Saturday, April 26, 2008

This And That

What do you think? A bit of a new look for the blog to freshen things up a bit, courtesy of the fabulous Cathy of Avalon Rose Designs. I have never been one to jump on any trendy bandwagons and have always loved the very different look of the Shabbyfufu logo, and Cathy was able to incorporate it so nicely I think:-)

I had some personal business to tend to this past week, so was not able to do any blogging or much with the website. Hopefully I will be back at it some more this week, I have missed you'all! Tonight I used a Random Number Integer to pick a winner of one of the Shabbyfufu Nighteas. There were just 40 entries and it selected the lucky (in this case) number 13, which belongs to Heather of House Of Devign. Thanks to everyone, I will do another giveway soon!

Been working on some new projects and will be in the studio doing some more tomorrow, including a couple of Teacup Chandeliers~one of my favorite things to design.

The girls just finished up another year of college and will be home soon, at least for a little bit. Our older daughter should be rolling in early this week, the younger later in the week......and then she leaves for a study abroad in Greece and Spain~lucky her! Will blog more about their antics later.

That's it for tonite........will TTYL!



  1. FIRST....CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER ! I know you will be most happy with your lovely tea light ...

    Nest....the new blog look is Fantabulous!!! A lovely job was done indeed and the mixture of the old and new... great design

    I bet you will be excited for the girls to be home for a while before they they take off again...

    Sounds like you have been busy...

    Can't wait to see what new is coming


  2. Congrats to Heather! Lucky her - I have 2 of Janet's night tea's Heather and they are fabu! the new look of the web and as usual...yummy stuff you are producing!
    Take care,

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Heather, lucky girl!!
    I love your new look blog Janet, Cathy has done a fabulous job of incorporating your logo into those beautiful new images.
    It'll be great to have your girls home.
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects

  4. Janet, your fresh look on your blog is fab. That Cathy is one talented girl, huh? :)

    p.s. Thank-you so much for your kind gift - you did not need to do that! :)



  5. Congrats to Heather for winning such a great giveaway.

    I really love the new look of your blog. Cathy incorporated your beautiful logo perfectly.

    Hope your having a fabulous weekend.


  6. Hi Janet,
    First, I want to say I noticed your new blog profile picture on the comment you left me and wanted to say I LOVE it! And yes, Cathy is the best... Your blog looks beautiful.

    Have lots of fun with your daughters ;)

    Oh, and congratulations to Heather, Lucky Number 13!

    Happy Sunday,

  7. Janet, I Love the New Blog Look, isn't it Nice to have a bit of change sometimes. Have a wonderful week with your Girls coming home even if for just a bit. Congrats. to the Winner also.. Jamie

  8. Beautiful new blog! I will be waiting for all the antics of your girls, how blessed they are to be your daughters...
    I adore the seashell princess that is just wonderful!
    Congrats to the lucky #13 on the win!!!
    Donna Lynn

  9. Squee!

    I came back from a mini vacation to this!

    I'm so excited, Im a happy new customer for life now!

  10. Hi Janet!
    Your blog looks beautiful!!
    Enjoy your girls being home.. ours came home Friday. Ahh - the house is nice and noisy again! ;-)


  11. Hi Janet! Your blog and website look BEAUTIFUL!! Cathy is so talented. It seems most of my favorite website are designed by her. Enjoy your visit with the girls! xoxo ~ Joy J.

  12. Congratulations to Heather!

    And your blog page is beautiful. Love the banner and the background.
    She did a great job of refreshing but, maintaining "You".

    Enjoy the time with your girls!

    Kimberly :)

  13. Hi Janet,

    Congrats to your winner...she will be so happy!!!

    You know I love your new blog design and Cathy is an amazing lady to say the very least so how can you go wrong?

    I bet you cant wait for your girls to walk in the door...lots of shopping to do with them now...get that purse back out lol.

    Cant wit to see your new designs.

    Siobhan xo