Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mid Week Musings~Therapy Session

It's at times like this that I am so appreciative that I have always had my art to turn to. I have been in the studio most of the last couple of days working on something that has been a passion for my creative spirit over the last seven or eight dress forms. I consider myself a mixed media artist.....for those who don't know, I was schooled in the arts (many moons ago!) and have done just about it all from painting to pottery to fabric creations and even weaving~all of which I taught as well, back in the days before having children. So with that as my roots in the art world, I don't know what it is about creating these "ladies" that I love so much? I just know that when I get started on one of these mannequins I really get in the zone, and if the house burned down around me I might not notice or even care! In any event......these two chics are finished except for their stands, and then they need to be named~which my sweet older daughter loves to help with. Watch for them on the website probably late this weekend.....along with whatever else I can get muster up in my "therapy sessions" in the studio!

P.S........I have several extra copies of ROMANTIC COUNTRY available for purchase. I won't put them on the website, but if you want to buy a copy~contact me with your email address and I will be happy to send a Paypal invoice. I can ship internationally.......just let me know.



  1. One word, Gorgeous!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Fufu ladies!

    Love you mama, roonsie

  3. Janet, your dress forms are dreamy. I just sat and stared at them for hours... :)

    p.s. can you email me your address?


  4. Really? You have a copy of that magazine! I've been looking all over. Email me!


  5. Love the ladies Janet, great to hear you were in heaven creating shows!!

  6. Fabulous just fabulous dress forms!
    The prettiest around!


  7. As always, Janet~ beautiful.

    You're one-of-a-kind.


  8. Yes Janet, I understand you diving into your "creative self" through a tragedy (especially). It's a form of solitary release, that helps a little bit. This is what made me turn to therapy art - my grandmother's passing. I never would have started making paper items had it not been for that - I was perfectly content without art. Still, Each time I create something, I make sure to ask her (well, you know) if she approves - and I hope she is proud of me. She would have shed tears of joy to see my tag in Romantic Country - I missed her words of praise. All I could think was "She isn't here to share in this with me"....But anyway. It's a part of life.

    The dressforms are GORGEOUS - They are just divine. You make the MOST beautiful ladies! Almost as if they could come to life and have a spot of tea and a bit of a chat! I've been thinking of you alot my dear -know that I am wishing you peace sweetie - you are treasure :)
    xo Sher

  9. HI Janet thatk you for your sweet words on my blog.
    Love those dress forms.

  10. janet, they look Gorgeous!! Super stunning!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon, time does help sweetie.

  11. Janet,
    As usual....your dress forms are so exquisite.... Lately I have had many people comment on the dress forms (plural!!) I have purchased from you in the past...they are simply awesome. I do hope that you are dealing well with your loss - take each day one at a time...
    Your article in Romantic Country was super!

  12. Janet,
    I just wanted to drop by to say I hope you have a relaxing and creative weekend. I am keeping you in my prayers during this difficult time. Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  13. Beautiful... So sorry to hear about your brother.

  14. Just wanted pop over and introduce myself. Sorry I caught you during a difficult time. I am new website is The Pawsh Poodle Boutique. I have admired your work in the magazines and your newest creations are divine. Hope you can stop by my grand opening on April 5 and feel free to visit my blog anytime.

  15. Oh my Janet!
    These are stunning!!

    Blessings to you sweet one.


  16. Hi,
    I thought my blog might be of interest to you

  17. I have to say I only have one word for your dressforms... breathtaking... I sit here and im getting giddy wow I adore them!!
    thanks so much!
    Vic xx