Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mid Week Musings ~ Simply Chic

My usual Mid Week Musings column, a day ahead of schedule!! I have been neglecting the website and my projects this week, as we are off on a family vacay in a couple of weeks and I have been out shopping for some necessities. Tomorrow will bring more shopping, and then hopefully I will be able to settle down for the projects that have been burning in my brain and need to escape! More about the travel plans later........

I thought that my blog readers might like to grab some inspiration from one of the Shabbyfufu website customers who has fabulous taste in decor selections, Anita. She lives out in Spokane, Washington and although I have never been to that particular city, I am sure it's as lovely as Anita herself:-). She has been a loyal Shabbyfufu customer for many years now, since wayyyy back in the day when I used to sell on Ebay. Every now and then Anita sends me photos of how she displays the many treasures that she has collected....and she has a wonderful eye for putting them all together in an eclectic, romantic style. Anita works full time, and yet follows her true bliss by selling in an antique shop in town, so I will be sharing some photos of that as well. She will be doing the Fleur De Lis show in Spokane this coming weekend, so if you are out that way, be sure to stop by and say hello to Anita...simply CHIC!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing Anita's home and shop..... If you have some time, enlarge the photos for better detail.

Talk soon~
XOXO~ Janet~


  1. Dear Sweet Janet,
    Thanks for your kind words and little blip about my and the photos. Photos look so nice on someone else's website and appreciate you posting them. The countdown to the show is truly on and I am a nervous wreck. Weather is supposed to be great! One of my projects did not turn out, so now I must buy 4 or your pink silicone bulbs for it....don't think that project will be in the show!
    big hugs,

  2. Thanks for sharing Anita's beautiful home and shop with us.

  3. Oh Janet I love Anita's style, I enlarged a few pictures, but will look forward to gloating over the others with a cup of coffee very soon. I'm wishing Anita the very best of luck with her show!
    And for you Janet, I hope your planning for the travelling is coming along well, look forward to hearing more details very soon
    Certainly was a very inspirational post
    p.s. will email you soon

  4. Anita is such a sweetie! She also buys from my website and you couldn't ask for a better customer. (now friend!) This was lovely to see all of her wonderful decorating ideas and her booth!

    Thanks for sharing Janet...we have got to get her blogging!


  5. Good Morning Janet!
    Anita is a sweetheart and I loved seeing these gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!


  6. Hi Janet, thanks for sharing Anita's home with us. She has some remarkable treasures and great displays.


  7. Now thats what I can fantabulous!!Beautiful home and shop... love her eclectic style .... fabulous sense of chic and elegance...


  8. Oh my goodness! How gorgeous! I want to go over and just sit for a few days! I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  9. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the magical tour of Anita's home and shop. She definitely has the touch and I can see where she would love buying things from you. You always have such beautiful things.


  10. Hi Janet,
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Anita has a beautiful home and the pictures that you and Anita were kind enough to share are inspirational. As soon as this California heatwave ends - I'm moving my furniture around again. Anita has such wonderful taste, but she shops at Shabbyfufu - so who would've guessed ;)

    Hmm, and your vacation...???

    Again, thanks for sharing - I love that in people!

  11. Hello and thank you for sharing the photos. I know Anita from the land of ebay :). I wish I lived closer so I could attend the show and see her booth. It sounds like it will be wonderful !

    Karen at Ciderantiques