Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Is On My Side

Yes It Is (as in Rolling Stones song :-). I started thinking about some of the collections that I have amassed over the years in my state of menopausal insomnia last night. It's often said that if you have more than two of something, then it's a collection. I love old clocks and timepieces and have for years. Seeing lots of repros out there in the marketplace these days, but oldie is goody in my opinion. No real theme in my collecting.......I have everything from vintage rhinestone clocks (which luckily I have collected before the trendiness drove up the prices!), to good old American alarm clocks that are tattered and worn....with a sprinkling of clocks with roses and cherubs here and there. A few that I snapped this morning, and then off to work packing and shipping weekend orders:

My dressing table is a favorite spot to display lots of my favorite collections and ever changing vignettes. I have a bunch of of vintage pink rhinestone clocks, some antique porcelain half dolls and old rhinestone top perfume bottles on this dresser tray that I painted the pink roses on years ago. Funny to see these items so en vogue now, and perhaps becoming harder to find.

An old white ironstone bowl is a great catch all for any display of petite treasures and bits. In this one I have some antique white lace that props an assortment of vintage pocketwatches, an old clock face, crusty old white curtain tiebacks and an old crown from France. Next to it is a pile of my old beadboard frames, that await framing of some prints from the website.

Such a pretty little vintage porcelain mantel clock, and this one works (but needs a new battery!).

Cherubs and roses....Vintage and SwEeT.

An authentic old Railroad Clock in my favorite shade of jadite green. Notice anything missing? I love it the way that it is!

Perhaps my favorite, and yes.....I know that they are not the most romantic of pieces but full of the tattered charm that I love. These old American alarm clocks just seem to keep growing in numbers on a family room shelf. None of them work of course.

Relegated to a closet, this clock has been in Mr. Fufu's family for a few generations. It's not really our style and at the moment I just can't find the right spot for it sits amongst some old ledgers.

I Won't be blogging again for a couple of days most likely, as the girly girls and I are hoping to take part of the week off and head up to our beach place. I do hope to post some new things on the website before we head out........beach cottage artisan pieces, antique silk French ribbon rose baby dress, old wedding veil and more goodies:-)

Alrighty then, talk to you soon~have a GREAT week ahead!



  1. Oh Janet....I LOVE your clock collection!!! I love clocks too but dont have near that many...Yours are wonderful!!! Thanks for showing us..I love how you display them too....
    & I certainly understand the not being able to sleep "age" LOL
    I am there!!!!

  2. I love that railroad clock even though it is missing its habds.

  3. Fabby idea to display the smaller pieces in a bowl Janet! I'm late in sending this, but congrats on your publication in RC! Glad to see you in the pages at last :~)

  4. Oh Janet, your clock collection is wonderful! And I love your bowl of small items too! The lace lends an pretty romantic look! Just beautiful!

    I hop you have a wonderful time at the beach! We are heading to mackinaw for a week starting Saturday. I cant wait :)


  5. I love your clocks...even the ones that don't work. Who cares they are adorable. Have a great getaway!!! Sleep!! Some nights I don't think I know what that is.

  6. Hi Janet,
    I too love the old rhinestone clocks. I have a few and have sold a few. Unfortunately I got into them when the price was very high but I did get a few good bargains. Have a great week.


  7. Sweet, I have never seen such a clock collection, not the norm. but Fabulous! Have a blast! Hugs~ Diana Lyn

  8. Janet your clock collection is amazing and beautiful ! I adore the cherubs and roses one sooo much. Oh so more than 2 of anything is a collection huh? YIKES im in trouble then i think...i have more collections that i thought! LOL.
    Hmm...Collectors Anonymous anyone..???

    Have a beautiful break away wont you!

    Love Shann x

  9. Oh, I love clocks too, Janet! I guess since I have 2 vintage clocks (I just purchased a vintage alarm clock that doesn't work either), that now I have a collection too. I wish I had more! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Janet

    I too love old time pieces. I have several old wind up clocks and alarm clocks. I love the sound of chiming clocks. I like your collection on your dressing table.


    P.S. Stop by and enter my 100th post giveaway.

  11. Oh Janet, Gorgeous Collections. Im partial to the clocks myself, so pretty. Have fun with your girls. Jamie

  12. Forgot to Say Huge Congratulations on your Spread in Romantic Country. Im picking up this week, so Excited to see the layout.. Jamie

  13. Your collectibles are all lovely!
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend at the beach with the girls.


  14. Janet

    I love the rhinestone clocks they are just so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us.


  15. Janet, I love your collection!

    Happy week to you!!!


  16. Love your clock collection! The alarm clocks are my favorites. I have a very small collection of vintage ones that sit on my mantel.

    Have fun at the beach!
    Kimberly :)

  17. Hi Janet,

    Such wonderful collections you have.
    I enjoyed visiting your home and you in Romantic Country mag. Love your style. Have fun with your girly girls.


  18. Hi Janet!
    I love your dressing table and the bowl with all those pocket watches. I'm glad you held onto all those lovely things. Once in a while, I'm at a flea market and I see something I had as a teenager and think - what happened to that?
    As far as Mr. Fufu's clock, I've got something kind of like that from my family and it doesn't fit in with anything in the house, but we'll never let it go either - you know, they'll find their proper place when the time is right (no pun intended!).
    Have fun with the Girly Girls!

  19. By the way, Janet~
    The fleur de lis glasses are coming in quite handy - they keep the iced tea really cool, I love them ;)
    It's really smoky here with all the fires! Lots of refreshment needed!

  20. Hi Janet! I had to come in and tell you, I FINALLY got my Romantic Country Magazine tonight!! It is fabulous and oh my gosh, your article!!!! Everything is to die for! Your home is just over the top gorgeous. You are so lucky :) Everything is so romantic and perfect!


  21. Beautiful post. I love clocks and especially old, beautiful ones. I'd rather call them timepieces, as I think of clocks as more like a digital alarm... which is not romantic or lovely in the least! Your photos are really so pretty.


  22. My copy of Romantic Country arrived today....CONGRATULATIONS Janet and everyone involved...wonderful photos and write up on the beautiful Shabbyfufu Residence!
    Love your clocks, my Dad used to restore vintage clocks as a hobby, I've always been fascinated by them, I'll show him your post I know he'll love it.

  23. How did I not notice those mermaids before? They are so, so cute!
    Hope you're having fun at the beach, Janet!