Friday, April 4, 2008

Flowers & Hope

It's been a rough time lately for my extended family as you may have read in a previous post about my brother's passing. This week my sister had to be admitted into the hospital for a barrage of tests, as she had been having back problems for several months which seemed to be exacerbated by the family stress. After a procedure, all is well with her now I am happy to report, and hopefully she can start getting her life back on track.

I wish to thank a few dear friends for gifting me this week, girls that many of you know well~as they are avid bloggers and internet retailers. My sweet friend Tara of Bel
la Pink~thank you for the gorgeous Vera Wang blue hydrangeas which I can't seem to find the photo of on my computer unfortunately.

Dearest Chris of Tutti Chic~another beautiful bouquet of Vera Wang~pink roses (mixed in with some of my own in the photo~from Whole Foods:-).

My lovely Canadian friend Joy of The Hope Jar for her lovely Hope Jar of Grief, that is filled with inspirational quotes for each day of the month. If you have
yet to visit her website~please take a peek....she has amazing treasures and a great eye for design!

Thank you for the cards and emails, my sweet girlfriends mean a lot to me:-)

What are your weekend plans? I hope that the weather is improving where you reside now that Spring is upon us.

I have several projects on my plate to work on, but first I am going to tackle some Spring Cleaning of my CLOSET....which has been sorely needed for about 2 years now! Who needs 1,000 old t~shirts (not really that many, but it sure looks like it!) and at least 5 pairs of jeans that unfortunately will no longer zip? Off to Goodwill it will all go.....with times being tough for so many it's a great place to shop (and donate to).

I am excited to be working in tandem with Julie (thank you for the gift too Julie:-)~our Pastelle Paperie artisan.....on a special order for a customer's Bridal Shower, for several of our products. Will post pics of that later on.....the theme asked for is Pink and Black with a French twist. Will also be working on the Chandelier of the Sea, perhaps another Tea Cup chandelier if time allows, and some other projects as time allows.

I also need to bathe and groom the Fufu dog, and hopefully get some relaxing time in with the Mr!

Take some time for yourself this weekend.........and I leave you with this quote from my Hope Jar:

Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow

~Albert Einstein~



  1. Dear Janet... goodness it has been rough for you... I can identify... I took a spill and landed on my tailbone... had a cousin who is like my own daughter that has been diagnosed with cancer of the ovaries...a very fast spreading one... and my oldest daughter who is experiencing a lot of the same symptoms but so far they have been unable to find the root to the problem

    I hope you take some time to relax and I wish you and your family well...



  2. Sweet Janet,
    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! I hope to have a relaxing day today and on Saturday, the official birthday. So glad to hear your sister is better and doing well now. I definitely can relate to projects, I may work on a few this weekend. The weather is still NOT cooperating and I so wanted to do some gardening, it would do me some good, but don't think that will happen. Thanks for such a lovely blog and website!!!!

  3. Janet~I am SO happy to know you are finally enjoying your roses my friend! I thought they would never get there to make you smile & to know I was thinking of you during this time. SO glad your sister is doing well after her procedure~when it rains it pours doesn't it? Stay strong & read those beautiful inspirational quotes everyay & know that you are loved by so many! xo tutts

  4. Hi Janet,
    My goodness i hope your sisters back will be ok. I can sympathise there as i have actually had back surgery and still have pain. Its no fun at all. Poor love.

    How comforting is it to have such sweet friends who care for you so much. The Hope Jar from Joy is just gorgeous. I have seen them b4 and really must get one for myself...this gal definately needs some inspirational words !

    I love the quote you have left us is so true.

    I wish you a happy and beautiful weekend with your FuFu family and happy doggy FuFu washing!

    Shannon :)

  5. Dear Janet,
    I am happy to hear things will be okay with your sister. You have so many people thinking kind thoughts your way. My those roses are lovely, such a pretty color!

    The chandelier you spoke about sounds lovely. I understand what you mean about closets, ick - I still have one I haven't tackled and it's turned into a monster.

    Happy weekend to you and Mr. Shabbyfufu. Love the Einstein quote, so true.


  6. Janet,
    Sorry to hear about your rough week but glad to know your sister is doing ok. Hope you can have some well deserved time for you and hubby this weekend. Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  7. Janet, so glad to hear your sister is doing well... :)


  8. Dear Janet - the Roses are beautiful from Tara & Chris. Those are my favorites - the Vera Wang. My husband gets me those every year for my Birthday - the sweet Lavender color. My favorite!
    I am thankful your sister is on the mend - my prayers go with her.
    Joy is a treasure - she is a wonderful woman with a wonderful heart - I am proud to call her friend. The hope jar is probably one that I need to get myself. How thoughtful of her, how kind she is.

    Chandelier of the Sea? my goodness that sounds simply stunning. The sea/ocean comforts me - each year my grandma and I made our way to Monterrey in CA, and it was breathtaking early mornings.
    Have a wonderful weekend luv, and know that I am thinking of you - Hope for tomorrow - isn't that a wonderful thought? xoxo my dear friend, Sher

  9. Hi Janet,
    Great news about your sister. Stress can affect every part of your body. I hope you have a restful and relaxing weekend.

    LeAnn :)

  10. I'm so sorry for everything your family has had to go through lately.
    We've had a family crisis as of late, too and I know how draining it can be.

    How sweet of your friends to send such beautiful items.

    Definitely take some time for yourself and for projects that bring peace...clearing clutter and organizing always does that for me.

    Take care.
    Kimberly :)

  11. Dear Janet, you've certainly had your fair share of heartbreak. Glad to hear your sister is on the mend. I can see you're getting on with things in typical Shabbyfufu style....full steam ahead, don't forget a little time for you, brekky with Mr fufu is an excellent start!
    take care