June 20, 2008

Summer In The Shabbyfufu Garden

Tropical flora and fauna are landscape beauties that we are fortunate to be able to grow here in Miami. This amazing tree is a Royal Poinciana. They are in bloom all over Miami at the moment, and are just ablaze with color. On a street where there are many, it almost hurts the eyes...and they actually do Royal Poinciana tours around town for the enthusiasts. This tree is probably about 45 years old, and was one of the few trees that we had which remained standing (though leafless!) after Hurricane Andrew devastated this area about 16 years ago.
We live on a deepwater canal that leads into Biscayne Bay and then into the ocean. These canals were actually dug out by the Army Corp of Engineers to facilitate in balancing the water level in the Florida Everglades. You will find lots of fish in this healthy body of water, including some exquisite and rather enormous Japanese Koi........as well as an occasional GATOR!
Sunset that was truly a spectacular one, taken in our yard a few weeks back. The color of the sky was so pink that night!
The only other tree that we had standing after Andrew was this exotic Plumeria tree. It's in full bloom right now with these fragrant pink flowers. When you visit Hawaii and receive a lei, they are made from these plumeria flowers!
A pair of old French garden chairs that were pink, and I added some hand painted roses to. Murphy is poking around behind them!
Here is an idea for you. If you can find a large enough clam shell (or a large bowl will suffice), you can make a birdbath by setting it on top of some sort of pedestal from the flea market. I have seen many a bird take a drink from this one!
Pink Helaconias that grace our side yard. I often cut these and group them in a large vase for a gorgeous display.
Notice a PINK theme going on here~lol! These are Pentas, that are grouped in front of the bay window in the front of the house.
More PINK....in the form of Nutmeg Trees. We started these from the seeds that you see (Nutmegs) that we scrounged from Father~In~Law Fufu's house on beautiful Sanibel Island years ago.In my eye, no ROMANTIC garden would be complete with statuary, and I have amassed lots of it throughout the years! Cherubs and Children.......

Several of my trademark Pink Flamingos (as in the Shabbyfufu website logo!).
A few family keepsakes are in the garden, and this one was made by one of our girly girls at Summer Camp long ago:-)


  1. Janet

    Loved your garden tour! The FLA flowers are not to be beat! I am also participating in Cielo's garden party here in NY--hope you can hop by!

  2. Janet fufu~I JUST got my copy of Romantic Country last night & was floored by our gorgeous home in the pages of this wonderful edition!!(fifi outdid herself on this one yes???)Everything looks so romantic & beautiful! You have created an oasis of elegant romance in Miami my friend! BIG CONGRATS ON THIS wondeful article, beautiful picture of you & the pooch & your amazing home! I can't wait to brag to all my local friends that get this magazine that I KNOW YOU!!!LOL! hope vacation was wonderful & hang in there with the drought! your beautiful photos show no evidence of a drought~xoxotutts

  3. I love your garden tour and I'm terribly jealous of your beautiful zone 9 plants. I have plumeria, in a pot. Thanks for sharing. xo, suzy

  4. Hi Janet,
    I love your garden. The Helaconias is just beautiful and your view can't be beat - how lovely and I love the history of the canal too, think of how hard they worked on that, wonder if they did it in the summer.
    It is very hot here too, I would love to put the clam shell and pour the water over my head ;) Really, that's such a cute idea to use it as a bird bath, and of course, I love all your statuary ~precious!
    Have a great weekend, Janet - I can't wait to see you again in Romantic Country along with that mysterious sweet as pie writer!
    I'd love some of those coconuts - yum - And good for Murphy sneaking in on that photo op!

  5. Oh Ms. Janet everything is gorgeous, I can tell you spend alot of time in your garden. So glad I meet you, I'll be visitin' often. Thanks for the wonderful tour. RoseMarie

  6. Beautiful! This is my first visit and I enjoyed myself very much! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh Janet, what a fabulouse garden!!!!! You are so lucky! I would NEVER want to come in the house with a garden that beautiful! And I love those chairs too! So pretty! I am participating in the garden party too but mine is laughable compared to yours, lol!


