July 28, 2008

Romantic Homes Magazine ~ Published Piece

Happy Monday dear friends! I am happy today for several reasons and have lots to talk about, but mostly I finally feel back amongst the living after enduring this nasty flu bug or whatever that I picked up in my air travels a couple of weeks back. Generally I am not the type to lay around and do nothing, but that's just what the ol' body needed apparently, and now I hope to be back at it full force ahead this week.

NEWS....I have known about this piece for some time, as writer and photographer, but just have seen it in print today....so now I can tell you about it:-). I have an article published in the new September issue of Romantic Homes Magazine...and I am pleased as punch with how it came out! It's a tutorial for you on how to make my Millinery Cupcakes, which I call Posh Petal Cakes. The article is entitled Sweet Tooth Faux Confections as one of the "We Love/Make It" pieces. I was slightly hesitant about presenting it, but since I have seen my ideas directly copied I don't do this one as much anymore...so why not. Anyhoo....enjoy, they are fun to make and maybe I will be spurred on to do some more for the website. By the way....the magazine is GORGEOUS~the entire issue!


  1. Bravo!
    Congratulations on the article! How exciting, I can't wait to see it.
    The millinary cupcakes look adorable, I don't if I've ever seen them before. Too sweet.
    Your designs are so well done and are widely recognized, so I think most of us can spot the copycats. ;)

    So glad you're feeling better. There's nothing worse than being sick during the busy summer months.

    Kimberly :)

  2. Congratulations Janet! wow, So Excited for you. I can not wait to get the Magazine and see the piece. I would be pleased as punch also. LOL, last week I also read Andrea's piece also and I really agree with you whole heartedly. She wrote what so many of us feel daily and she wrote it beautifully. It has happend to me on more than one occasion and it is tough and it hurts. So glad you are feeling better and your New shop goodies are Gorgeous as usual. Have a wonderful week, Jamie

  3. Janet, huge congratulations!

    I received my RH dealer pack on Saturday, and tore right into it the second I pulled it out of my mailbox. I squealed with delight when I saw your feature. What a fabulous idea. Those cupcakes look too yummy not to eat.

    By the way, thanks for the link to Andrea's post. It hit so incredibly close to home for me.


  4. Congratulations on your article, how exciting for you. I can't wait to pick mine up. I have been a big fan of Romantic Homes since 2000. I sure so love what you have been working on. Such talent you have. Have a great week with you daughter, hope she finds the perfect job.


  5. AWESOME Janet!!! That article is beautiful, congrautlations!!! I CANNOT wait to get my copy and try those cupcakes! I love anything having to do with cupcakes, lol!

    Your new shop items are just beautiful as alwaya.

    I have been thinking about you and hoping you are feeling much better. I was worried maybe you had food poisoning or something!!!

    Sending hugs,

  6. Gosh, you look pretty good for a "pioneer'! :)
    Everything looks yummy! And congrats on your article!!!

    M ^..^

  7. Oh how I cant wait to get this magazine... and how thoughtful of you to share with us how to make such lovelies... what great Christmas presents they would make... very generous

    I read Andreas article also... and as you know ...it hit close to home...

    I find it sad that people cant come up with their own original ideas instead of taking from others.... but enough of that....

    Congratulations on the article and I am so glad you are feeling your good "bad" self again



  8. Hi Again Janet :) I had to come back and say, I got my Romantic Homes yesterday in the mail. Your article was wonderful and the cupcakes look like so much fun!!! I cant wait to make some!


  9. Congratulations on the article! I can't wait to see it! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that magazine!

  10. Congrats Janet! I am so excited for you.

    I hope you keep feeling better.


  11. The article looks absolutely fabulous! Congratulations! I love cake decorating and your millinery cakes are absolute beautiful and original!
    I love the teacup candelabra lamp!

  12. Janet, Congratulations on your article. You deserve it and it was so thoughtful for you to share your how to's.
    I just went to Velvet Strawberries and she soooo said everything right. I had to leave a little comment.
    Hope you keep feeling better.

