Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mid Week Musings~Rose Painter Raves

Is it really the middle of the week already? For me this week will be extra short, as Mr. Fufu and I are going to take Friday off and head up to our beach place for the holiday weekend. It seems to always rain here in Florida on Memorial Day, but if it does.....there won't be any complaining on my part. You may have read or seen on the news how Florida is on fire...literally! We have had no measurable rain around here for a good couple of months, and it's been very windy out of the west....bringing the smoke right into Miami from the 10,000 acres of the Everglades that is burning. We need the rainy season to kick in and put the fires out....it's stinky outside, not to mention our poor lawns!

I was so thrilled to learn last night that my dear friend Farnaz Farzad is on the cover of the new issue of The China Decorator magazine! Many of you are familiar with her amazing work that she creates for the Shabbyfufu ladies....she is really the best (not to mention the sweetest:-). I am so happy to see her recognized, congrats Farnaz!

I just had to share this photo that I took today of my sweet Murphy. Totally NOT posed, he was half on the sofa and half on the ottoman with his "hand" (paw!) on the remote! He wasn't feeling well today with an upset tummy, poor guy....feeling his usual sweet self though this morning.

One of my many collections that I have had for years are albums full of vintage postcards. I don't usually do too much with them, but every now and then I like to sit and read the backs and get a glimpse of what life was like for some in the early 1900's. Simpler times for sure! Here are a couple of patriotic cards that I scanned in honor of Memorial Day. Feel free to use them as you please:-).

So that's about it for the time being......
I probably won't post again until next week when we are back, so have a great weekend and stay safe!



  1. Hi Janet, Love your Murphy dog, he is sweet, I actually looked at that breed before pugs! But my Pugglets stole my heart! Love your Lamps! And Your friend making the cover of the Magazine, Wow! Very nice, stop by for a visit sometime! Hugs~ Diana Lyn

  2. What a sweet pup Murphy is!!!


  3. Congratulations to Farnaz! She really does stunning and elegant work...

    Murphy is a cutie!! I love how he is sitting there like he is ready to watch TV with remote in hand

    sorry to hear about the wildfires... I remember them well when I lived there... bad time for those with bronchitis or respitory problems... I will keep all in my prayers that no one loses their homes or worse

    As for you....sounds like you are going to have a good time at the beach... I hope you enjoy yourself and have a blast!!! read a good book!! relax!!! Looking forward to seeing pics when you get back



  4. Hi Janet,
    Hope you and the Mr. have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you get some nice weather. Love those vintage postcards.


  5. Oh! Your puppy is just the sweetest! I'm an animal lover too, and I'm so attached to my little Dolly! Thanks for sharing the postcard pics too! I have a massive collection of old postcards amongst other things too. Farnaz's work is so beautiful, thanks so much for introducing me to her!


  6. AWwwwww, your dog is adorable! I love the postcards! Beautiful!

  7. Have a happy weekend Janet!


  8. Janet,
    Have a great relaxing Memorial Day weekend at the beach. Can't wait to see some more shabbyfufu things when you return. Murphy is a cutie for sure. Hope you get the much needed rain. We have finally been getting rain this spring where we have had a real dry spell.

  9. Janet,
    thakns for the gorgeous photos of the vintage postcards-- I love those too! Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend with Mr. Fufu! (I *love* that you call hime that!) Oh, if you have time, drop by my blog... I'm adding a new feature that I'd love for you to be part of!
    Take care,
    the 'other' Janet

  10. Love Murphy's pose? My cats do similar quirky things making them seem oh so human!

    Thanks for the postcard pics! I just might grab one of those...I love patriotic holidays!


    Have a great time on your trip!

  11. Congrats to Farnaz for being on the cover of The China Decorating magazine, her work is stunning, I'm so lucky to own one of her creations. What do you think Murphy had in mind to watch? Enjoy your weekend away Janet, your beach house sounds like heaven.

  12. Show more of your post cards! Love them!

    M ^..^

  13. Hi Janet,
    Congrats to Farnaz, that's wonderful.
    I hope Murphy is feeling better, it really looks like he's taking advantage of the tummy problems there with the remote, does he have a bell to ring as well? Go Murphy!
    That's terrible about the fires, we've got fire here up in the Santa Cruz Mtns too - I hope we all get some rain or the winds die down soon.
    I am going to take you up on the patriotic cards, they're beautiful. Thank you!
    Well have fun and relax this weekend. Thanks for the postcards and remembering the true meaning of this long weekend, Janet.

  14. Hey Janet,

    Oh...little Murphy reminds me of a soft teddy bear!!!

    Drop by my blog when you have a min and pick up your award :)

    Siobhan xo

  15. hello fufu!! I've missed you but have been in crashed computer nightmare hell!LOL! almost back to normal & should be at 100% next week. It takes so long to get back on track with a new computer! Love the pic of your murphy & congrats to the talented farnaz! she does such beautiful work doesn't she? hope you & mr. fufu have a wonderful, relaxing holiday weekend! talk soon xoxo tutts

  16. What a cute dog! I hope you have a fun and safe weekend.

    And not sure how I missed the aqua post, but you're right...GREAT color.
    I have a bit of it in my living room at the moment. It makes me feel like I'm at the beach. LOL

    Kimberly :)

  17. What an adorable face hope he feels better and you get some rain..first decent day in NE just got back from beach and the water is ch...chilly!
    The artwork is stunning!

  18. The beach sounds fab~I hope to go soon myself, we are about 2 hours from our coast so we like to go to westport and shop the antique stores.

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  20. Hope you and your family have a lovely long weekend, Your Murphy sure knows how to have a good time!