Friday, September 12, 2008

Fit To Be Tied

Good morning dear friends.....I hope that you are doing well and have some plans to enjoy the weekend ahead! Thank you so kindly for the lovely emails and comments concerning Hurricane Ike.

As you probably know by now, we escaped a direct hit, and although our weather has been affected all week long, we had some power outages and my darned computer screen and clothes dryer took a nosedive....thankfully that is it. I am going to think good thoughts and send good vibes to my friends out in Texas~especially the Houston area, where this storm appears to be headed next.

I have been cutting back some on the blogging lately, but am still here and love to chat with you and see what you have been up to. Been doin' a lot of thinkin' lately and pondering life's moments. It's really easy to get caught up on being on the computer too much, and I have to pull away some for now to save some of my sanity that is still left! I have been on the internet for 10 years now....and although I don't plan on going anywhere as far as the blog or my website at SHABBYFUFU are concerned, it's time to focus a bit more heavily on some other aspects of life as well.

One of those would be physical, as in FITNESS. Sitting in this chair and writing, etc for long stretches and standing/sitting in my studio for days at a time have taken a bit of a toll. I have been getting too many headaches lately with too many down days and am making a concerted effort to try and fix that if possible. Although I don't feel it and have been told that I don't look it, I am 50+ yrs.... so now is the time to get back to optimum health!

It's a bit personal.....but one of the steps that I have taken is to start on bioidentical hormone therapy. I have been on this regimen for awhile now actually, and it does seem to help me sleep well and have much more energy. You can read about bioidentical hormones in this book:

and if you are of "the younger set" then tell your Mom about it:-). I go to this place (clickable link):

I just had a food/enviornmental sensitivity test done (blood draw) by my Dr. at Body Logic (above link) to try and hone in more on the headache issue. Very seems that some of the common things I am extremely sensitive to I would have never thought of in a million years~like flouride. Good ol' toothpaste....who knew that could cause a reaction! Anyhoo, I just started on a "rotation diet" to eliminate my particular food I will let you know how that goes later. If I can loose 15 lbs that would be a great plus!

Having always been naturally thin and fairly physically fit, it's time to ramp it up a few this is a goal that I have set to work on. I really messed up my knees playing almost daily competitive team tennis in my 40's, and now I am paying for it and need to get the rest of me stronger. So....I will be using this as more than a decorative feature:

Keeping up with Mr. Fufu and his passion for speed is not an easy task! We just bought a pair of these objects of affection to tool around the hood with:

The mint green shown is 2die4....but out of stock, so I got the baby blue. I love PINK as much as the next gal....but didn't want it to look too much like a little girl's bike:-). Mr. Fufu ordered the bad to the bone black!!! Speaking of the Mr......we are also doing a fabulous Pilates class that is taught close by, and I am proud of him not minding at all that he is the only guy in a sea of estrogen!

Well that's enough of me blabbing on about exercise and such.....I hope that I didn't bore you too much:-). As for the creative side of my brain (right side I think?!), I have been working on a custom Romantic Dress Form for a SHABBYFUFU client this week and another for the website that I hope to post by the end of the weekend. Our order (or at least part of it) has arrived with the French inspired items, so look for some wonderful things to be posted this weekend including the coveted Crowns and some new arrivals including these:

About some friends:

My dear friend Barbara Jacksier, who was the previous editor Romantic Country Magazine and Cottage Style Magazine had emailed me last week addressing the fact that her upcoming book WATERSIDE COTTAGES has been put on the back burner by the publisher due to the slow state of the economy. Now I know as much as the next one how poorly the economy is doing these days....but PULEEZE leave a comment on Barbara's blog for the publisher if you haven't done so yet. We want this book in print!!

Speaking of books.......I have know about this for sometime now, but since she has "spilled the beans" I want to say CONGRATS to my dear friend
who is about to embark on a new journey with her book writing venture. Kudos Tara Frey!