  13. Congratulations!! I have the magazine but must admit I haven't had time to do much reading. I did notice your article though with the beautiful pictures.

  14. Congratulations on the article Janet!!! The cup cakes look fabulous, I'm looking forward to drooling over the magazine article, although it arrives a little later for us over here in Australia. Andrea's post was so very true and didn't she ever address the issue with elegance and grace!
    So glad you're finally on the mend, hope you enjoy eldest fufu daughter's visit

  15. Hi Janet,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! The mag looks fabulous - can't wait to see it. :)

    p.s. Those baskets you listed were adorable!


  16. Congratulations on the new feature. I always love all of your pieces.

  17. Janet, hooray for the article! It looks stunning. Can't wait to get a hold of that magazine to drool over your creation and contribution! Good for you!

    I've seen a few copycat situations out there myself, people claiming to be the originator of a concept or idea that they know darn well is someone else's.

    I just quit looking at those sites but some people encourage them, even though they must know it too!

    It is fine for a lot of us to have similar views or ideas, we don't own copyrights on every idea that we come up with and there are very few completely original thoughts anyways, most of us take a bit of this and a bit of that to form ideas. No biggie, those things are not malicious or intentional or even harmful. But outright and knowingly directly copying something to claim as your own and boost your sales or popularity is just unpardonable.

    I hope more will speak out against it so it will happen less. I love people who come up with something or a style that is unique and original and share it with passion!

    Happy day, and many congratulations!


  18. I read, saw and loved your article! Congrats

    So glad you are feeling better, I just flew back from Ohio and have a summer slug bug myself! Yuck!

    Love your blog

  19. Hi Janet,
    I am so, so happy I stopped by today. Went for my walk this morning, everything's wonderful - then whoops, I think I caught your flu bug (or someone's). I'm beat and I'm giving in to it this afternoon. The good news is~ My Romantic Homes magazine was delivered maybe 10 minutes ago. I'm putting on my PJs, laying on the couch and reading your article. You go girl!
    I will go check out Andrea's piece soon as I'm finished with your article. Personally, it's easy to spot a copycat once you've seen the authentic, quality pieces ;)
    Glad you're feeling better. Ooh, maybe I'll do some shopping therapy later since I'm not...
    Happy night Janet!

  20. I saw the article and was just tickled! What a great piece! Glad you are feeling better, I think it was something in Atlanta, I was sick once I got home and know of a few others as well. Bad thing was my kiddos got it too it was a yukky week.

    Love Andrea's post, it is sooo true! That is one of the negatives of internet shops and blogs I think, we make ourselves vulnerable by sharing that side of ourselves and our newest creations online. When I think about not sharing though it doesn't make much sense either, what good is a lovely piece of art if no one ever gets to enjoy it?
    I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

  21. Janet I haven't forgotten you!!! I have just taken some time off this summer to get some things done before school starts again.
    I have two letters made for you and will get the other one done as soon as possible and get it to you.
    I'll check out the magazine soon too. The cupcakes are ever so-o- pretty!

  22. Hey Janet! Just got my copy and your piece if fu fu fabulous, Congrats friend! ~xo

  23. Congratulations Janet!!
    That is SO awesome - I haven't seen it yet, but will look for it tomorrow!


  24. I`m glad that you are finally feeling better!
    And congratulations are in order...
    Your article looks really adorable!
    Well done!
    Kisses Kisses

  25. Finally got to read your article... Love the delightful confections... would make lovely gifts any time of the year... NOTICE I said GIFTS ...not something for someone to sell...

    I had an interesting talk with some ladies at a quilt shop on Friday and they dont get it... that you cant sell something that someone else designed...

    There is such a fine line on this because of the internet... its getting harder and harder to keep people from "altering" your idea and calling it theirs..

    Do love your piece.. congrats on a job well done



  26. I picked up a copy on Fri. and saw your article..very *sweet* I only wish I had the time and patience to make those myself! My friend Lucy has a 12 page spread of her home in it as well. I just moved into Vignettes where she has nearly the entire room! Come to San Diego and visit us Janet. :)