  8. Delightful Janet! You are so lucky to live on the water.

  9. Aah, I am so glad I came to visit because it was like going home for me.

    I grew up and spent most of my life in South Florida, but we moved almost eighteen years ago. We lived (on a canal) in Fort Lauderdale, and I worked in the Gables.

    It was so nice walking around your yard and seeing sights so familiar to me.

    No matter how long ago, South Florida will always be home in my heart.

    (Do you think you could magically send some good Cuban cuisine through my computer screen?) ;-)

  10. So pleased to meet you through Cielo's garden tour today! I've bookmarked you and shall come back to visit some more. Everything is so pretty and romantic and I have so enjoyed this! And thanks to Cielo for letting me also be a part of her summer garden party!

  11. Hi Janet! Thank you so much for stopping by today! HOW FUNNY!!! I LIVE in MIDLAND Michigan right now!!! What a small world! Do you ever get back here?

  12. Thank you for a beautiful visit! I'm glad your garden has recovered from the assault of Hurricane Andrew. That was a bad one!

  13. Loved it!! You have a beautiful garden and thank you so much for the tour.

  14. I arrived from Cielo's garden party. It was so much fun viewing your beautiful garden. The canal view is beautiful. It was fun seeing plants that are not native to my area such as the plumeria and the nutmeg. Those painted chairs are too precious! I also love all the statuary, and am beginning a collection for my gardens.


  15. Love your blog -- will you please check out my blog site ? I would like to put you on my favorites.... thank you Diane http://diane-dailyart.blogspot.com/

  16. What gorgeous Photos Mrs FuFu - I have to tell you that I've truly enjoyed these last few posts of your's - I have even read and re-read them, while drinking my morning coffee. Just a delightful blog you've got going!! The Queen of Everything my dear - I cannot wait to read the Article/Layout on you in Romantic Country (still hoping to find one soon!!)
    xo Sher

  17. Janet, I loved your garden tour... especially the Poinciana trees. Ever since I read Phyllis Whitney's book entitled "Poinciana" I have wanted to see one in person. Maybe I'll make it to Miami sometime and do that. Thanks for the lovely tour.


  18. How pretty Janet! congratulations on being in romantic country..Your house is beautiful, can I come over ??!! :)

  19. Janet....ahhhh, love the garden...and ours is looking pretty good, but high winds today just made HUGE MESSES on all the areas I cleaned up. I too am working on projects this weekend, some really great ones, up late tonight still at it! I am in need of 2 things for a project...if you get a minute, can you email me, and I can let you know what I am looking for? I re-read the summer issue again for like the 2nd time...Fifi DID outdo herself!

  20. Hi janet, enjoyed my garden tour today! Thanks for having me!
    Love, Ann

  21. After visiting your garden and surrounds, I think I'm in Heaven!!
    I've just been to visit Cielo's garden party, what a fantastic hostess she is.
    Janet your handpainted roses on the timber chairs are fantastic!

  22. Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

  23. Janet, your gardens are like heaven! Thanks for sharing. :) I really enjoyed seeing your home in R.C. To die for!!


  24. Hi Janet,

    What a wonderful tour of your garden.
    I can feel the love there! I love tropical plants, wish they did well in the heat here.

    have a blessed weekend.

  25. I love your amazing garden!!!
    Greetings from Poland!

  26. I remember coming to your website , it has been awhile ago. I couldn't remember how to get back, so I have been lost all this time ( giggle ).But you have a beautiful garden & I would be thrilled to be added to your blog list.Come visit me anytime!
    Oh and I am saving you right now to my list, so I won't be lost anymore !

  27. Thank you for participating in our party and for sharing with the world your little piece of heaven.... What a delightful occasion that was!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so (Joseph Joubert)


  28. Thank you dear Janet! ;-)

    Your beautiful photos warmed this native Miami girl's heart...


  29. lovelly garden. i wish i could have one like that. i love the nature.