Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Inspiration-Get Out

I hope that you had a lovely weekend! It's Monday.....time to get back on the week day routine, which for me starts off most mornings by taking my four mile walk to this place.

It's one of the southern part of Miami's greatest secrets as far as I am concerned. The grounds are lushly landscaped and it's very quiet and private, yet located right off Old Cutler Road~a busy street that is designated a historical road. It's gated and belongs to the county as a museum of sorts, and beyond the gates you need to pay to get in.

The main house, early 1900's Spanish style

The visitor center is just a few years old. Why they built it to look like a log cabin in North Carolina is beyond me?!? The style doesn't fit in at all with the surroundings, but it is nice and they have a loo for those early morning pee breaks

Thankfully I have never come across any of these at Deering, but I am sure that they are there.....hanging out in the mangroves.

To walk the grounds is free, and it leads down to the ocean via Biscayne Bay. I love to go down and have a look at the water, always different, depending on the weather of course.

Miami skyline, not exactly close by....taken with my telephoto lens.

How clever of Starbucks to build a cafe right next door. Often my treat for burning off all of those calories!

I came across this and wanted to share it with you. For those of you lucky enough to live in So. Cal....did anyone make it to this FABU estate sale on Saturday? It seems that Pamela Anderson had a complete sell out of her home furnishings that are absolutely 2live4!!! She is friends with Rachel Ashwell and has purchased many of her pieces from her, as well as the outrageously gorgeous store
Bountiful in Venice, with prices only suitable for stars like her. Oh I would have LOVED to have that antique French bed, the antique cast iron urns....and just about anything in this lot!!!!

Here is a link to
Pam's Photo Gallery:


I was fortunate to purchase some sumptuous items from a Miami Estate last week and will be posting them TODAY on Shabbyfufu.
If you love antique statuary, there are some lovely pieces and the prices WILL NOT be like Pamela Anderson's~lol!

Have a fabulous week~
Talk soon,
xoxoxo ~Janet~


  1. JANET... Fantabulous photos!!

    I also took a look at Pams garage sale pics... omy you were not kidding... I loved all of it... There was an armoire I could live with ... I saw on the news that she was going to have the sale... oh to live in Cal on a day like that... love it here though but havent found any garage sales like that in VA...

    We have a lot of the darker antiques... now me... my style is so eclectic ... no one has any clue what it is... antiques... traditional .. mix of this ... mix of that

    cant wait to see what you acquired at the estate sale

    Back to work for me ... have a few more things to finish and start getting thing on the website



  2. Janet

    I was reading about Pam's estate sale on a celebrity blog this weekend. Of course I was dying to see what she was selling since I knew her style was shabby chic and everything Rachel Ashwell. So, thanks for posting that link. I would have been in heaven. Your pictures that you took why out on your walk were gorgeous. You can't beat a Florida sunrise over the water. Hope your having a fab Monday.


  3. Janet,
    HOLY COW - I AM SPEECHLESS on the photos you listed of Pamela's Estate Sale!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Janet,
    I love your walk, it's such a beautiful place that you walk to. That Pam Anderson sale must have really been something. Only in California! xo, suzy

  5. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing the great photos! Looks like a great place to take the kids too! Wow, I'm going to check out Pam's stuff. Sounds adorable! Happy Monday!

  6. Janet your walk photos are beautiful, no matter what time of the day I walk I love just LOOKING!
    Was Pamela Anderson's Yard Sale for real? I did read of other reports...Hmmm, fascinating,
    I'm leaving you now to go on my own nightly walk, coat on as it is getting very chilly over here

  7. Hi Janet,

    I know you are probably used to those crocodile signs but can I just say that would TOTALLY freak me out! I can't even imagine having to keep an eye out for one of those guys!


    p.s. that estate sale - how yummy would that have been?


  8. missed it! shucks. Although it's probably just as well, I LOVED that bed, and probably would have sold the red sports car to buy it, and been in huge trouble ever after.:)
    xo Lidy

  9. Your walking trip looks wonderful! Your estate goodies aren't to bad either! I will have to find Pams sale pics I can only imagine!

  10. Wow, now that is some garage sale!

    Your walk sounds so fun, what a lovely destination to arrive at!

    Happy rest of the week, Janet!



  11. Who knew I'd have so much in common with Pam? LOL Thank you for posting that fun link...I could have bought it all! Have a fun week. xoxo ~ Joy