Monday, August 11, 2008

99 And Counting, Big Blog Giveaway Coming

Hi friends....I hope that you had a lovely weekend! As I posted earlier, we went over to Sanibel Island to visit my husband's Dad who we haven't seen in awhile. We were so excited to see his new puppy who was a little fluff ball (yes, he is a Maltese) and doesn't realize yet at 11 weeks that fingers and toes aren't his personal play toys. Here are a few shots.........

Sunset over the Gulf Of Mexico

Like father, like son. Notice how they stand the same way!

Ed lives in a sweet condo on the beach. Mr. Fufu and I got married right in this very same spot with a beach wedding, 27 yrs ago. This is up on a huge covered gazebo which was all decked out that day with lots of flowers and finery...really romantic:-)

We did some great restaurants, Sanibel caters to tourists mostly and is full of yummy places to eat.

I had this sinful risotto with scallops and asparagus in a champagne sauce....lots of calories for sure, but worth it:-)

The adorable little Toby makes your heart melt.

So now back to reality. I mentioned up at the top that THIS IS MY 99th BLOG POST, also about a YEAR of active blogging for me! I will do a big Anniversary Giveway, so watch for that at the end of the week. I think that you will be pleased and have a good chance to win something as a thank you to my readers.

One more thing that I just want to mention. I have received lots of emails about my tutorial in Romantic Homes magazine on Sweet Tooth Confections. Thanks ladies....I am glad that you liked it! The artisan tutorials in Romantic Homes, any of the Sommerset Publications, or wherever you find them are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY, not for commercial use or to make items for sale. Yes, I have received emails about the cupcakes, word does get around the internet community please practice good judgement.

Working on some things for the SHABBYFUFU Website this week and then I will be back blogging at the end of the week with the GIVEAWAY, so I hope to see you then!



  1. You and your hubby a cuties...

    Looking forward to your give away... I have seen some of your others and you are always so generous with them

    And here here for the little post it note there at the bottom.... "PERSONAL USE" amen to that....



  2. Janet...The beach looks so wonderful & the FOOD!! Looks like you had a great.. relaxing time!! Good for you girly!!
    I bought my RH mag without even knowing you were writing an article for them...I was so surprised & delighted when I did see your article & name up there!!!! It was a great article....even though I still dont think I could make one as pretty as you:)
    Have a great week hon!

  3. The maltese puppy is sooo cute...I have one as well that is 3 1/2 lbs...Mika Bella is 5 months old. She is so sweet.....Fun post.
    Mo :-)

  4. Hi sweetie,

    Looks like you are packing in a lot of fun before the fall and crazy holiday season is upon us. Good for you! wishing you a happy week, Janet

    xo Lidy

  5. O.K. first things first -
    you look FAB in that pic with your daughter - you look like sisters, I had to do a double take!

    The puppy is adorable. My heart is melting....

    You and your hubby are such a sweet and loving couple!


  6. Great post!!! Toby is SO ADORABLE!

  7. Hi Janet,
    I am in love with that puppy. My SIL has a maltese and his name is Memphis. They are adorable dogs. I didn't know if you knew I had a new blog or not so wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope you are doing well.


  8. I love Sanibel. And, I wouldn't mind having that yummy looking dinner - or that adorable puppy.

  9. Hi Janet,

    Sorry its been so long since I have dropped in...its been crazy down here lately but im hoping we are now over it.

    What a beautiful place to get married and even better that it has family ties to it. How wonderful!

    Now, Mr Toby is just SOOOO CUTE!!! Can I order him and you can pop him on the next plane over to Australia? lol.

    Siobhan xo

  10. Hi Janet!
    I'm so glad you had a great time in Sanibel - I love it there too AND that dinner has me drooling- oh yummy!! Wonderful photos of all of you.. :-)


  11. What beautiful pictures, I love the gulf of Mexico. The new little puppy is so adorable what a face. your wedding day sounded so romantic. I can't wait for you give a way, it sounds great. Have a great week


  12. Hi Janet! I just adored this post! You and your hubby make a gorgeous couple!! I love the picture of him and his dad too, so cute! What a perfect place to get married! The food looks divine. I know what you mean, I think I gained ten pounds last week on our trip, lol! I wish I could reach through the screen and hold that sweet little puppy!!

    I cant wait for your giveaway :)

  13. Sweet Janet...
    I`m glad that you, your hubby and daugther enjoyed yourselves.
    And of course your very awsome father in law and as equally awsome Toby...
    Kisses Kisses
    Debbie Moss

  14. Hello Janet
    I always love the photos of you with your family. You look amazing and the relationship you have with your daughters looks so warm and special. And Toby of course is too cute for words.

  15. Hello Janet,
    I just wanted to thank you for a sweet comment today and for stopping by. Looking forward to your 100th post~~

  16. Hi Janet,
    Glad to see you're enjoying some time relaxing this summer. The pic of you and hubby is darling and your father-in-law is really something! I hope I'm just like that at his age! Whew! Very cute puppy, it almost looks like a stuffed animal. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer. Congrats on your article - I have to admit I got the magazine and haven't even opened I'm going to have to find it along with a glass of sweet tea!! Take care, Victoria Lynn

  17. Hi Janet,

    What a beautiful couple you make and 27 years.... many congrats on that.

    I always love your photo's. That little ball of fluff is precious.

    Have a blessed week.


  18. How sweet you two are together. And the little Toby, I could pick him up and squeeze him. He is adorable. I'm looking forward to the giveway. Have a good week.

  19. Hi Janet,

    I just love Sanibel and now miss it more by seeing your photos! That dog is just the cutest ever. Looking forward to your giveaway!

    Congrats on the 99 and counting!

  20. How exciting~ I know your giveaway will be just fabulous, just let everything else you make and do!

  21. Janet,
    Looking forward to your giveaway! A girl I use to work with always talked about Sanibel island & made me always dream of going there. She always said the island had beautiful sea shells. You & hubby must have had the most romantic wedding there. You & Mr Fufu are such a beautiful couple. I too love the pic of him & his dad. Glad you enjoyed your getaway & the puppy is adorable.

  22. Hi Janet! So happy to see your post! You are on my side of the world now since we live on the Gulf Coast. I love the pictures of where you and Mr. FuFu were married. How wonderful that you two were able to re-visit that special spot! You live as romantic as your blog or website!!! Mr. Cupid and I just booked 8 days in South Beach, so stay tuned for photos from my blog about your side of town! P.S. Love the little Maltese...I have a sweet boy Maltese named Barkley and he is a real "character' too!

  23. Janet that photo of your hubby and his dad is fantastic!
    Oh and TOBY ***SQUEELLLL* he is soooo adorable.
    New just seems surreal to me...beautiful but surreal...from all the way over here...

    Shannon :)