Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mid Week Musings, Pink Roses And Friends

Mid Week Musings and lots to say......but first on the agenda I hope that everyone is having a nice week so far:-).

This is a busy one here, I posted lots on the website yesterday and sent out a quick Newsletter. Today I NEED to bathe and groom this guy~

as he is a stinkpot and needs to be ready for the onslaught of his "sissies" coming home from college at the end of the week. Really happy here to have the girlies coming home for a week of Spring Break, and spending some time with them.

I was awarded this week by sweet Siobahn of The Vintage Mosaic Boutique with this ~

and I thank you so much for thinking of me:-). If you have to time to visit her blog, she just had a wonderful make over from the talented Cathy of Avalon Rose Design.

I was also tagged by my friend Jennifer of The Old Painted Cottage to list 7 random things about myself, which I will do in a jiffy. If you know Jennifer not only does she have a wonderful website, but she has been doing her "Cottage Of The Month" for a good couple of years now.......and it's a MUST visit:-).

Now I know that I am supposed to pass both of these along....but honestly I think that most of the bloggers that I know have been the beneficiary of both of these....and I hate to leave anyone out. Okie dokie.....that being stated:

Seven Random Facts About Moi:

1. I love peace and quiet and am not a huge fan of big crowds and noisy places. Although I love to travel, it's always great to be back home.

2. The first time that I ever flew, I was 14 yrs young, and my parents put me on a 747 alone to spend the summer with my dear cousins in Paris.

3. I used to get car sick when I was a kid pretty much even just riding around the block. It never stopped me from going anywhere, but was not the most pleasant thing for sure. Th
ank goodness I have outgrown it, but still get tipsy on mountain roads or in a rocky boat.

4. I wore braces on my teeth as adult a few years ago. Second time around, and I am happy that I decided to go for it.

5. I have always been an artist and entreprenuer. I must have been around 8 or 9 years old when I organized a craft fair with a whole group of friends where we used to spend our summers by a lake.

6. I am a pretty good instinctual cook and never follow recipes. I don't like t
o bake though, which is a good thing.

7. I cringe when there is a thunderstorm during the night and have to huddle with my sweetie. We went through Hurricane Andrew and it was a night of sheer terror with glass breaking, our roof flying o
ff and our house destroyed. Something I will never forget and wouldn't want to live through again.


One of the most special and long standing on~line friendships that I
have is with Farnaz Farzad, who does the incredible Porcelain Painting on Shabbyfufu. She is not only extremely talented (porcelain painting is tough to master!) but just a dear lady. She had some company in from Germany, and they went to Vegas. She called me all giddy yesterday to tell me that she found a wall in one of the restaurants at the Mandalay Bay hotel that had 3,500 fresh PINK ROSES on it! Of course being a Rose Painter, she had to take some I wanted to share them with you. She told me that each rose is placed in it's own glass flower frog, and that they are checked and "weeded" daily. Although real....they have no scent, so as not to compete with the smell of the food!

Farnaz and her husband under the Dale Chihuly art glass ceiling at the Bellagio Hotel. I had the pleasure of staying at the Bellagio on our last trip out to Vegas a couple of years back. Worth going in if you ever find yourself in Vegas, just to see Chihuly's work!

Leaving you today with a few of my favorite PINK ROSE collectibles in my home. Have a wonderful day!

A favorite tattered old hand painted rose plate that had been given to me by my mother (thanks Mom:-).

A huge pink tole tray that if I could be given a dollar for every time I have been asked over the years "is that tray for sale?" I could retire now!

A great old hooked rug that I traded something with a favorite local dealer for. Won't sell that one either~EVAA!

A random collection of rose china that I have been collecting for decades now....on a great shelf by Elizabeth Willhite, who does mosaics for the website.

One of my treasured Victorian rose paintings. I started collecting those quite awhile ago when they were reasonably priced and easier to find....not so much nowadays.

Talk soon~


  1. Dear Janet, thanks for participating in the tag. I really enjoyed learning more about you.

    I had no idea that your home was destroyed; I can't imagine how devistating that must have been.

    And it was no surprise to learn that you started out as a young entrepreneur. You're one of the most talented people I know, and you were definitely a pioneer in your online business. I remember your website was one of the first I ever saw, and you continue to amaze me.


  2. HI Janet it has been fun getting to know more about you through the Tag game.

  3. Oh my ... I would love one of everything... so goodies for me to admire eh? I am going to have to take a look at the site tonight... and make up my wish list..

    I love the meme's you posted... I think that is one of the funnest tags.. because you get to know so much about a person through them...

    I dont blame you about the hurricane business either...

    A few years back.. when I was down in FL with all those strings of hurricanes ALL BY MYSELF!! uggh .... I went through all that stuff and three days of no electricity... my first time evah and I hope my last... pretty scary stuff indeed...

    Ok I must go sew.. or maybe read a magazine ... no sew... but its so nice out...paint???

    ok well something then..



  4. At least you can lift your little doggie into the laundry sink or bath our Aussie bulldog is slightly too heavy for that which makes bath time a big chore! Congratulations on the awards, I enjoyed reading your random facts. I absolutely love Farnaz's work, I often admire it on your website. I can't believe the wall of roses, 3,500??? how??? I'd have to slip a few into my pocket on the way out! I've noticed your pink vintage tray in some of your photos Janet, of course I love it and your other rosy goodies.
    Will email you soon

  5. Hi Janet,
    Poor puppy having to get cleaned up, but will feel better later - we need to do that with our "puppy" too.

    Gee, I wish my parents would have put me on a 747 to Paris, I did get to take a 727 to Victorville, CA though (hehe!).

    Love the roses, I had to read the 3,500 twice, thank you for sharing that and to Farnaz as well - her work's beautiful.

    ...And the best for last, your daughters' coming home - oh what fun and something to truly look forward to at the end of the week.

    You certainly deserve the You Make My Day Award, it's always lovely to come here and to the website. Kind of "Calgon Take Me Away" time here!
    Happy night!

  6. Lots of pretty pink rose things; thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Wow, I can't imagine going through a storm like that Janet! I guess the only bad thing we have to put up with here is snow.

    Love all the roses in this post! :)


  8. Hi Janet ~ Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I presented you with the "You Make My Day Award". Your blog is beautiful and always has something to make me smile. Thank you. If you get a chance stop by my blog.

  9. Hey janet,
    What a lucky Puppy getting some grooming. They always smell and feel so much better when they are done dont they!!
    My boy's go to the groomer and I love giving them cuddles when I pick them up, last time Sonny had a pink banner around his neck when I picked him up they must have known it's one of my fav colours!! LOL although I dont think it's a very manly colour shade for him!!
    have a great weekend

  10. Ok so I came back... I checked out your site and of course everything is gorgeous as always and sold already as always...

    And I must say your puppy is a little darling befitting the fuf family... too cute!

    Love the wall of roses which I forgot to mention

    And .... how nice to have some time with family




  11. Hi Janet,

    I just wanted to let you know that I did receive your email, but for some reason, every time I try to reply it gets bounced back to me. You can get in touch with me at avalonrosedesign at