Monday, June 30, 2008

Been Thinkin'

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, and I just want to say again how much I truly appreciate the lovely emails and comments dear friends:-).

We did end up going to our beach place for the weekend and the girly girls met up with us for some much needed R & R.

This is what's happening around the ol' Fufu place today, as it's Hurricane Season and time to get the hundreds of coconuts trimmed so that they don't become fly missles in the event of a storm. The trees have become so tall that the only way to trim them is with a Polecat, and since we don't have one handy we have to hire out. One of the costs of living in paradise I guess....but as long as no monumental storms come our way this year I won't complain......too much.

Our oldest did move out and already I am thinkin' of what I will do with her room! I don't think that she wants her furniture, so will have to see if we know anyone who is in need....if not it will be donated to a local shelter's shop. Mr. Fufu and I have been sharing a home office for a long time now, and my studio is way too cramped and used for lots of other things......soooo, I believe that I will be moving both operations into that room. My own room...yay! Mr. Fufu will then be happy to use our joint office as his Man Cave.....a place for his flat screen, perhaps a recliner (not too yucky though!) and his weights and exercise equip. My studio/office?? Not sure how I will go and will think, think for a bit. I have lots of pieces that I may use....I want to mix in the vintage with maybe some new. I love the collections at Pottery Barn may do some shopping here. Do any of you have pieces from their collections? I wonder how comfy the chairs are?
Here is some of what I am inspired by.....lots of white, aqua, vintage containers and glass with touches of pink (of course:-).

I am taking my inspiration starting point from these! I have been hanging onto this pair of very old cabinet doors in this unbelievable chippy old aqua for a couple of years now waiting to find the perfect use. What do you think of a long table for against a wall by adding some legs? Any other suggestions?

I love this old glass door cabinet and it's a HUGE one! I bought it some years back at an estate sale in an old wood cottage in beautiful Coconut Grove, Fl. This will most certainly go in for storage, probably of my old textile collection.

I have at least 10 of the vintage wallpaper hat boxes and keep all sorts of stuff in them. Will definitely be lining this up on some shelf.

Someplace has to be found for this old beach cottage shelf with the hooks that will come in handy for vintage ribbons.

Other assorted container storage must haves....old wicker purses and breadboxes.

Apothecary Jars and cloches....I enjoy seeing what I have to work with by using them for storage and display.

This one isn't old, it's been hanging on the patio for a couple of years and is a Tracy Porter chandelier. We just found a retro 50's grape chandelier that we replaced it with outside. I am sure I can Fufu this up somehow!

I need a few more of these.

Let me know if you have any ideas.....I would love to see of of your home office or studio shots on your blogs!

Talk soon,


  1. Well, as for the door, just thought I would mention what I did once. I had a very old door in a very old house. I took it off, decoupaged the panels, and stood it against the wall for decoration. I can't believe I sold it at a garage sale about 8 years ago! Oh, how I've wished for that back. And I just arranged my textile collection sometime last week in a gold cabinet with glass front and posted it on my blog.

  2. Hi Janet, I'm catching up here.
    I know the feeling of the kids leaving home, my two came back!
    Loved your behind the scene photos on your post below.
    Whatever you do with your new Office/Retreat will be fabulous, look forward to following the progress.

  3. Janet,
    You are already on the right lines it sounds like for your office, sounds great. The wire baskets are wonderful for storage, I have several of those that have the original chippy AQUA paint!!! Also, where I store my ribbons and tagging merchandise and such is in a wonderful old PINK (original paint) tall cupboard - I just recently organized it! Pretty boxes make great storage too! Have fun!

  4. I love those chippy aqua doors. Personally, I would be hanging them on the wall. Either side of a window as faux shutters would look fab!

  5. What treasures Janet! You have so much to work with here it will be a breeze!


  6. Thank you for the great storage ideas. I love the vintage hat boxes. Storage ideas is always something I'm interested in as I live in such a small terrace!
    I hate the thought of my daughter leaving home! Luckily she's only three so I have a little while to go!

  7. I love the old door~ I would make it a table maybe with some glass over it and vintage postcards underneath or pretty china! I didn't know that about the coconuts ! that would make sence though, I don't know how you gals live in hurricane valley, I bet it could be scary sometimes..Be safe sweetie! Love the inspiring pictures! You have the prettiest stuff! xoxo Andrea

  8. I'm totally jealous! I've got one more year till my oldest is off to college then I can shift everyone around so I can get a bigger studio. I love all the stuff that you have ready to put into your new space. Shabby chippy aqua is puuurfect. :-> xo, suzy ps. I loved having an open door to your lovely home in the magazine, what a great spread!

  9. What lovely things! It's so interesting to see how others decorate. I love the aqua color on that door. It's so charming! All of these items will look great in your office.


  10. Vintage Paper Bella beat me to it! I totally agree with her for using your wonderfully chic doors as a table with glass over top and special collections to dwell on during your creative thinking moments! You could even change what is under the glass seasonally to inspire you! Maybe arrange the doors in an L-shape so you can spread out while working. Some wonderful chippy iron legs like you used with your coffee table that was showcased in the magazine would keep an open appearance while staying with that wonderful old shabby unique look that we all love. I would also create some fantastic, relaxing mood lighting out of your Tracy Porter Chandelier to anchor the old locker baskets and legs, if you choose to go that way. Your off to a good start! Aren't office areas and studios fun to decorate? I'm still working on mine in our new/old home but have my office in our 3rd floor loft and my studio on the second floor spare room. That way the creative side of me and the "office" side of me don't clash. You could also put hinges on the doors to connect them and make a room screen or divider out of them. Just some fun thoughts from a fellow Florida gal up on the Spacecoast! Can't wait to see the finished ta-da!

  11. Love the table idea!!!! Actually, all the ideas, can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!

    M ^..^

  12. ooooooh LOVE the aqua door Janet! It will make a wonderful table - great idea! I have no doubt that you will create the perfect place just for YOU and you are going to LOVE having it! We now have an empty room too - and we will be making it a guest room. Empty nests CAN be fun if we get to redecorate them, right? ;-)


  13. I'm posting a picture of my desk area. We just used a door from Salvation Army. Its backed up against the wall but the posts at the corners are stair posts originally made by my Grandpa! My husband cut the top of the posts off and replaced it so it could be used. The ball is shiney from being caressed. I love my little pink Christmas lights, too! Diane

  14. Hi Janet,
    First, the coconut trees are beautiful - truly paradise.
    I love your doors, they would make a great work table and the glass cabinet, now that spoke to my heart, what a great piece of furniture!
    I love all your containers and shelf - all romantic goodies there and those meringues are my daughter's favorite, made me smile ;) I would show you a picture of my tiny office, but it's definitely in "before" mode right now. Can't wait to see what you do with your new office~
    I agree with you on Pottery Barn Teen, I always have to stop and look through that catalog when it arrives, they have some really nice girly items.
    Happy day!

  15. You have so many great ideas. Whatever you do it will be a masterpiece. Can't wait to see.


  16. Sounds like some fab suggestions... I love the idea of making it a table... you did say a pair right? I think it would look gorgeous hinged together and made into a corner screen... great place to hide things behind it that dont quite fit in with the decor.... but I am sure with your sense of style you will come up with something FANTABULOUS!!

    You have a lot of fantastic goodies so I cant wait to see the finished room





  17. Janet, I'm still laughing about the "man cave". That so describes the one room that Adam has all to himself, dark leather sofa, plasma screen tv and all.

    That old blue door is absolutely waiting for some legs to become a charming little table. Love that idea.