And last but not least, I was given this award by my sweet friend Joy of The Joy Of blog fame....I so appreciate it:-). I have several of her creations in my home~she has a great eye for Modern Vintage and is so creative!

Be good to yourself and take some time for your own passions this weekend. Talk soon.......I am off to Whole Foods now:-)



  1. Janet,
    Nice post today....
    About 5 weeks ago I started an exerise routine as well..... as we get older, the weight doesn't come off so quick, but I can tell it's a huge difference...losing inches, my attitude, changing the way I eat, it's really gotten me motivated, and I have gotten into 3 pair of jeans I have not gotten into in years! YOU GO GIRL! Sometimes no matter how fit and healthy we are, bad things still happen to the best of us, like cancer, etc. Anyway....thanks for sharing with us all, and cannot wait to also see your new goodies!

  2. the way, a gal here at work has been doing the bioidentical hormone thing and it has done wonders for her!!! How cool are those bikes and that is awesome!!

  3. Hi Janet... You have alot that has been going on... Gee dear you must stop over and enter my give-a-way I posted today... I am so glad you are safe.. Our homes are so very important to us... Take care and you do what you think is good for yoursef and your family.... Be thinking of you and will stop back in again soon.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I can SOOOO relate to this post!
    Shortly after starting my blog, I realized that sitting at a computer and sewing machine all day was NOT going to work. Headaches, eye-strain, and shoulder pain were daily occurances.

    Posting to my blog 2-3 times a month was a good pace for me. Probably not optimal for readership, but but much better for me physically. :)

    How wonderful that you've taken such an initative to exercise and feel better. I'm not much of an exerciser, myself, but I'd really love to take up pilates.

    I hope the headaches subside for you. And Love that green bike, I bet the blue is cute, too.
    Take care.
    Kimberly :)

  5. What a lovely post. I've been trying to limit my computer time also. It was getting way out of hand. I'm proud of you getting back into exercising. We all need to do more of that.

    I'm really excited about Tara's book too. I can hardly wait.

  6. First Janet, Congrats on the awards, you deserve them.
    Next, I am so with you on the got to spend a little time away from the computer to feel better. No shoulder ache, arm ache, etc. So true and good for our mental health to get out and about.
    I have a friend that has been doing bioidentical hormone therapy and she says she feels much better now. And who does not love Suzanne Somers? - what a go getter that lady is - she's gone through so much in her life and has such a great outlook on life.
    Love the bike - that's going to be so much fun.
    I'll be thinking about you while I'm out and about walking and getting some great fresh air - have fun on that bike, hope Mr. Fufu can keep up with you ;)

  7. Wow... Sweet Janet, It was so nice that you have openned up to us... because we all can relate to you!
    I used to have so much more energy before.... sitting in this chair all day, most days... isn`t very good for my health either!
    Everyday, I tell to myself that I need to exercise more... but, I never seem to do it!
    So knowing that you are going in the right direction with your priorities (specially your health), as given me so much needed encouragement!

    Debbie Moss


    P.S - You definatly don`t look your age!
    You are stunning!
    And much younger looking!

  8. This is exactly what I am going through body has really gone through some changes since I hit
    Five-OH! last year. I spend way too much time on the computer, but I have decided to make changes as well. I have something in the works that will keep me much busier but it's a bit os a secret until it's finalized. I hope you enjoy your bike rides with the mister. :)

  9. Hi Janet. There's definitely more to living happily than just decorating.
    I am not blogging as much either because I have had a reality check lately. Take care of yourself.


  10. Hi Janet
    I'm hearing you loud and clear!

    Good for you Janet, in true Shabbyfufu fashion you are doing something positive!

