Sunday, June 22, 2008

Working In The Studio ~ Teacup Chandelier & Romantic China Passion

Just BIZ in this Sunday post~ as we have been working in the Studio this weekend to create some of our Teacup Lighting that I am adding to the website at Shabbyfufu today:-). A true passion, and something that we have been doing for years now. I wish that I had been keeping an exact tally of how many of these we have made to date....between the Nighteas, Tea Cup Chandeliers, Teacup Buffet Lamps and Candelabras it's well into the hundreds. That's a heck of a lot of china!! Here are the latest creations for your perusal, as well as a peek at a vintage millinery dress form that I just finished......another Original creation and something that I love to work on.

For various reasons, I have decided to put my blog links on a separate page, embedded within my website. Since my website receives thousands of hits a day, this is a good thing for my blog friends:-). If you are a regular visitor to my blog and I don't have you on the list...just email me and I will be happy to add you with a reciprocal link back requested.

Have a great week ahead~


  1. I go gaga over your creations... just love all you do and ... I am happy to say... I did get a copy of Romantic Country magazine... there was no subcription card in it but hey ... I got to see your lovely home... Ms FuFu it is GORGEOUS!!! It has that look and feel of a place where you can back sit and relax all comfy and cozy ... well worth the wait..... I cant wait until Christmas!!!



  2. Hi Janet,
    I finally found a copy of Romantic Country, I was really starting to get frustrated. Your home is nothing less than what I expected from you. You have true talent.


  3. Hi Janet! I spent my weekend in the studio too. We never stop do we??? I am sure you love what you do as much as I do because it really shows in your GORGEOUS creations! I read your article in Romantic Country too!! Your home is as lovely as you are. I really enjoyed it. Enjoy the rest of your evening. ~ hugs ~ Joy J.

  4. My dear janet~when do you sleep my friend?? how can you create such stunning creations, take care of your beautiful family & do all that you do???I am as usual, in awe! xoxo tutts

  5. Simply fabulous! Oh Mrs. Fufu these photos are truly stunning!
    Guess what! I finally got a copy of Romantic Country today and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful layout on your home - it was a pleasure to read (and re-read!!). It was gorgeous Janet - simply gorgeous. (I blogged about you!!) Take care - be blessed - and, quite simply, thank you for being you!
    xo Sher

  6. They are all just gorgeous, I love the individual ones! The dressform is so pretty!