Friday, March 7, 2008

Studio Stuff

Literally I have just a quick minute to wish everyone out in Bloglandia a wonderful weekend! I did a whole buncha cleaning out and organizing in the studio today. It's always a great feeling to get those things accomplished that have been on that nagging "to do list" for awhile.
I am expecting at least one of our daughters home any minute. The other may be driving home tomorrow, as the weather here in Florida has been very driving tonight may not be the wisest thing. I have been informed that they are both kinda sick and need their mama's care........hopefully I won't catch the college crud~fingers crossed!

Friday Shoppe Talk~it was a busy week on Shabbyfufu and all of the artisans (including moi) are so grateful to our wonderful customers, old and new:-). While I was organizing the studio I put together some lots of exquisite trims, papers, and old textiles that will be posted hopefully over the weekend in our Bits and Pieces Boutique. Tons o' Pale Pinks, Whites and Aquas to be found. The last bunch went quickly, this batch is ever so pretty too.

I must run....cookin' up some salmon, brown rice and broccoli to put some good food into the college kids!

Lots of love~XOXO


  1. I will have to go peek...
    I love old paper & trims!

  2. Happy Friday Janet,
    Don't you get sick being nurse. There's nothing like wanting your Mommy when you don't feel well and the meal you've planned sounds very nourishing.

    Can't wait to see the new goodies - I love bits and pieces!

    Have a lovely visit, I'm sure you'll savor every moment.

  3. Janet,
    Me again, love the crown you used for "Inspiring Friends" it is so pretty!
    The gray you used, really stands out nicely.
    :) Tracie

  4. Hope the girlies arrive safe and sound and you all enjoy your week together, good old Mum will nurse them back to health no doubt! Will pop of to Shabbyfufu to see what you have been up to

  5. Just make sure you take care of yourself... cant wait to see the goodies.. if they are anything like the last one they will be lovely indeed...

    My mispelling on the last post should have read fufu family (instead of fuf) sorry about that

    Dont get sick on us



  6. There's nothing like Mom - and her home cookin' - to make you feel all better! :) Enjoy your time with your daughters Janet, hope they feel better soon...

  7. Hi Janet,
    So happy that your daughters will be home this week-end with you even though they are sick. Nothing like being a MOM.
    My daughter and her husband were headed to Destin, Fl yesterday for their kids "spring Break".
    Love the water and the sand dunes there!! We still have 3 ft of snow in the yard, but it is melting and the Pussy Willows are out... There's hope. I need to get some spring cleaning done too.
    You've inspired me.


  8. Janet-hoping that your girls are under their mom's care by now & the weather has calmed down there! you must have been in-line with our awful new england weather on saturday. I thought the backyard was going under water there for a while!LOL! DId the same thing on saturday-moved things arund & deep cleaned(we are talking messy closets here!) have a great week my friend! xo chris

  9. Hello sweet Janet! I can't wait to see your new goodies. Stay healthy!


  10. Hi Janet - I blogged about the gorgeous package you sent me. You'll have to go read it and see the photos. I LOVED the package dear! You are the Queen of Quite Alot. Hope you are doing well sweetie pea - xoxo Sherri

  11. Hey Janet,
    I hope the Gals both arrived safely.
    Nothing is better than a mothers care when you are feeling under the weather, I dont see my mother anymore but I have a super close bond with my Step mum who has stepped into that role.
    Enjoy your time looking after the Gals.

  12. Hi Janet,
    Gosh - I'm off by one day - I thought it was Mid-Week Musings time. I've been hanging with my daughter too long (thought I'd let you know anyway...). Hope you're having fun with your daughters as well!

    Loved your comment about white roses, should have known, you like the beauties!

  13. Hi Janet, there is nothing like mum when you are not yourself! I have my little man home at the moment not feeling himself and guess who is sleeping in my bed??? Hmmm???? I wonder???
    Siobhan xo
    p.s. you deserve the award :)