Monday, July 14, 2008

Atlanta Show

Dear friends....I hope that you'all (as we say in the South:-) had a wonderful weekend! This will be a quick post, as I am playing catch up with packing and shipping and normal life stuff like Dr. appts this week.

The Atlanta Gift Show was tons o' fun, despite long flight delays both coming and going (always seems to be the case these days~sigh) and torrential downpours that kept us from doing much other than attending the show. That is what we were there for, so work it was on this trip!

It was utterly lovely to see some familiar faces and vendors whom I know, and a delight to chat with other entrepreneurs and artisans about their work and lives.

The Merchandise Mart is humongous, with literally hundreds upon hundreds of showrooms, it's mindboggling and tiring on the ol' tootsies! I can shop with the best of them, so I hung in there from opening to closing to see, buy and learn. They do not allow cameras in the Mdse Mart, and although I know that there are others who sneak in those illegal shots, at this point in my life I am not a rule breaker~so I just have this one for you. The vendor is someone that I spend LOTS of money with, so he allowed me to be photographed doing so!

Many of the show rooms were showcasing their Spring 2009 lines, which seems so far away....but is often the case in the retail marketplace. I saw lots of what is on trend right now.....tons of mercury glass~which is so everywhere that I think it's going to be overdone and fade quickly. Lots of crowns, reproduction garden elements, beadboard frames, rhinestone frames, a plethora of pillows of all sorts, soldered pendant jewelry, overabundance of sweet baby items and TONS of paper goods and stationery products. For the upcoming Holidays, much as last year with glitter galore and my favorite pastel tones:-).

The market seems to be more friendly to the Modern look than the Fufu look, but I still managed to order lots of goodies for my customers....and I am looking forward to have it all start rolling in to post on the website soon.

Will talk to you soon and spend some time later this week visiting everyone's blogs~
Ta ta for now!



  1. From the Photo Janet it looks simply Sparkling at the Gift show. Wow. Sorry about the delays but glad you had a nice time. Jamie

  2. janet~Can't wait to see what goodies you purchase at the gift show! Hope your stay was exciting & that you ahve a safe trip home my friend~ xo tutts

  3. Janet

    You look fabulous darling. I love the peace sign wreath! Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see what you bought. Have a great day.


  4. It always exciting to see what new trends will be hitting the market! So cool that you snuck us a picture in there - thanks girl!



  5. Hi Janet! You are so adorable :) I see lots of pretty things in the picture! I am really excited to see what you purchased because I KNOW it will be gorgeous! I am so glad you made it home safely :)


  6. Janet..Glad your back girly! The pic of the market brings back memories...I had my own clothing boutique for years & I loved the Dallas market! But your right is from morning till night...go..go..go!
    Can't wait to see ALL the goodies!
    You have a very good eye so I know all of it is gorgeous!!!

  7. Hi Janet,
    You look marvelous in that pic Ms Fufu! Know you had fun at the merchadise mart but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Thank you for updating us on the trends of up coming things. They do tend to over do some of the vintage look alikes. Glad you are back safe in fufu land. Look forward to seeing the purchases from the mart!

  8. Welcome back! Glad to hear it was a good time even though the delays and rain put a "damper" on your trip...

    Cant wait to see all the treasures you bought.... will be looking forward to it...




  9. You know what I say------- modern schmodern!!! I get so sick and tired of HGTV and others with their cold contemporary rooms. Let's hear it for the vintage shabby chic girls....okay now all together, hip hip hooray!!!


  10. Hi Janet!
    Can't wait to see all the goodies. But why are they going more modern than fufu? What's wrong with them - we want fufu, let us be heard!
    Love your pic and I agree, no breaking the rules here.
    Good luck getting caught up - does it ever happen? (it doesn't for me - at least not yet...).
    Happy week sweetie!

  11. Oh pooh! We come from a country of rebels...we will continue to resist
    the modern and embrace to "fufu"!
    Who was it that said, "Give me pink/shabby/fufu/vintage/cottage, or give me death!" ? (something a long those lines! :)

    M ^..^

  12. Wow Janet~ I bet that was so fun! That was nice of her to let you take a picture.. I also wanted to tell you how pretty your home is in the romantic country! You must be so proud! Thanks for coming by my home and saying hi! xoxo

  13. Hi Janet thanks for the Post and keeping us updated! Have a eautiful day! Diana lyn

  14. dear janet...I used to love the gift shows in sydney & melbourne when I had my gift shop for 10 yrs..sort through the rubbish ..but EVENTUALLY a gem is found!! we HOPE!!..have a lovely weekend..cheers andrea (new blog dont get confused)..

  15. Hi Janet
    Sounds like you had a fabulous inspiring time. I'm looking forward to seeing your new goodies, I bet they will be wonderful

  16. Sweet Janet,
    Thank you so much for adding me to your fav. blogs.
    I have also added yours to mine.
    I have been following your website, for a while now, and you really have inspired me, in many ways...
    So many in fact, that in the near future I would love to add a post just about your website and you.
    In my view, you have the BEST website ever!
    I hope you won`t mind...
    Kisses Kisses