  11. Janet baby how I so hear you aboutt the hormone thing! As you know this exercisaholic & weight lifter has been sidelined for approx. 2 months with her torn cartlidge knee thing & I am so feeling the effects. It not only keeps us in great shape it's such a STRESS reliever which we all need. Competitive tennis~LOL! Probably the reason for my bad knees also but... we have to do what we love too ya know! you are doing all the right things & your friend tutts would love to know the progress of everything. I think it's at this age that we begin to realize that we need to take care of us for a change & not everyone else first! (I am having a hot flash as we speak here!(LOL)keep us posted & take good care!
    Fabulous news yes!!! about tara & the book! I also posted on barbara's blog about her book-slow economy yes but....we still need our decorating inspiration. I'll email soon also....xoxo your hormonal friend tutts

  12. Hi Janet! Oh my, I have been feeling the very same way about the computer lately! I have GOT to stop being on here so much! I feel like I am addicted to it! It is the first thing I do in the morning once I get my coffee and then I sit with my laptop at night once the kids are in bed! I need to be more active too. I used to work out every day and have since stopped. I LOVE your bike!! I am so excited for you and your step towards a healthier lifestyle!! Good for you :)

    Love ya,

  13. Loved reading about your new life adventure. I am right behind----or next to you. 49 this year and I have read Suzannes slim & sexy forever book. I am going to run out and get her new one right away. I too, have always been thin and active....but that darn 15 pounds is stuck to me as well!!
    Here is a tip that has helped me too..write down what you eat. It makes you so much more aware. Let us know how how the hormones work.

    warm Regards,

  14. Hi Janet! Your new journey sounds so healthy and I am going to check out that book. Suzanne Somers is certainly doing something right - she looks FABULOUS!

    Glad to hear you escaped Ike's wrath....:)


  15. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
    Congrats on your award-woo hoo.

    The bikes are fab- That is something I am hoping to purchase this year. I think it will help with my coordination-hehe.

    I am going to have to cut down on my blogging as well. I enjoy it but there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that must be done. My website will be going in a different direction this year (FDA Globalization Act) so I need to put on a different time consuming hat.

    I am so glad you all were spared with the storm.


  16. Sounds like we're rowing in the same boat Janet! We need to take better care of ourselves. Good luck with the changes.
    xo Roberta

  17. Hi Janet! Loved your post today...I could so relate...I was in South Beach last week when Ike came near. Also, I've been on bio-identical hormones for years now and I try to spread the word about them whenever I can. They make a huge difference in how you feel...and look. Keep up with all your positive changes! It sounds like you are on the right track and are taking good care of yourself ~ hugs ~ Joy

  18. Great post Janet. Wishing you the best of luck on your new journey you are about to embark upon. Love that bike, by the way!


  19. omgosh, I am so glad I stopped by your blog, I was just telling my husband that I need to do hormone testing, something is off and I know it,,headache I've had one now for 2 weeks...and I've tried everything..I'm ordering the book thanks so much, hugs, lisa

  20. I`m asking to all the Bloggers to support our dear FRIEND Mandy!
    Please do come over, and DO LEAVE A COMMENT!

    Debbie Moss

    Thanks so much for your SUPPORT!

  21. Hi Janet,

    I agree, we really can get caught up with the whole blogging thing and I too have backed off so to speak. There is so much more things out in our big world to do! You go get them Janet! :)

    Love the bikes!!! Way too cool.

    You take care of yourself sweetie.

    Siobhan xo

  22. Hi Janet,

    You have been on my mind so I thought I'd stop by and say "hi".

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  23. Thanks for sharing Ageless with all of us. I was fortunate enough to receive this book from my doctor which started me on the process of natural hormone replacement. Every woman in their prei menapausal state should read this. Great job in topic sharing! RitaMarie* @

  24. Wow, thanks for sharing - by all the comments, you obviously touched on an issue that many of us share. I have all of Suzanne Somers books and had just been debating about the biodentical hormones.
    Coming 48 this year and skinny my whole life, I too can't shake the 15 extra pounds around the middle and was just about to start her program. One thing I did learn from her book was that my main reason for gaining middle fat is burnt out adrenals - go figure -you get that from too much stress!....somehow gotta figure out how to add exercise for me in my crazy life !
    ...will definitely check out the link to the biodentical hormones - thanks !