Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid Week Musings ~ Sit On It

They say that we spend one third of our lives in bed, but did you ever think of how much time you spend just plain old sitting? Since a big part of what many of us who blog do is just that, I thought that I would share some of the places around my home and garden that I park myself in during the day. I sheepishly admit that I have a chair obsession and if I had the room there would be lots more butt parkers around here! Do you have some favorite chairs to share ladies??? I would love to see where you spend your sitting time!

These kitchen island stools we have had forever, were a gift from a friend of Mr Fuf's who owned the factory where they were made. One of these days I need to make some white linen slipcovers for them....yet another project to get to! This is where I start my the dark with my coffee and newspaper.

The office chair....with my vintage barkcloth slip. No, I don't sell them on the website~although I have had requests~it's too much work with the arms to do another!

I adore this set of antique French living room chairs and they are soooo comfy! Not sure that I can post too much of this room as it was in THE PHOTO SHOOT that hasn't yet been published.....same with my other fave chair that resides in the master bedroom:-).

This lovely antique French chair was plucked from the trash quite a few years back. I simply covered the seat with some Rachel Ashwell fabric, and it generally sits in the front foyer.

Another chair on the cheap....from the Salvation Army (Salve Galleries~lol!) that I think I paid $20 for. It's covered in white silk!

Comfy family room HUGE leather sectional. Since it's the family room, they all had input that it couldn't be too foofy. It's done in a beach cottage style with some French antiques....eclectic, but it really works.

A chair that is not my style, but it's been in the family (on Mr. Fufu's side) for several generations~so I can't touch it. Pretty color needlepoint....

Finally some outdoor favorite places to sit. An old wicker set on the patio, garden "thinking" bench, and a small patio that is down by the water in back of our house.

I hope that you SHARE YOUR CHAIR with us!

~Talk Soon~


  1. Wow Janet, I love your office chair - the barkcloth on it is gorgeous! And that last pic of the patio set is too chic!

  2. You certainly do have a wonderful collection going there Janet. I love your outdoor setting, your Office Chair is my favourite I think. We have a lovely scrolly outdoor setting, we have quite a few stools which you could class as butt parkers! I'll take some photos today so I can share my chairs with you

  3. Janet,
    I love your big comfy french chair, that is the style of my living room! I will have to see if I have a photo of my 2 fav chairs at home! Fun to see all yours!

  4. Well missie, I've been thinking about doing a chair/slipcover blog so now you have really prompted me to get to it. I love your office chair slipcover! Everytime I make a slipcover I swear that is it, never again!! But then I find something fabulous at the thrift or yard sale and I'm at it again. Just a glutton for punishment. xo, suzy

  5. I adore the chair cover! Any chance you sell that barkcloth?

  6. Hi Janet,
    I actually thought of doing a post on chairs because I have a chair fetish. In fact a few posts ago, that was the title of my post. I love all of your chairs, especially the barkcloth.

    LeAnn :)

  7. Loving all the seats! chairs... places to fall into... I have one or two favorites but one is hopefully getting slipcovered soon and the other I could actually show you.... there is more but its completely covered in pillows for my website...

    I had no idea you went to college in Gainesville... that place has grown...

    Cedar Key has a fantastic group of artists... it has become a bit commercialized but I think they are trying to bring it back around again... great place...

    By the way you look fabulous for being 200+



  8. Janet... I love your chairs!! I love all kinds of chairs...big.. small...all shapes & sizes... the probelm is.. where to put them all?? lol...My fav of mine is the big comfy Laura Ashley chairs I have in the living room...But you do have a wonderful..(drooling here) collection!!! Its great to see the pics....

  9. Janet,
    I love your French chair and can't wait for the magazine article!! Good job on the slipcover! Aren't slipcovers a pain in the butt?!! I made one for a loveseat...must have had momentary insanity, ha!! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  10. Thanks for sharing your butt parkers Janet (had a huge laugh at the name by the way!!) I too collect waaaay to many chairs but they are so very hard to resist. Will pop a photo of my fav's on my blog real soon
    hugs, Alicia

  11. Must have the French chair!!!
    It is my dream to own a chair or chairs like them some day. Absolutely Gorgeous Janet!


  12. Janet, What pretty chairs. The needlepoint is my favorite!

  13. Hi Janet,
    I love all your chairs - and the teaser about not showing too much because of the magazine. That is so up my alley, I love something to look forward to! I think my favorite is the white wicker (maybe because it's getting warmer here and it looks so crisp, clean and cool).
    Hmm, I'm going to have to look around the little cottage tomorrow and find at least one chair to post. Oh, I know which one!
    Love this post - and I know, my husband has things off limits to me too - it's called "his office"...

  14. A bounty for your booty for sure Janet :~) You really have diverse styles and I bet they all blend wonderfully in your home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Love the "Share your chair" idea. Sounds like fun!! Not sure if I have any that can compare, but I'll get the digital out and start snapping.


  16. Hello sweet Janet!

    I love your chairs, especially your office looks so comfy!

    Im doing some changes around the house this weekend so I will take some pics the next few days of my chairs and pop them on.

    Have a wonderful weekend Janet!

    Siobhan xo

  17. Yes, I have a chair addiction myself.
    I love your garden bench and office chair. And I agree, its too difficult to make slipcovers without the piece of furniture in front of you.

  18. Ms fufu~Your chairs are just YUMMY! xoxo tutts