Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off And Running-Family Trip

I hope that all of my American friends enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend~perhaps an extra day off from work and time with your families:-). Speaking of...........another week of probably not much in the way of blogging or Shabbyfufu Website work, although I did just go shopping and found all sorts of fabulous things to add to the various boutiques.

The Fufu family is going to be off on a trip to Europe on Friday, and I have lots to do to get ready. This will be mostly a family trip (maybe SOME antiquing mixed in, all depending)....we are doing a Mediterranean cruise. I promise to share some photos when I get back if you would like to see them.

Remember the post about the Romantic Country Magazine photo shoot at my home? I got the word from "the boss" (aka Fifi:-) that it will be in this upcoming issue, which may hit the newstands while I am away. Although I can't show any photos of the shoot itself, here are a couple that I took with my camera~and I think that these are "safe"!

Fifi and her equally sweet and beautiful sister Sylvie in the kitchen cutting flowers for the shoot. We used pale pink roses and soft blue hydrangeas mixed together. Here is a tip for keeping your arrangements fresh that Fifi suggested; take off all of the leaves, yes...ALL of them. This will keep any from clouding the water, and it DOES work!

The family room wasn't used in the shoot, but was used for Dan Mayer's camera equipment and suitcases filled with Fifi's props. A great learning experience to see how these pros work so well together.

A close up of the beautiful pink roses. They came from Whole Foods, where you can find some of the BEST florals!

Fifi's sister Sylvie made this journal for me with hand embroidery on French linen. Isn't it Gorgeous?!

Well that's about it for now.......laundry and packing are calling my name. Will talk to you soon!

Oh......before I forget, thank you to my sweet friend Siobahn from the beautiful Vintage Mosaic Boutique for this award:-). I am not the best at passing the awards along, but would have to say that it should go right back to Siobahn and so many of my dear blogging friends as well! Alrighty then.........talk soon~XOXOXO~ Janet


  1. Have a fabulous time on your trip!
    How exciting.

    I can't wait to see your home in the magazine article. I'll keep an eye out for it.

    Kimberly :)

  2. Oh Janet!! How exciting..something I have always heard was wonderful!!! I bet you will have a great time & YES...we want pics!!!!
    Congrats on the magazine article..I know your home is gorgeous & I will be sure to get my copy!!!
    Have a lovely safe time:)

  3. First congrats on the magazine shoot finally arriving... I will be hunting down this issue... it sells fast here..

    Now for Europe ... oh sounds so wonderful... good for you taking time off.... mine is going to be spent putting this house in order once I get the rest of my items finished not a task I look forward to.

    So have fun and bring back loads of pics..

    And how sweet of Siobhan to send you that lovely award

  4. Dear Janet, thankyou for returning the award...you really are one sweet lady!
    Did you say cruise? Can I come? Please!!! lol. I hope you and your family have the best time and come back with beautiful memories of this time away.
    Can not wait to see your home in the next addition! Talk soon xo

  5. Janet

    Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see the pictures. Looking forward to seeing your home in Romantic Country.

    Have a great time.


  6. This new issue is going to a keeper for me - I have been looking forward to seeing you in Romantic Country since you first mentioned it and we saw that gorgeous little Fifi and her sis at your home. Nobody in this business deserves the honor of being in print many times over more than you luv. I stand in admiration of such a wonderful woman. Well wishes for you and the family on this luxurious trip to Europe (I wonder if I can fit in your luggage) - and may God be with you and the family and keep you safe.
    xoxo Sher

  7. Oh how exciting!!!!!
    Your upcoming trip AND your home's feature in RC!!
    I LOVED the photo of Fifi and her sis in your beautiful kitchen.. thank you for sharing that! I was SO honored to have had Fifi in MY kitchen too, doing her magic with flowers and I didn't take a picture! I'm sooooooooo mad at myself. BUT that magical day is in my memory and heart forever!
    Congratulations Janet!

  8. Janet,

    First, I have to say thanks for the great behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot-- I've always been fascinated by the clever magazine folk & how they get everything looking so fabulous!

    Secondly, I wish you and all of your Fufu's a wonderful, safe and happy journey!
    Take care,
    The 'other' Janet

  9. Oh Janet! What a wonderful family trip to take. Think of me while you are sipping away on your little umbrella drinks!

    Hugs! Nancy

  10. Excitment plus in the Shabbyfufu household!! Can't wait to see Romantic Country. Have a wonderful trip, I'm looking forward to a big long post, with loads of pics, on your return

  11. Hi Janet! Have a WONDERFUL trip! Can't wait to see your photos...and the photos in the magazine too. ~ xoxo Joy

  12. Have a lovely trip! I spoke too soon back in 50's again but at least the sun is out! Looking forward to your magazine feature.very hard to find any RH..mag or RHC in Mass.for some reason? Any info from your bloggers welcomed!
    Thank you for tips on flowers!
    xxoo Denise

  13. Hi Janet,
    I hope you & Mr Fufu have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see your home in the Romantic Country magazine. Take care & look forward to pictures upon your return.

  14. Oh Janet~
    I want to go with you, Villefranche is my most favorite place in the world, please say hi to the Welcome Hotel for me & the Spaghetti and Shrimp. I hope you hit Nice during flea market day. I am so excited for you (I'm going to tell my hubby - hint, hint!). Bring back some sand from the lovely beach - baggies ;)
    Glad you got the word from the "boss" about the magazine - I'm excited about that too.
    Congrats on the Award - that Siobhan is a dear heart many times over.
    Well, have fun ~ I can not wait to hear and see all about it when you return you well deserving lady.

    Bon Voyage mon Ami!

  15. Janet,

    I just found your blog and it's simply amazing! I love the fact that you are going to be featured in Romantic Country. That's unbelievable. I love that magazine!

    Have fun on your vacation!

    Jenni B

  16. Dear Janet, thank you for your condolences. I am absolutely thrilled for you..it's going to be a fabulous feature, I just know it. Keep us updated!


  17. Europe.....WOW, have a fabulous time and I can't wait to get the issue, so exciting.


  18. Fufu~I'll miss you while you are gone! Have a wonderful, safe & relaxing trip my dear friend! SOooo exxcited about your fabulous home in the next issue! Can't wait to see it in all its fufu glory! talk when you get back~xochris

  19. Janet, can't wait to see your pictures in Romantic Country and treasures from your trip. Have fun. Have a Blessed Day, Bonnie

  20. Hope you have a MAGNIFICENT time with your family Janet - you deserve it!

  21. Have a lovely trip Janet, see you when you get back!!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  22. How exciting! Janet you are so inspiring~I can't wait to see pics of your trip, i wish I was brave enough to travel abroad. chat soon! Andrea

  23. Janet,
    I wish you a safe and happy holidya filled with loads of fun and relaxing!!
    BIG congrats on the photoshoot!! Well done cannot wait to see the snaps!! How exciting!!!

  24. Hope you are having a fabulous time in The Med. My daughter is over in England I am planning a trip there this Christmas,and she is planning on takin us to Paris also! Enjoy your trip, we are all anxious to see the pics! Can't wait to see your pics in the Magazine! Hugs Diana Lyn

  25. Ohhhh Janet ~ I didn't realize you were going on a Meditteranean cruise ~ We went on one a few years ago and it was probably the best vacation we have ever done ! Just fabulous !! I can't wait to see pics ~
    It was also fun to see your behind the scenes pictures ~

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