Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall....table, dresser, etc. I have always had a thing for vintage mirrors and thought that I would share a few that I have in my home with you.

Yup....sometimes I paint but I don't do it enough anymore where I would consider selling what I make for the most part. This is a vintage dresser mirror in my boudoir that is loaded with some of my favorite little treasures.

A sweet little vintage rhinestone mirror from one of my buying trips that I had to keep:-). I love the pink and green rhinestones mixed with pearls. Ain't nothin' like the real thing sometimes.

This one came from Ballard Designs. I've had it for a number of years...I don't think that they carry it these days, but it's reproduction French and it's a full length~hangs in my dressing room.

A mirror that I have from Elizabeth Willhite's creations. We miss you at Shabbyfufu Elizabeth!

This OLD beauty is actually a mirror, or was one at one time. It's a vintage advertising mirror for Pear's Soap and I have it hanging in my girly girls' bathroom. Don't you just love the patina?!

I go gaga over the old gesso mirrors and have a bunch~all throughout the house. Since my colors are soft, either I have painted most of them white or they were purchased that way.

If you have ever been on the website, then you may have noticed this mirror over the fireplace mantel in my living room. It's HUGE, not old.....came from Macy's years back, and I painted it white about 10 yrs or so ago.

This old pier mirror is HUGE, hard to photograph. It hangs in the front foyer and is loaded with yummy detailing to the gesso.

Not a great shot, but a great mirror that hangs in the master bath. It's old and chippy as can be, just how I love it.

If you have a scrumptious old picture frame, you can paint it white and take it to your local glass shop and have them fit it with a mirror. This one is over a pedestal sink in the laundry room.

A prized find....an OLD Italian Murano glass mirror with pale pink florettes and great patina. It's missing a couple of parts, has a few scratches but it's one that I won't part with:-). I did find some wonderful reproduction ones on my latest trip that will be coming in to the website soon.

My girly girls have dubbed this one "the mirror of depression"! Great for plucking eyebrows and for noticing wrinkles....geeez!

I hope that you enjoyed this "reflective" post! I am still feeling like complete crap with this bug that I caught....and haven't been doing much of anything the last few days. Will chat soon....~XOXO~ Janet


  1. I find that my buying trips consist of one for me --- maybe for the shop. I really have to exercise more discipline.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous collection you`ve got...
    I also have a few mirrors, but funny enough only x4 are used.
    The other ones are just to make the room look pretty and to bounce off light.
    P.S - Thanks for allowing me to have "the post" donne.
    I will inform you, so you can have a look at it, and see if its of your likeing!
    Kisses Kisses

    P.S - I hope you`re feeling much better, and can`t wait to see your new Treasures.

  3. Janet

    Love the mirrors and the frames, they are all beautiful.

    Sorry your not feeling well. Get some rest.


  4. Hi Janet,

    Are you really going to keep that little rhinestone mirror?? If not you I am sure I saw my name on it in one of the pictures (lol).

    Love the murano mirror...what a find!

    Siobhan xo

  5. Janet, so sorry that you're not well, but thanks for this lovely post. I love mirrors and have them all over my home. Yours are gorgeous.


  6. Oh Janet, your mirrors are GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the mosaic :) I too love gesso frames!! So beautiful. I love anything ornate :)


  7. Hey sweet janet~ have you gone to the doctor? Maybe you need a stronger antibiotic..a few months ago I had to end up taking three to get rid of whatever it was I had.. I love mirrors especially how they reflect pretty things in the home like chandeliers and such..You have such pretty ones..

  8. Hi Janet,
    Love all of your beautiful mirrors! I have a weakness for them too. Just more shabbyfufuness to love about your gorgeous home.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Oh my goodness Janet - the Italian Murano glass mirror - GORGEOUS!!

    I had to laugh at the "mirror of depression" - I saw one of those at Value Village last week. I picked it up, looked into it and gasped out loud! It was WAY TOO POWERFUL! lol


  10. Love your mirrors! What a fun post and fun blog! I came over from Cupid's Charm. :)

    Have a SWEET day!

    Jenni B

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was a treat to meet you as well. It is always fun to meet people you chat with online- like wow you are real! You are such a gorgous woman inside and out and I wish I could have chatted with you longer. Ok this Vintage Murano mirror is calling my name! I have a few Venetian mirrors and I will never part with. Thank you for sharing your goodies!

  12. Janet...Oh My I love those mirrors!!! ALL of them ..lol...
    I too have a weakness for them..lately its been white ones
    Cant wait to see the ones you post in your shop!!!
    I do hope you get to feeling better girly!!
    Its awful HOT here in OK too..
    So stay cool & rest up sweets!

  13. Hi Janet, you certainly have a wonderful collection of mirrors! Sorry you're still not feeling well...be a good girl and rest! Hope you're better very soon

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy!

    M ^..^

  15. Hi Janet,
    I love all the mirrors, you can never have enough of them. The Murano one is gorgeous and gesso - all us ladies love those. The Pears soap one is darling too - I still use Pears soap... great memories!
    Hope you feel better soon, here's a big glass of juice and a warm bowl of chicken soup - unless it's too hot there. Take it easy ;)

  16. Ahhh...the "mirror of depression"! I refuse to have one of those around the house! (*_*) As for the rest of them, they're absolutely beautiful! Take care and get well.. ~Stacy~

  17. Hi Janet! I loved your mirror collection. Especially the sparklie stuff. Our hearts beat the same! I'll be in your neighborhood next month when my hubby attends a planning conference in Miami Beach. I think we are parking our selves in South Beach for 10 days or so. Enoyed your beautiful post...as always! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

  18. janet~I'm so sorry you haven't been well!! Is it something down there in Florida since poor fifi is sick also??
    Your collection of mirrors is beyond awesome my friend! you make everything look so wonderful in your pretty photos! Totally enjoyed this post! xoxo tutts

  19. Wow. That's some collection. They're all so unique and detailed. Great photos.

  20. Mirrors, mirrors are everywhere Janet! Love the Pear Soap one the best. I'd love to try that on a mirror sometime.
    Hope you're doing well.

  21. Oh my Janet... That Italian Murano is stupendous.... I dont blame you for keeping that one all to yourself... stunning...

    Your collection is awesome!!

    You definitely have a great eye...

    Sure hope you get to feeling your better self soon...



  22. I had to come back and look at that Murano again... that piece just takes my breath away... it is gorgeous...

    What a find

    Feel better soon



  23. What a terrific idea to paint an old frame white and get a mirror fitted! That's why I love your Blog because of your great tips as well as taste!