Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shabbyfufu Shoppe Talk

For a time I was doing a Friday Shoppe Talk, but since life has been a bit off kilter as of late I decided to post this today.

Trying to play catch up I have been working most of the weekend on packing and shipping, the dreaded PAPERWORK, paying quarterly biz taxes, and posting new items on the website.....WHEW! In betwixt and between I have been working on a new writing project (more about that later:-) and enjoying some quiet time with Mr. Shabbyfufu. No dinners out or any of that this weekend....but we try and do a Sunday morning breakfast out at our favorite local restaurant whenever we are in town. MAN....they have the BEST grits south of the Mason Dixon!
Back to SHOPPE TALK....the Beach Cottage Chic Boutique has opened, with some mosaic projects both with traditional mosaic and seashell art....always fun to do! Currently I am working on a chandelier for the Beach lover....will post pics of that whenever it's finished.

The "ladies" have been named by my daughter. One is now spoken for and will be headed off to her new Texas ranch home soon (the other still available:-).

A fresh batch of our Nighteas are available....and I am happy to
say that we have invested in some equipment that helps us to automate the process and get more Mr. Fufu!

Our darlin' Pastelle Paperie designer Julie has an entire page of the PRETTIEST new cards

Sweet Kristen has an incredible new floor chandelier to be listed.

The lovely Laura has some new Stained Glass Windows and more on the way.

My dear friend Farnaz (the most talented porcelain painter on the planet!) has had an amazing couple of weeks with orders and has assured me that she is "brushing, brushing" (and I quote!), so if you are one of her fans....please, please be patient. By the way, if you need an OFFICE or STUDIO sign, these have been a mucho requested item and can be painted with any wording that you desire with Worldwide shipping.

I hope that you have a great week........

Talk soon~


  1. Happy Sunday, Janet,
    So many things you are up to!

    It's nice you enjoy the quiet time too with Mr. Shabbyfufu ~ I told my husband about that term and he agreed how sweet it is~ and special.

    I'm going to check out the beach stuff - I'm getting the itch since the weather's getting beautiful here - hope it hasn't all been sold (urgghh!).

    Hmm, and you writing?~ I'm so looking forward to hearing about that when the time's right!

    Well, off to the website I go... as I said before, it's my Calgon time here!

  2. SO good to see you busy & back at it janet after your sadness...I'm off to check out all the new fufu items! xo chris

  3. Janet, the dress forms turned out gorgeous - you are such a talent! Just love all of your wonderful offerings...


  4. Janet,
    After literally a spring snow storm that dumped 5 inches on Saturday and much more today, I was thrilled to snag TWO of your beach items and cannot wait to get them...I think I will put one of them in my newly decorated aqua kitchen!! Your items are truly gorgeous and you know I am a huge fan of yours. Glad you are taking good care of yourself!

  5. Janet,
    Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like you had a very productive and satisfying weekend! All of your things are so beautiful! I just wanted to say you are in my prayers and hope you are comforted. I lost my father two years ago and sometimes I still just cry when I come across something that reminds me of him! I know you are blessed with sweet memories...Take care and have a good week! I'm heading off to peruse your website...Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  6. Hi Janet

    you are a busy little bee arent you!
    I love the idea of Sunday morning breakfast...may have to have a whisper into my dear husbands ear about that one :)
    Ok but i do have to ask what Grits are??? I think ive heard them mentioned in movies, but hmmmm, really not sure there.
    Hope you can enlighten me LOL

    have a lovely week,

  7. Hi Janet,

    Can't wait to check out the new beach stuff. Glad you are doing better. Please come by sometime.

    LeAnn :)

  8. Hi Janet
    Your new writing project sounds exciting, I'm not sure if the packing & shipping sounds so much fun. The brekky must have been a nice little reward. Your new Beach Cottage treasures are fabulous, with the glittering water in the background of the photos who could resist!
    Take care

  9. Janet ~ Love the Beach Cottage Chic stuff, just beautiful. I got my Romantic Country Mag today, thank you. I can't wait to devour it later tonight, once the kids are tucked into bed. Hope your having a fabulous day.

    Lisa XOXO

  10. Hi Janet... I finally got my copy of Romantic Country last week and had a chance to read the article you wrote yesterday... fab job!! Quite a home ... I must say... Lots and lots of roses... I love to see the different sense of style that each person has.. I find it fascinating..

    Glad to see you are getting your creative spirit back... love the ladies...

    Love the shell ... need to check it out..



  11. they have a beautiful blog.
    a their to work are beautiful
    loves greet from germany
    xo andy

  12. Dear Janet, you never cease to amaze me with your many creative talents, and beautiful eye for great treasures.


  13. Janet, always the best treasures to be found at Shabbyfufu! I always love your beach themed pretty!
    xo Lidy