Monday, April 7, 2008

Spot O' Tea

Slowly but surely getting back on track here with the website, and spent Sunday working in the Studio on some projects. On Saturday I woke up with what I call a sinus migraine~does anyone out there besides me get those? Sometimes I know that they are caused by pressure changes or low pressure in the air, and lots of times by allergies.....the bane of my existence on this green planet. Maybe a bit by the fact that doggie Fufu sleeps on the bed with us, but I have had them my entire adult life. Really stinks when you have to lose an entire day to pain, but the meds has too many side effects for my liking and regular Tylenol or Advil do nada, zip, zilch for me. A nice cuppa tea is soothing at those times, but alas that's all it does is to sooth. Speaking of tea.........the latest issue of TEATIME Magazine features one of our Shabbyfufu Nighteas located as a stylist's choice under Lindsay's List. Nice folks over at Hoffman Media and it's been a pleasure to work with them over the years.

New things coming this week....but packing and shipping orders calls first, as well as family stuff. Debbie La France designed some Gorgeous Crown Sachets that will be posted this week in several colors (only $20 each), and I will have my order in with her for gifts for some special gals:-). Did you see Debbie's beautiful home in the current issue of Romantic Country Magazine? I am not sure that I had mentioned that in any previous post....but she is truly a master seamstress and her candle bags that are shown on the mantel in the piece on her home are available for purchase HERE.

Been working on more lighting, and will be posting a buncha new Nighteas, a large Pink Roses Teacup Chandelier and the Chandelier of The Sea that I was working on. A nice petite size that could go in a powder room or any small spot. Kristen, our other chandelier artisan.....has some more pieces coming as well.

A couple of Garden Totes will be posted that I think you will enjoy. Both are vintage pieces that have been fufu'ed up~one with vintage wallpaper that is really more of an inside piece for storage....and the other in china mosaic. Here is the first one noted, I don't have photos yet of the mosaic piece, as it's drying today.

That's it for today.....will talk to you soon!



  1. Hi Janet,
    You have been busy in your studio & I look forward to checking out the latest things. Sorry about your headace Sat. I get those things as it puts me out of commision as well. Take care.

  2. Hi Janet,

    I too get sinus headaches from a change in weather - don't think mine really ever turn into migrane though - that must be tought to take!

    What wonderful things you will be offering in your shop! Can't wait to see 'em all...

  3. Janet,
    As always, drooling over your goodies, everything looks simply wonderful! The garden totes are darling!

  4. Janet,
    Hope you are feeling better. My, you have been busy...I love the sparkly petite blue chandelier - it looks like the ocean! Everything looks beautiful! Have a super week! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  5. Hi Janet,
    Oh yes I too get sinus headaches and have really had a lot of them lately. You do lose a day and then the next day you feel wiped out so I do understand.

    Loving that chandelier!!!

    LeAnn :)

  6. Hello Sweet Lady. I'm sorry to hear about that migrane. I've never been prone to headaches but over the last year I have been getting them. It's no fun. Hope your feeling better today. Your teacup light looks lovely in the feature.

    Hugs! Nancy

  7. OMGoodness!! Do I have Migraine sinus headaches??? Is the Pope Catholic? I had to have surgery it got so bad for me... bless your heart... I can identify indeed...

    Loving all your new goodies... you have a lovely sense of beauty...

    Get better



  8. Hi Janet
    I've also suffered from sinus headaches all my life, definetely allergy related for me, no Advil doesn't do anything for me either, although pain killers make things bearable. Your new website additions are scrumptious as always. I love the way you keep bringing in new and unique goodies on a regular basis to your website.

  9. Congrats on your TEA TIME feature ms fufu!!! I hope I didn't forget to also mention how awesome your article was in RC!!!If I did consider it done now~xo tutts p.s. migraines~YUK! I get hormonal ones now & am really enjoying them-NOT!LOL! I'm of to see what's new at shabbyfufu-always such a treat!:)

  10. Hi Janet!
    I was just in your neck of the woods - Miami is my hometown - and I didn't have sinus headaches while growing up down there, BUT I do get them here in central Florida.. the only thing that takes the pain away for me is Excedrin Migraine. I take two and wala - the pain backs off.
    Everything here at your site is beautiful! I enjoyed my visit very much. I look forward to stopping by again!! How exciting that you have available Debbie's gorgeous items... I was so honored to have the opportunity to write about her home in Romantic Country. She is such a talent AND a sweetheart.

    Dear Daisy Cottage

  11. Hello sweet Janet,
    Im sorry I have not been over in a while, thanks have been crazy but that is no excuse...naughty me!!!

    CONGRATS on having your LOVELY tea lights published, I knew it wouldnt be too long as they are so wonderful and very unique!

    You have lots of prettys coming up...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that Chandelier of The Sea!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

    Im sorry you get horrible migraines, I too get them for days at times...I want to lock myself in a dark room.

    Take care Janet.

    Siobhan xo