  6. I love the photo of your girls! I am blessed with a 21 yr-old daughter who is my fashion police! I recommend a Kathy bag or a Guess bag - they're our favorites! Also, I don't know if they have Ross Dress For Less where you live, but they carry both brands for much less! Where I live we call them "bags", I think it's fun to see what different parts of the world call them!!

  7. I wish my paurse was so empty! Between wipes and diapers and graham cracker crumbs.. Love the chandelier... Your daughters are so pretty!
    Jen R

  8. Oh my goodness...I have the worst nightmare of a purse right now. It was a ooak artist hand made bag. It is so difficult to deal with. This is good inspiration for me. I have been so afraid I'm going to lose my wallet too.

    O.K. new purse this week.

    Hugs! Nancy

    Your two fashion police look adorable.

  9. Hi Janet,
    So nice to meet you. I have admired your website for months. Can't wait to see your home in Romantic Country. Please stop by and visit sometime.

    LeAnn :)

  10. Ok, first of all, that chandelier is to die for! Gorgeous!

    Isn't it kinda nice to have a good excuse to go shopping? :)

    My purse is way too heavy. Actually, I have a purse in my purse.
    No really. I have a small purse with essentials (wallet, keys, checkbook, phone, pen) but, I put that into a larger tote along with my water bottle, make-up bag, brush, and a thousand other things I can't seem to leave the house without.

    Hope you and the fashionistas have fun shopping!

  11. Hey sweets - I do not carry a handbag - haven't in about 10 years. I went to the Guess outlet while I was still back home (Texas) and found an awsome leather wallet with te signature Guess mark in silver - I carry everything in that. I might have some lip gloss in my jacket or pants or something when I go out - I do have to carry my Wriskey EVERYWHERE!! Are those fabulous, or what? I have like 3 already. I am such a simpleton though, I'll never buy a purse. (Unless the husband buys me a Louis Vuitton Speedy) wink, wink :)
    xoxo Sher

  12. I have the fashion police. I bought (what I thought!) was a darling Pink purse, but the FP shrieked "Mom! no no no!" so still deciding if they are right, or I am.:)
    xo lidy

  13. First Janet,
    Love the picture of your daughters, cute ladies there - great pose!
    Yes, we have the fashion police here too, but I don't care. I still wear my Crocs (yes I said it, my secret's out!) and my daughter says "I don't know why you wear those all the time, they're ugly". Well, I wear them because I flea market, antique hunt, etc. you know! I won't even go into what's in my purse - there's not enough room, but there are receipts from 1882 most likely!
    Show us what the new bag looks like and yes, my daughter will go to the ends of the Earth if I've got my credit cards! So funny - thanks for making me smile.
    (Congrats on the pretty award too and tell the girls, cha ching from my baby girl!)

  14. Oh, yes - treat yourself like the princess you are too sweets!

  15. Oh dont throw it out. Send it to me. I would love to have it. I could have the zipper replaced. If you have it, I will take it.

  16. Im laughing at this post Janet. That was me a few weeks ago with my winter bag. I was busting out all over and went back to my Always relieable Coach bag. Hope you and your Fashionista Daughters found a New Spring purse..

  17. Janet - Are you still out shopping looking for just the right purse, or are your girls keeping you out shopping? Oh, I know - both!

    Gosh, I just heard they had Rachel Ashwell stuff at Home Goods (the good stuff) and I'm so bummed we don't have that in California, are you three there buying everything out?

    I've got an idea too - scary, I know. I think next year all us "girls" should head down to Marburger together for the event and shop to our heart's content which would be quite a lot - please don't (or do) tell me you're going already...?? Wouldn't it be a fun outing?

  18. How utterly devine is that chandelier!! Hmmm would love one of those!!

  19. I adore that chandy!!
    Well I have two teenage daughters, and I must be doing something right! My eldest has stolen one of my bags, and the younger one doesnt say anything about them...I used to work in a department store, in the bag and wallet, and shoes section, so they dare not say anything negative!!
    My wallet is filled with receipts, not money, and my bag is filled with everything, except what I need!

  20. Don't throw the purse out. Simply pull the fabric out of the zipper. It doesn't look to hard to pull. Then simply hand stitch the fabric to the rest of the purse.

    Or send it to me.


  21. Dear Janet, I wanted to congratulate you on writing such a beautiful article for Romantic Country magazine. You wonderfully captured with words Debbie's lovely style of decor.

    By the way, I have no idea how I missed your name when I read the article. Oops! I'm off to edit my "Girlfriends List"!