Thursday, May 15, 2008

All About Aqua

Before I begin talking about one of my favorite colors....I apologize to the Shabbyfufu Website customers who have emailed asking when we would be listing new things. The artists on the website have all been doing lots of custom orders recently, myself included~so that's where our time has been spent this week. More to come soon, some this weekend HOPEFULLY.....and exciting things going on behind the scenes that I can't leak just yet~it's all good:-)

I adore the color AQUA and have been using it in my decorating schemes and styling fo
r a number of years. It's refreshing as the Caribbean sea and relaxing as a day at the beach. AQUA mixes in so well with whites and pale pinks and is harmonious with those found in nature's hues. I am spotting this color everywhere and in every style these days from the vintage modern Anthropolgie
to the trendy Pottery Barn Teen

A few ways that AQUA is incorporated into our beach home decor

A couple of recent finds........a pair of amazing AQUA corbels. These are going into our beach home....I can't part with them (just yet:-).

Any suggestions here??? This is a beautiful Indian silk sari that I picked up at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, simply because of the color. The $10 price made it too good to pass up on!

A shameless can always find AQUA on the website at Shabbyfufu

Silly Me*-*

Talk soon ~Have a GREAT weekend!



  1. Janet,
    I adore the color aqua too, as you know and can see from my photos you kitchen is aqua and it's so refreshing! About the awesome $10 garage sale find, how about using it on your dining room table as a topper across the center, or in a puddle on a pretty side table? Last minute details for me show.....eek...must run!
    I am a nervous wreck!!

  2. There is just "something" about aqua!
    Beachy & vintage all at the same time! When my sister finished her "white" room she thought the ONLY accent would be a whisper of pink...well it ended up being aqua...beach glass and all!

    M ^..^

  3. Janet I love aqua too! I feel that I can lose myself and dream when I'm around this beautiful color. That sari is gorgeous. You lucky!!

    xx Nancy

  4. I do too... its a great color... soothing and speaking of Aqua go take a look on my blog and see what I did with the flamingos



  5. Love this color of Bermuda waters~~~ As for the sari, you could use it as a breezy curtain hung with pretty clips at the beach house! xo Roberta

  6. Me, too!! LOVE aqua!! You have so many pretty aqua treasures! I love the corbels and the mirror and vases!!
    Michelle xoxo

  7. I've always loved aqua... it's so soothing and serene, especially in a gorgeous setting like yours, Janet!
    The sari? Ooh, I think it would be great made into a huge throw pillow, or even as a table runner--it would look fantastic againt a nice rich brown table top!

  8. Hi Janet, Aqua is a favourite colour of mine too, brings sunny, relaxing beach days to mind. You could wear the sari! Now isn't that stating the obvious, how perfect it would be on a hot summers day at your Beach House

  9. oh fufu! How I adore the color aqua too! I just bought that anthropoly shower curtain in white(didn't see aqua where I was-DARN!) Your photos are so gorgeous & you make me love aqua even more! I ahve been so out of the loop with my "crashed" computer this past week~I'm at my moms catching up & wanted to pop in & say HI! LOVE this post!xoxo tutts

  10. Hi Janet,
    I love aqua too. I recently did a post on aqua items found in my home. It is so so pretty when paired with pinks and creams. Thanks for your pretty photos.


  11. LUV aqua! I think at my next pedicure I'm going for aqua. :->
    xo, suzy

  12. janet, Im with you sweetie aqua is a beautiful colour so fresh and bright!!
    have a wonderful week sweet's

  13. Hey Shabby Janet~ I do love aqua too! I love the way it goes with pinks and celdon green~ My shabby color palette~ chat soon! laURA

  14. Hi Janet,

    Thanks so much for popping over! Joy & I do tend to be attracted to the same things-- good thing we're bf's or else we'd end up fighting over the great stuff we see!

  15. And here is another blogger who loves aqua!! Its just such a marvellous accent colour, i have it sprinkled throughout the house. Love this post. Also loved the story and photos about the coconuts, wish I could have one lol!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  16. Hi Janet. I think it was YOU that made me fall in love with aqua so much. It's slowly replacing the pink in my brain. My first love will always be pink, but aqua ranks right up there. LOL
    I am so going over to Anthropologie to buy that shower curtain. I go gaga for ruffles. That is so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.